CCTV Cameras – the Hot Trend Everyone is Speaking About


Both individuals and organizations use video surveillance as a primary tool to monitor operations and prevent crime. Even law enforcement and public sectors rely on this technology to counter terrorism because, as research shows, it’s one of the most effective ways to discourage criminals and their actions. Since the first CCTV camera was launched, the video surveillance systems have transformed, and now they are playing a crucial role in the drive of smart cities and the burgeoning industrial internet of things.

During the pandemic, countries like Russia are using CCTV cameras to identify new cases and stop the spread of the virus. Moscow relies on the facial recognition feature paired with AI technology to identify possible patients.

Cameras also help at the improvement of deep learning and AI because they gather data and make predictions based on an integrated system. In 2019, the UK was the recognized leading user of CCTV, so English citizens are used to seeing cameras everywhere on the streets. But these systems support the public and private sectors in countries worldwide. At present, manufacturers target the USA market because more and more individuals and companies show interest in network-based video surveillance solutions. Future Market Insights reports that by 2029 the CCTV camera market in the USA will reach $5 billion.

The future efforts will target the Latin American region, which considers using the technology.

Even if some people think the use of cameras as public harassment, they are essential in deterring crimes, and most find reassuring to walk on the streets knowing that a surveillance system supports public safety. Very few criminals try to harm people when a camera records their actions. They keep both private and public spaces safe because it allows the police to identify criminals and solve cases.

Individuals use CCTV cameras to protect their houses from vandalism and theft because it’s challenging to break or steal something when they film. They oftenly catch criminals during the process of committing a crime. Unscrupulous activities don’t seem to worth it when there is a possibility of going to jail.

If you want to install a CCTV camera system, there are some things you may want to know.

Can you use them outside?

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Installing a CCTV system is an excellent investment because it ensures the safety of the property. But the market offers countless options, so it’s challenging to pick the right one. If you plan to install the cameras outdoors, consider the environmental factors that may impact its performance. If the weather is rainy in your area, it’s wise to invest in a waterproof system. On the other hand, if you live in a sunny place, you may want to get one with a UV filter. Other elements like dust can also interact with the quality of the image, so purchase one that comes with a dust-proof housing. If you are interested in getting your own survivance system, click here.

What are its coverage capabilities?

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Before scrolling websites for CCTV cameras, determine what area you must cover. Do you need it for commercial or private purposes? Do you need it to cover only the perimeter around the building, or do you want it to provide footage from the yard also? Sometimes the budget is the one that decides the areas where you can install cameras because some systems are expensive, and if you need to cover a large surface, you may not afford to install one in every key spot. The latest technology comes with 360-degree dome and pan-tilt-zoom features, so if the area is flat and without obstacles, you can use a single camera to cover the entire ground.

For small properties, the ideal solution is to install a 360-degree camera.

Check the resolution quality

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To identify a criminal, you need a clear recording to provide the police with clear images that allow them to identify the perpetrators. So a great camera would have a minimum of 5.0 megapixels or 1080P. One with a lower resolution would work only in a small area. Most of the providers check your requirements and specific needs and tailor the products to your needs.

Make sure your budget allows you to use one with a good resolution quality because these systems tend to be more expensive than the ones that record on shorter distances.

Does the provider offer a reliable recording management system?

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Nowadays, the latest models of cameras come with high-resolution quality, but not all companies have a reliable recording management system. To make use of the data the camera records, you need a trustworthy video management system. CCTV cameras record to memory cards, network video recorders or dedicated digital recorders. If you need more storage, it’s advisable to get one of the two last options.

When you choose the camera provider, you need to decide how you want to access the recordings because different companies offer various solutions. Do you want the system to notify you when it detects unusual motion? Do you want to access the cameras remotely from your mobile devices? Do you want to connect it to your Wi-Fi network? If so, you also have to invest in an encryption system to prevent cyber-crimes.

Extra features

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Most of the cameras come with the same general functions, but they differ in the performance and quality of the recordings. So besides the above aspects, you should also check for some specific ones.

Battery backup – burglars are smarter and smarter, so if the thief visiting your house is clever, they cut the electricity before they enter the property. And with the power off, you have no evidence. But you can identify the perpetrators if your camera can run on battery power.

Facial identification – the latest CCTV systems come with this feature. Some of the cameras are so smart they allow identification even when the individual wears a medical mask, like the ones people are using to prevent the virus from spreading. This feature is useful in identifying criminals because it increases the exposure to that part of the body.

Night vision – only a suicidal criminal would break your property during the daytime. This being said, you should purchase one that has a high-quality night vision.

As you can see, CCTV cameras are the next big thing, and it’s no reason to neglect to install one if you want to protect your property.