5 Chemical-Laced Products that are Extremely Harmful

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When we’re cleaning our homes, and weeding our gardens, we rarely consider whether or not the products we’re using are safe. Unfortunately, many major manufacturers knowingly craft household products that are filled with dangerous, harmful chemicals. Understanding the potential hazards surrounding certain products, and making an educated decision about whether you’ll continue to use them, can help keep you happy and healthy. To ensure you’re safe during your weekly clean-up sessions, here are five household products that contain harmful chemicals that you should be wary of:

1. Round-Up

Numerous injuries have been brought on by frequent use of Round-Up, which has also been connected to a higher incidence of Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, according to RosenfeldInjuryLawyers dangerous substances like paraquat raise the risk of cancer, Parkinson’s, and other awful, life-altering diseases. If you want to stay safe and healthy, you must find alternatives to this product.

If you’ve ever been afflicted by Round-Up harm or believe you have, you should consult a lawyer right away,  as they can help you seek compensation for the suffering you’ve experienced.

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2. Sun Triple Clean Bleach

One of the more hazardous, unsettling cleaning agents is bleach. However, certain bleach products are more hazardous and harmful than others. In tests conducted by industry experts, Sun Triple Clean performed poorly. Its power is inferior to that of other brands, and its packaging is less secure. The next time you need to restock on bleach, stay away from this brand and use a product that is more evenly balanced and fully contained.

By doing this, you may prevent stains from appearing on your clothing while ensuring that you won’t have any unfavorable side effects from a poorly made bleach product. Protecting your health is crucial, and if you’ve ever been harmed by bleach, you should contact a lawyer immediately to see if you have a potential lawsuit on your hands.

3. Raid

Raid has gained notoriety as a result of the numerous lawsuits that have been filed against its manufacturer for the harm that its products may inflict. The insecticide contains extremely deadly synthetic mixtures of harmful chemicals and elements, as well as hazardous components such as imiprothrin and cypermethrin. It has also been demonstrated that Raid is often less effective against common pests like cockroaches, making it that much more frustrating for people who have been injured by using Raid frequently.

People who have asthma should refrain from using this product regularly since too much exposure to the chemicals in Raid can result in serious breathing problems, including respiratory shutdowns. Protecting your lungs, and your central nervous system, at all costs, is incredibly important.

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4. Febreeze

Few people consider air fresheners to be harmful, but some individuals have a bad habit of using them excessively to keep their homes smelling a certain way. Despite being one of the most well-known brands in the world, Febreeze’s chemicals can be particularly annoying, and even harmful. The last chemical on our list is one of the safer ones we’re discussing, but it may cause a lot more issues than you would realise. Excessive exposure is increasingly frequent because to the widespread usage of Febreeze and the fact that many consumers use far more than is necessary (we’ve all had that flatmate who won’t stop using it). Linalool is a hazardous allergen and immunotoxin that may seriously irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs.

Once more, it is strongly advised that people who have asthma find another option (in this case, candles can be a lung-friendly, wonderful way to achieve similar smell-removing effects). When using the product, those with asthma and allergy symptoms need to exercise caution because it can harm your lungs and irritate your airways. Those who have severe asthma should absolutely avoid using Febreeze and look for other, safer options to make their homes smell great. Candles, incense, and other options can keep your home smelling divine in a harmful chemical-free fashion!

5. Clorox

Clorox, and bleach in general, is another product that people rarely see as inherently harmful (unless it’s being purposefully misused, that is). However, even though practically everyone has used Clorox for their laundry duties once or twice in their lives, the product can be deceptively harmful. Bleach can cause serious lung and nervous system issues if inhaled or ingested. For those who are constantly doing laundry, the potential of being over-exposed to the chemical is a real risk to be aware of. Once again, asthmatics need to take note, as bleach can trigger massive asthma attacks.

Other, less harmful cleaners are available, so it’s time to throw away your Clorox and look for a new favorite brand (and you can do this for other products as well, not just bleach). Doing so can ensure that you do not become a victim of Clorox down the line.

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Seek Out Safe, Effective Products Now

There’s no better time than now to begin your transition into buying safe, eco-friendly household cleaners and other products. Doing so will not only keep you safe from exposure to harmful chemicals, but it will help you pressure major manufacturers into investing in safer products as well. Everyone has to do their part to keep our communities healthy and safe, after all.

There are many additional hazardous goods on the market, but as long as you know what to stay away from and how to use them correctly, you should be alright. Nevertheless, you should be extremely cautious if you ever come into close contact with or consume any of the above goods. To make sure you take the most protective measures to stop injury and sickness while using harsher products, you should contact poison control.

The cosmetics and skincare industries will not prioritise informing consumers of the ingredients in their products.