How Children’s Camp Helps a Child’s Development


All parents want their children to grow up to be multifaceted personalities, spiritually enriched and physically developed. During the school vacation period, the problem of lack of attention to the child becomes acute. If TV and computer occupy most of the children’s time, and parents are busy at work, then eventually it will have a negative impact on the development of young people. Children’s camp – the best way out of this situation.

At home, children have a fairly free routine. But in the camp there are certain rules: wake up and turn off the light at a certain time, clean the bed, do morning exercises, and take water procedures under the supervision of teachers. Such a routine fosters discipline and responsibility and teaches children to use their time wisely.

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At a children’s camp, the child is constantly in a group, which has a positive effect on the development of his communication skills. Children learn to value friendship, communicate with each other, come to the aid of a friend in need and respect their elders. In a group, one cannot do without arguments, and children must be able to find the right solution. A conflict situation allows the child to learn how to find a compromise and respond appropriately to criticism from others. The acquired ability to adapt in society is important for the child’s future life.

What other benefits are there?


Going to camp with your school, youth center or any other organization, is often a child’s first experience away from their parents.

It is undoubtedly a period that will be remembered for a lifetime – with new experiences, the chance to feel independent and much more:

  • The child learns to do the necessary chores on his or her own and becomes more organized.
  • He or she gets full rest. This is one of the main reasons because summer is a period of vacations and rest before school. But this does not mean that the child will be left to himself. In the camp the days go by the established schedule, and there is time for learning, games, sports, and creativity. The load is distributed evenly so as not to overload and not to discourage learning. Children go home with new knowledge and skills, rested and happy.
  • They gain new experiences. Almost everyone who has ever vacationed in camp happily recalls how they had fun, made new friends, learned something new, and discovered their talents. Rest in the camp is remembered as a fun, carefree time, leaves a bright imprint in the memory.
  • Develops skills and abilities. The program of the camp is specially designed so as to interest children in a variety of activities. A hobby, the love for which was born in the camp, can stay for life or even become the reason for choosing a future profession.
  • Memories and experiences. One or more shifts at a summer camp will give your child the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities where they can apply their strength, knowledge, and social skills, and try to fulfill themselves. It is the camp environment that helps children learn how to form friendships and leave the most vivid memories and impressions afterward.

Don’t be surprised if new talents awaken in your child. The whole troop participates in all kinds of amateur art activities and contests. Someone sings, someone dances, someone draws or comes up with poems and jokes. Who knows, maybe after the camp your child will ask to enroll in sewing or robotics courses. The time spent in the camp is a great opportunity for a child to discover his talents, he can take part in various contests, and games, where he can show his knowledge and skills. This is where good friends appear and the foundation of such a concept as friendship is laid.

An equally important factor in the formation of a child’s personality is the desire to learn about the world around them. Most children are inquisitive and like everything new, but over time, depending on the conditions of life, the level of curiosity about the world around them may decrease. This leads to a significant narrowing of horizons and, in some cases, to the emergence of various fears and withdrawals. That is why children’s camp programs are formed in such a way as to show the child the versatility of the world and, if possible, to interest him in several spheres of activity.

Communication and sharing experiences


The camp is a place to develop creativity, no matter what kind of child – shy or sociable, there is a best friend for everyone. The atmosphere of fun helps children communicate, make friends. Many acquire skills, learn new games, and willingly share their knowledge and skills.

At camp, children have like-minded people with whom they share information and learn to communicate with children of different ages. A friendly atmosphere reigns here, acquaintances grow into lasting friendships. After the session, the children try to communicate and meet each other. They expand their circle of acquaintances and try not to lose contact with them.

Every child needs experience in socialization, self-organization, and communication skills. They get all that at camp. In the future, this will be the foundation for successful adult life.

How do I prepare my child for camp?


The main recommendation is that you don’t have to prepare your child intensively. Often the child is already prepared. But parents are not always prepared, so they begin to shift their fears onto the child, preparing him for something that may not happen, while causing unnecessary anxiety and worry. Another mistake parents often make is to assuage the child’s worries and their own with untrue facts, which later leads to disappointment and resentment.

Separation from your child for the duration of the camp is justified for parents who care about their child’s personal development and independence. After all, in return, the children get an interesting and varied holiday. Doubts of moms and dads, whether to send their children to summer camps, dispelled when they see the happy faces of children after the trip.