Laptop Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Laptop

Are you feeling discomfort able in using the desktop PC? Are you getting rid of working or playing by sitting in one position? Are you in need of a large screen to study or work and not on a small screen like a mobile phone? Are you doing work from home? Are you working on many applications?

Then you have to purchase the best laptop. And as you invest more money and time in your life for purchasing it you need to have a detailed view of it.

With the help of the best laptop in your hands, you can work from any place. You can easily carry it with you to any place. You can work on many applications and that too on a large screen.

How to choose the Best Laptop?

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Here are the parameters which you need to consider while purchasing the best laptop:

  1. Screen size
  2. RAM
  3. Processor
  4. Battery life
  5. Touch screen
  6. Graphics card
  7. Operating system
  8. Price
  9. Slimness
  10. Offer time
  11. Company model
  12. The platform
  13. Pick between 2 in 1 or traditional

Explaining in detail about each Parameter:

Screen size

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The more the inches the more the price. Choose as per your convenience. Large screen sizes may give you a better feel but with a large length, you cannot carry it with comfort. Smaller the size you feel comfortable in carrying it but you feel discomfort while operating it. Judge whether you need comfort while working or while carrying. Choose the medium screen size as per our suggestion which manages both the things.


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RAM should be high enough to operate the laptop smoothly. With less RAM there are chances of the laptop getting hanged. Choose the model which gives high RAM for better performance. These days, a wide range of budget laptops come with budget pricing come with 8 GB RAM. Of course, a 16 GB RAM may be slightly overkilling. Pick your option based on your individual requirements.


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The processor plays a major role in better operation of the laptop. If you use the laptop frequently then AMD processors are recommended by professionals from If you use the laptop on a regular basis then you have to purchase the intel core processor laptops. The latest model of intel core processor you choose the faster the operation of your laptop will be.

Battery life

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It is recommended to buy the laptop model which gives you the battery with better battery life. You cannot purchase the battery always as it costs more. And also once you charge your battery with the full capacity it should retain for more hours. Choose the model which gives the better charging retaining capacity along with the battery life.

Touch screen

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Buying a touch screen laptop gives you a good feel but it costs more. Purchase only if you can afford it. There is no need for a compulsion to buy only a touch screen laptop. If you are using a laptop for gaming purposes and for design work in software applications then it is preferable to choose a touch screen. In case you are buying a traditional laptop, a touchscreen may not mean much. A 2 in 1 would be the best with touchscreen, and they do come with a touchscreen as a standard.

Graphics card


Graphics card is essential for gaming purposes. Choose as per your usage. Unless you are creating a lot of videos and playing a lot of PC games, an integrated graphics card should get most of the work done for you. You would need a discreet graphics card only if you are into high-end graphic-intensive tasks.

Operating system

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Choosing the best operating system makes it easy to operate. Coming to the operating systems available in the market windows versions have stolen the market. The latest versions are somewhat difficult to operate but the advanced features are many. Windows 7 is the most commonly used OS by people for years. But now due to its up-gradation to version 8.1 and 10 people are also showing interest in purchasing them. Choose the OS by seeing the options in which you can operate easily without any difficulty. Picking the right choice among the best platform for your laptop would mean a lot. Of course, Windows has been the widely used options in most of the cases, but that should not leave macOS and ChromeOS out of the contention. Whichever platform you choose, you would want to focus on the latest version.


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Price ranges from thousands to lakhs. The Minimum it is 25,000 to 30,000. You cannot get a laptop below this price. Gaming laptops will cost more because of the high GB graphic card available in it.



Choose the laptop which is slim and gets in your budget. As once you purchase it you will keep it for a long time. You have to carry it easily.

Offer time

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Buying the laptop during offer times is the smart thing you can do. Most of the online marketing websites keep the just old version laptops in offers during the festival seasons. Purchasing during these times can save you money.

Company model

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Each manufacturing company available in the market has few pluses and a few minutes. Choose which company suits your requirement. For example, coming to Hp laptops, they remain for a longer time without any damage if you use properly but battery life is less. Coming to Dell the laptop looks so good but there are chances of getting heated more if there is no external fan being used.

Pick between 2 in 1 and Traditional

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A 2 in 1 laptop can be quite effective and efficient in more ways than one. They can be one of the best ones to go with as they would offer you access clamshell mode, tablet mode, or in any other configuration. Given the fact that there is not much of a difference between the price of these two types, we wonder why you should not opt for a 2 in 1.