How to Choose the Right Outdoor Speakers?

When you need to organize an event or a party, there are many elements that you have to think through. One of the key points of concern is the music, and a good speaker would work wonderfully for this. It would create an ambiance of fun and excitement and make sure that every invitee enjoys the tunes in high-quality.

However, when it comes to choosing speakers for outdoors, you cannot buy just any option you see. You need to consider factors like the surroundings, the occasion, and even the bass you need. Overall, you must focus on these following points when you are getting outdoor speakers.

1. The necessity

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Before selecting any outdoor speaker, you need to think about what you need it for. For example, if you plan on placing the speakers in the garden or near the pool, consider weatherproof and waterproof speakers. Contemplating why you need it would help you assess the speaker options’ features better and choose one that would give a satisfying performance.

2. Types of outdoor speakers


There are specifically two types of outdoor speakers; Bluetooth-enabled speakers and permanently mount speakers. Depending on which you prefer, you can opt for either. There are other distinctions too, and some that you can customize as per convenience.

Depending on your condition, you can choose from the following.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

The great thing about these speakers is that you can stream the music without wires, connecting with a tablet or smartphone. You can carry them around more easily, which is good because you should not leave these types outside permanently. Only some models are resistant to water or weather specifically.

Many of the Bluetooth-enabled outdoor speakers come with a built-in WiFi system. If you buy such a WiFi-enabled outdoor speaker, make sure that its connection is within the range of the home computer system.

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  • Permanently-installed speakers

You can choose these types of outdoor speakers if you want detailed surround sound. It works best in a small backyard, porch, or a deck region outside the home. They are almost like the indoor speakers, except these have a mounting hardware attachment that you can attach the speakers on. Plus, they are safe from cold, sun, and rain elements due to the weatherproof covering.

Some of these options attach to the wall of the house and provide good sound quality. You can more or less install these without outside help; although, sometimes taking some assistance is necessary. Many of them also have enclosures and paintable grilles.

  • Whole-home audio system with outside speakers

You can also decide to add an audio system to your whole home. In this, people can attach outdoor speakers to the system for a more convenient effect. You can take the help of professionals to power and plan the system around your home layout.

There is a wireless option of this, too, like the multi-node system type of mesh router. This works over a WiFi system, and you can stream the music and listen to it both inside and outside the house.

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  • Stereo-input speakers

Some options come with only one speaker in their stereo configuration. You can use these stereo-input speakers in the smaller nooks more easily instead of regular stereos, which have two or three speakers. Also, if you have too large a space, your speakers may be spread apart. You can put this equipment in between the two speakers for more uniform sound quality.

These outdoor speaker options have inputs for both right and left channels. And there are two tweeters here that take care of the separation of the stereo channels. It would help if you used four-conductor cables to handle them.

Also, make sure that you get a good receiver for your outdoor speakers. It would help you get the maximum output from your speakers. You can check this detailed post covered by TheTechSwag for the same. You’ll get a detailed guide how to make the right choice and choose the best amplifier for your outdoor speakers.

  • Stake-mount speakers

Some speakers come with the in-ground stakes option to sit or mount in the garden or patio. Many of the models have expandable functions when you add eight or fewer satellites to it. They are permanently fitted into the area you choose, and thus, are made with weatherproof properties.

An interesting point of such speakers is that many of its types can blend well into the natural background. On the other hand, others have smaller and round structure, and they are not too distracting. And some of them bury well into the soil because they are designed to do so.

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  • Volt system

In case you want to play music in discreet regions outside, you can use the 70-volt system for that. They are more commercial-use-friendly, and they use one amplifier for several speakers. They cost lesser than some other options, too, and provide efficient sound quality.

3. Construction material

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It would help if you took note of the material that constructed the outdoor speakers too. The main reason for this consideration is the environment you live in where you want to install the speakers. Not to mention how the weather there is; consider if the area you stay at has too much hail, rain, wind, heat, dust, etc. In case you live in high weather conditions, you should buy an outdoor speaker made of weatherproof elements.

4. Music choice

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It would be best if you chose an outdoor speaker based on your music selection too. Some music genres sound better in specific speaker styles. For example, if you like listening to R&B and Rock, you should opt for speakers that have good bass sound.

5. Wireless VS wired speakers


For the sake of easier installation, you have to consider between corded and wireless speakers too. The outdoor speakers with cords provide good quality music and are a good choice, like bookshelf speakers. They come in different sizes, shapes, and some are water-resistant as well. But, they are not portable, and the installation process is complicated.

Wireless speakers are easy to use and carry around and are very easy to install thanks to the lack of many wires. These mainly run on WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. However, they are not immune to interference in the signal, affecting the smooth listening experience.

All in all, when you are focusing on buying speakers for outdoor use, you should focus on these factors. Based on them, you can correctly select the best one for your circumstances.