How to Choose the Right Type of Massage for You – 2024 Guide

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There has been evidence of massages thousands of years ago before our era. What is even more surprising is the fact that many ancient civilizations were practicing this technique to deal with chronic pain and other problems that are related to the muscles and the bones of the human body. For example, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Greek and Egyptian civilizations have left evidence of practicing their own type of massage. Without any influence of one over the other, they have developed their own techniques.

Today, it is still believed to be very effective for healing many illnesses and chronic pains, especially in the back and neck. All of those techniques from the ancient era have been passed down from generation to generation and we still respect them and use them to this day. Some professionals like to use their hands, others just their fingers, some even utilize their knees or elbows. Many Eastern techniques include the use of the entire weight of an adult. Of course, these are a bit more extreme and should be used only on those that do not suffer serious problems with their back.

Considering just how many different types and techniques are available around the world, picking which one is the right for you can be a bit difficult. Choosing should heavily depend on your needs and what kind of problems you are dealing with. For example, if you do not have any kind of back problems and just want to relax then a regular Swedish massage will be good enough. But, if you suffer from a serious disease and you require professional help from a masseuse or masseur, you can consider aromatherapy or deep-tissue, etc.

Swedish therapy

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This technique is the most common one and is probably the one that you and most people think of when someone mentions a massage. It may be the easiest to teach and can be offered at many places such as your local gym, wellness centers or at almost every spa.

With a couple of essential oils or lotions, the masseuse or the masseur will start with simple circular motions on your upper body and push down to your lower back until they reach your buttocks. Once done with the circular movement, they continue with long smooth strokes or kneading, rolling, tapping, shaking and many other movements depending on the level of skill of the person massaging you.


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This is a technique that focuses on one particular problem that usually appears when people do not get enough activity throughout the day or from too much sitting. Bad posture and slouching while on the chair can lead to many muscle knots which can cause pain and limit one’s movement.

If you are the type of person that gets riddled with muscle knots on your back, you should definitely consider getting a deep-tissue therapy.

A deep tissue masseuse will use a lot more pressure than you are used to and with slow movements will start pushing against the knots. The friction created by the strong pressure of the slow movement will cause the muscles to loosen up, allowing the knots to unravel. Keep in mind, even though a lot of pressure is used, it is not painful at all, most of the time. If you are looking for a deep-tissue massage in Korea, you should check out

Thai massage

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The Thai technique requires a bit more activity from the user. It is not as simple as just laying on a table and waiting for the masseur to do his job. People like to compare it with yoga because some of the movements are very similar to it.

However, those “yoga” movements that you will be doing will be assisted by the masseuse or masseur all the time. They won’t leave you to do them by yourself. By pushing and pulling you, they can help you stretch your body like never before.

Many people believe that a Thai massage is a lot more energizing than other techniques because it requires a lot more effort from your side. Thai massage is great if you have been experiencing a lot of back pain or pain in your joints such as your knees and elbows.

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Hot Stones

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This technique is a bit more different than what most people are used to. The masseuse will first place a couple of volcanic stones in a machine (a heater) that will heat them up to a certain level of temperature. Once they reach the perfect temperature, she will place them on your back. The heat of the stones will loosen up your muscles and will allow the masseuse to work on your back with a bit of easy. Your muscles will give in easily and the removal of knots will be much easier.

Hot stone therapy is great for people who have high blood pressure, varicose veins or even diabetes.


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Aromatherapy is a technique that is very similar to the Swedish massage. It is basically the same movements assisted with different scented plant oils. These essential oils release a beautiful scent that will help you reach a calmer state, ultimately leading to a more relaxed body. The more your body is relaxed, the easier for the masseuse to help you with your back problems.

It is also believed that those essential oils may have healing properties as they enter your skin on your back during the massage.

The aroma from the essential oils may also prove helpful for people suffering from insomnia and migraines.

Foot massage

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It is a well-known fact that staying too long on your feet can have a negative effect. A person might start developing various problems with their soles and arches which could lead to an even bigger issue. With a foot massage, a person will be able to recover from those sores and can continue living their daily life normally. It is also important to note that this technique can be incredibly relaxing too.

Whichever of these techniques you pick, we believe that you will definitely enjoy your time and solve the problems that you have.