10 Tips on Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

In case your company does not hire a person responsible for cleaning offices and other areas, you should consider hiring a company for keeping your working space clean and fresh all the time. The best and easiest way of keeping your company clean is to hire a commercial cleaning company.

There are many benefits of getting this kind of service, like that you should not even notice the people who are cleaning since they will be working on separate hours from you and your workers. However, you should look for a reliable cleaning company, such as evergreencleaningservice.ca from Toronto. Also, you can find similar companies in every city, and there are some factors that you should know about before hiring one of them. Here are the most important tips on hiring the right commercial cleaning company.

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1. See What They Have to Offer

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Most of the companies are looking for commercial cleaning services that can be available after the working hours of you and your colleagues because you don’t want to be bothered by cleaners or to disturb them as well. Before hiring a company, you should check in what hours are their workers available, and is that time good for you. Also, you should check their employees and what standards do they have for working personnel. Moreover, if there are some more delicate parts in your company, like some machines, you should mention that to them.

2. Choose a Company with a License and Insurance

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A cleaning company needs to have a license and insurance because they are the ones responsible for people who will be cleaning in your working space and to guarantee you for their workers that they will be good at their job. Also, insurance is important because it will be not your responsibility in case that some of their workers got injured in your office during cleaning.

3. Look for a Company with Experience

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Whether you run a small retail store or a company with hundreds of employees, you need a professional cleaning service that has the staff, resources, and materials to handle the job at hand. Commercial cleaning companies like Servpro have been in business for decades. They handle everything from vacuuming your company’s carpets to disinfecting surfaces after a viral outbreak. Do your research and hire a company that is committed to keeping your business safe and sanitized, especially during this sensitive time. The reason why that is important is that you will spend less time checking and controlling them.

4. Hire a Local Company

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The advantage of hiring a local commercial cleaning company is that it will be easier for you to contact them personally and for their workers to available whenever you need them. For example, besides their regular working hours, you might have some event in your company, and that means some extra time for their workers as well. Also, if a company is located near you, it will be easier to speak with their managers, to suggest something, or even complain if there is a need for that.

5. It Must Offer You Flexibility

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A good cleaning company needs to be available to send workers in the time of day when your company is closed. Also, a cleaning service should be available to change their schedule according to your needs whenever you need them to do so. For example, if you are going to have some business meeting or a party in your company, they should be available before and after the event to prepare and clean everything.

6. Ask for References

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Before hiring a cleaning company, you should check their reviews by contacting their other clients and see if they are satisfied with the service. Also, it should be easy to look for some comments and forums online, where you might find various info about the experience of other people with the cleaning company you are interested in to hire. Like with license and flexibility, this also represents a very important factor.

7. Be Sure That Their Workers Are Professionals

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First of all, their workers should wear uniforms and have their IDs, especially if they are around the company when your other colleagues and clients are there. Also, they should be focused on their job, and to know how to do their work. Moreover, you should know about the type of people they are hiring, and by what procedure. You need to be sure that everything in your office is safe when there are only people from a cleaning service.

8. They Should Have a Plan and a Checklist

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During the negotiations with the cleaning service, you have to mention which parts of your company or offices you need to be cleaned out every time. Also, every worker should have a list of tasks that needs to be done during his working hours. Maybe you will require a team of people, and each one of them should have their own assignments. For example, one person should clean the floors, another one to take care of windows, furniture, and more.

9. Material Data Safety Sheets is Necessary

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People who are working for cleaning companies often need to use various chemicals for better results. However, you should know that by safety regulations, each person that is handling this kind of chemicals must have Material Data Safety Sheets, where you can read about the proper use, transportation, and how these products react with other substances. For example, one chemical is only for floors, while another one is for desks and furniture. Also, a great number of these chemicals are highly flammable, which means that they should be used carefully.

10. They Need to Take Care of Hygiene

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Besides cleaning the floors, desks, windows, and other parts of the office, cleaning workers should pay attention to the hygiene of the whole area as well. There are lots of areas that might get full of germs and bacteria that could harm your employees, which makes it very important for cleaners to keep your space fresh and disinfected. We can see that there is a raised awareness about hygiene in recent months because of the pandemic. If a cleaning company do its job properly, there is a significantly less chance for your employees to get infected.