8 Tips for Choosing Your Floor Framing System

When you want to upgrade your flooring system, it’s not enough just to think about the tiles, color, designs, and patterns. The most important thing is the framing, because it will provide stability and endurance, and it should be the main structure of your floor. You can’t put the tiles directly, but the fact is that people often don’t think about the frames, and the structure in general, but they leave it to the constructors. But, if you want a specially tailored and customized floor, then you will have to research this topic deeper and learn how to choose the best materials and looks, that will also be practical for your home, and you won’t need to replace them after a few years.

Then, you will have to find proven services like Hamill Creek Timber Homes, or any other near you, that covers your area, and let them create an appropriate plan for your home. Professional and certified services will make an efficient structure, following the architecture rules, and of course, your style and preferences, so you can get the best for your home. The frames are made following your home plan, and you can be sure that if you choose a custom design, you will really get exceptional work done. Your dream home is just a step away from you, and you will get it sooner if you follow these important tips:

Source: The Construction Specifier

1. Measure the depth

There are some standard sizes of the framing construction, but the optimal depth is often 2×10 or 2×12, which provides great quality and structural endurance. But, keep in mind that these numbers follow the USA standards, and they may vary from one region to another. This is also called dimensional lumber, and it will provide appropriate structure and support. Choose quality materials for this one, because sometimes moisture drops are collecting in the floor base, and you surely want your new flooring to be better than the previous one.

2. Is it moisty around?

If the area is high-moisture, and the floor will be near the ground, sometimes the moisture will stay there forever, and you will have to choose suitable framing for that condition, instead of wooden ones. For example, you can use water-resistant materials, like ceramic, concrete, vinyl, and so on. But, the level of the moisture will also help you determine the type of frames under the floor, and you have to order also high-quality constructions, that will provide the needed support for decades.

Source: Mexi Steel

3. Know the basic types

In order to know what do you really want, you need to also know the basic wooden framing types. Usually, the joists are placed parallel to one another with an equal distance between them, from one wall to another. If needed, this pattern can be made differently, according to the conditions in the room.

4. The subfloor is also important

The subfloor is the membrane between the floor and the frame. You have to spread it properly, so it can provide the support between the wooden joists and the tiles, from end to end. It helps the constructors to place the tiles properly and to put them together. The most important properties are the thickness, and of course, the material that will support the top layer. Also, all the materials should be compatible with one another, so they can all work nicely together.

Source: ACJ Group

5. It can make a difference in apartments

When a building is constructed, the flooring is made differently than the one-floor houses. If you live on the upper stairs, then you have to know that the construction is often done before you buy the apartment, and you can choose the type of floor you want. In this case, the frames are a little bit different and it follows different rules and standards, but yet, it provides the needed support. You have to be informed when you go for offers from different companies.

6. Always look for relevant experience

Take your time and research all the options you have. Make a list of all the companies that provide this type of service, and then look for a relevant user experience. You can check social media to find people who already used this service, and some of them will probably share their experiences. Just like everything else, you have to go for a recognized and reliable companies, that you can be sure will do their job nicely, and provide a great service.

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7. Learn more about different types of materials and constructions

If you know how to recognize the quality, you will be able to choose the best product for yourself. Getting yourself informed will only bring a benefit to you if you want to look for the solution alone. There is a lot of information available online, including this particular article, and you can really improve your knowledge before you make the final decision on this.

8. Don’t set for less than perfection

It’s your home we are talking about, and that means you don’t need to set for imperfection. You are the one who is paying, and when you choose the more expensive option, it’s normal to expect the best. Professional services will never complete the job leaving imperfections behind them. You will live there and it’s normal if you want for every part to be properly covered and supported.

When you have to choose a proper floor framing for your home or office, you must be very careful who you hire and what type of materials they are using. Keep in mind that in today’s construction the frames are important, because most of the cables, pipes, and other electrical components are hidden below the floor. Also, this type of construction lets people choose the floor heating option, to improve the warmth in their home.

Source: ASCE Library

You can follow our advice and tips, so you can be sure you are getting the best for your money, and always know that you won’t need to fix or replace it every few years.