10 Benefits of Choosing Route Planning App for Logistic Business

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Whether it’s a food business or any wholesale or retail business, people have started providing home delivery options to their customers. If you are also a businessman and want to impress your clients with the fastest delivery, then you are at the right place. Here you will get the one-stop solution for delivery optimization of your business.

You can optimize the delivery route by using straightaway app, Google Maps, or Route 4 Me in your system. Let us know first, what the straightaway app is all about. It is a well-known application that helps businesses and people to know about the fastest route for the place they are traveling. It helps the drivers who are not aware of the routes of a particular area. All you will need to do is, download the straightaway app on your mobile phone, sign up, and give access to your location. Next, take a picture of the place you wish to visit, you will get the route with less traffic, and will be the easiest, and fastest one. Follow the route suggested by the straightway app and reach your destination in a shorter time.

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Benefits of route planning app you can get for your business

  1. Easily accessible through the phone – It is one of the great features of the straightaway application that, it can be used through the phone. Many applications are there which don’t work on mobile phones and due to that; it becomes difficult for its users to take their systems everywhere they go. Therefore, the straightway application is considered as the easiest and best app.
  2. Helpful for a new driver- If you have hired a new driver for your business, the straightway application can be helpful for him. With the use of it, he or she can deliver the products or services on or before the time. With the help of this application, he or she will not need to worry about the unknown routes as well. This app will make him confident about the route with its feature of delivery optimization.

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  3. It saves time as well as the cost of fuel- As the application optimizes the delivery route; the fuel used for traveling in distant places also gets cut. The lesser the distance a driver will cover and get the delivery done the more cost of your delivery of products will be saved. If you are struggling with spending on much of the amount as delivery charges, then the straightway application will be a great option to go with.
  4. Your delivery boy can make delivery at many places – When the time of delivering products or services will be saved, you can ask the same driver to visit on other places as well. Suppose without using the straightway app your driver could visit only one place due to unawareness of the fastest route, now can make the delivery at more than one place. This not only helps in saving cost but also helps you get more productivity from the drivers you have hired.

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  5. It has no limit of the distance- Yes, it’s true. While using a straightaway app, you can travel an extra mile as well. It means for using this application, the distance will not become a hurdle anymore. This feature can also be beneficial for your business, as with the use of the same you can even deliver your products or services to distant clients as well.
  6. It has a great user interface- when it comes to using any application; its interface plays a vital role in the same. Many times it happens that people are not much techno-savvy. Hence, they ignore the application which has a tough user interface. However, with straightway application, it has never happened. Anyone can access the application easily with its simple and easy user interface.

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  7. It makes your clients confident- Many businesses or shops ensure their clients that they will get their products or services on time. However, many times they fail to do so. As a result, the clients get upset about the services. The straightway application helps your business to deliver the required products to your client on or even before the given time. The fastest delivery of the product also makes the customers confident about the products as well as the shopkeeper or brand.
  8. It also helps in generating more leads for your business – Once the trust is created among many clients about the fastest delivery, you can ultimately get famous for the same. As mouth publicity also works well, your customers can give you more customers for your business. The more you will use the straight away app the more customers you will get.

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  9. It helps in the overall growth of your business- When you save money, costs from regular tasks of your business; you already start generating the revenue indirectly. Along with that when your drivers work efficiently you will be stress-free about the delivery of the products or services.
  10. It gives technical support as well- When it comes to using any new application, it is always important to check whether they are providing technical help or not. Suppose you have sent any new driver for delivery of the product, and he got stuck somewhere due to any technical issue, it can be a troublesome situation, isn’t it? Don’t worry, if this happens ever, the straight away also provides the facility of a help centre through which once can get connected with their concerned team and get the help about the same. it means the application not only helps to find the route but also helps in a situation when the particular driver gets stuck somewhere.

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There are many other benefits you can get by using straight away application click here to know more about the application and its features. Doing so will get you to the main website of the application, from the same you can read about their clients and other essential information about the application. Speed up your business, by providing the fastest delivery of the products.

Install the application in your and your drivers’ system and make your business get growing day by day. You can also suggest you’re loved once as well to use the application for them as well.