Will There Still Be Christmas Caroling and Parties in 2024?

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Christmas is a big thing in the Philippines, not to celebrate it is unthinkable. Once the calendar month hits the “er” letters, you will start to hear carol songs on the radio and in commercial establishments. The month of September is the time for many to put up their decorations. So many forms of Christmas traditions are being practiced by the Filipinos.

One of these is caroling. By the later days of November, you could see children and beggars along the streets caroling to drivers and pedestrians. Many organizations, private and government employees, parishioners, and family clans start practicing carol songs as early as November in preparation for December caroling. The money they raised is usually given to a charitable project or for their Christmas parties. Since Christmas comes only once a year, many people are generous and easily part with their money to these carolers.

Everybody is looking forward to the Christmas parties held at home with family and friends, office parties, church gatherings, Christmas reunions, and many more. You can attend so many parties in the month of December. Of course, there will be many exchange gifts between families, friends, co-workers, and business people.

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Unfortunately, the pandemic spoiled the coming Christmas celebrations. The local executive of Cebu City was one of the first to announce a “no caroling” and “no Christmas party” policy in their place. This is to prevent mass gatherings as caroling by groups would attract crowds making people vulnerable to Covid-19 transmission. The mayor of the city canceled the employee’s Christmas party and encouraged all private enterprises to forgo their Yuletide parties so as not to violate the protocol against mass gatherings.

On the national front, the Department of Health issued an advisory for people to refrain from caroling, the DOH Undersecretary cited a study where loud singing may increase Covid-19 infections. An infected person can yield the most virus when singing loudly. DOH further released public health guidelines on holiday celebrations for this year emphasizing the observance of physical distancing.

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The Secretary of Interior and Local Government Eduardo Año said that he will propose to the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EIF) a nationwide ban on face-to-face caroling for this year. The Secretary, who is also the vice-chair of the National Task Force Against Covid-19 recommended online caroling instead of physical caroling because we have not yet flattened the curve of this infectious disease. This was also recommended by all of the mayors of the National Capital Region.

Even the Joint Task Force Covid Shield headed by Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazer supported the proposal to ban face-to-face Christmas caroling to prevent further transmission of the Covid-19. He stated that we are facing a serious threat of disease in our country and it is in the best interest of the people to stay at home and celebrate with their family only. Should the ban on caroling be approved then it is the duty of the parents to explain to their children why we have to skip caroling for the year.

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