How to Gain the Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis?

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Many people visit the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis as tourists. Most people like it here so much that they want to become full citizens of this state. This dream is achievable, because there is a special program that allows people to gain citizenship for the fulfillment of simple conditions. All it takes is to invest in the country’s infrastructure.

For this it will thank you with a passport, which is highly valued in many countries of the world. Contribution to the development is a minimum requirement, especially for the potential reward in a form of citizenship. In addition, the amount for investment is low and it is quite possible to get passports for the whole family and relatives.

Advantages of investing in the country

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The decision to invest in Saint Kitts and Nevis is entirely justified. With the passport of this country, you will be able to get a lot of privileges. It’s better to choose this option than to save for a long time to buy real estate in your country or for starting a business. The investment program allows you to make a single contribution to get a new passport. After that it’s up to you. You can start your own business, continue to invest in various projects in the country and enjoy luxurious living conditions.

Programs aimed at popularizing deposits have many advantages:

  • not the highest investment threshhold;
  • profitable investment options with suitable conditions;
  • opportunity to gain citizenship without the need to pass exams and even without personal presence — the registration is carried out remotely, but you will need to have a representative to submit documents;
  • great opportunity to change the environment and start living in a safe country with good conditions;
  • more than 150 countries of the world allows the owners of the passport of this country cross borders without visas;
  • new citizens have the same rights with indigenous people, without restrictions.

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The process of paperwork and making contributions is quite simple. It takes 3-4 months. There is also a special offer — an urgent passport, which will be ready in 2 months.

You can easily carry out all operations yourself, but it is better to contact Imperial & Legal to make everything even easier. Moreover, the submission of documents through a special agent is considered a prerequisite, which somehow will make you look for a suitable representative.

Everyone can contact our company for advice and assistance to get comprehensive answers to the questions of interest. Our experts are experienced and know a lot about their business, because they have been doing this for a long time.

Another important point is that you won’t need to give up the citizenship of your country. It’s a significant advantage if you ever want to return to your homeland. Saint Kitts and Nevis allows dual citizenship.

The only caveat is the payment of taxes, according to the law. However, there is a similar requirement in every country, therefore there’s nothing new about it.

Conditions for getting a passport

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Every adult has the right to apply for a passport. You can try your luck if you are over 16, but in this case you will need to be checked. Previously convicted person with credit arrears and serious health problems can not apply either. The minimum investment is $150,000.

Initially, you need to submit an application. It is permissible to do this remotely, so there are no costs. You can also trust our specialists who will help you do everything from start to finish with maximum efficiency, without mistakes and additional risks.

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The head of the family, aka the person who is responsible for finances, must complete the application. After successfully obtaining a passport, this person can apply for other family members and relatives. Usually, it takes 3-4 months for the registration, but everything can be done urgently by paying an additional fee.

In this case, you will have to pay off the commission in the prescribed manner. A complete list of requirements, investment amounts and government fees can be found in the special of our website. Also, all conditions are presented on the official web resources of the country’s representative offices.

It’s not at all necessary to go to the islands to do the registration and wait for a certain period of time. It is enough to contact our specialists. They will help you fulfill all the requirements for obtaining a passport of this country.

Main investment options according to the conditions of the special program

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Currently, there are only two actual options for investing if you want to gain citizenship. Both don’t have complex requirements and the amounts are quite realistic to pay even for people with an average income. The first option is a non-refundable donation of $150,000 to the State Development Fund.

To register other family members, you will need to make special contributions to the treasury. Details on the conditions and amounts of investments are indicated on the special page of our company’s website.

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There is also an opportunity to invest in real estate. To do this, you need to have at least $200,000 to invest in projects and you need to own them for 7 years. When the amount is twice as much, there is a chance to invest in real estate that can be sold in 5 years.

These amounts are basic. In addition to them, you still need to pay additional government fees. Their list is available on the main portal of the investment program. There is also a lot of information on our web resource.

Instructions for obtaining a passport

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It’s not difficult to get a passport of this state. You will need to submit a special application. It will take you a minimum time. After that you will need to wait for consideration, then make investments and get a passport. The step-by-step algorithm is presented in the table below.

Stage Estimated completion date
  1. Contact our managers, tell us all the details and get advice. After the discussion, the experts will send you a special agreement for signing, which should include a copy of the passport and the proof of address
1-5 hours
  1. Prepare a package of documents according to the list provided by our specialists. Experts will be happy to help you fill out all the questionnaires correctly and without errors.
2-3 weeks
  1. Your documents are sent to the government for review. If the application is standard, it will take 3-4 months. If it is an urgent one, it’ll take up to 2 months. After the approval of your application, the government sends an official confirmation.
45 days — 4 months
  1. You will need to make an investment by choosing one of two options
2-4 weeks
  1. Get your passport. After that you can immediately start the paperwork for the rest of your family.
1-2 weeks

The process takes 5-6 months maximum, but you can always get it done within 3-5 if you don’t hesitate and contact our company. Our experts value the clients’ time, therefore they try to deal with paperwork and other necessary matters without delays.

Privileges provided by the passport

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When you get the passport, its ID number will be entered into the international database, which will allow you to visit more than 150 countries without a visa. Traveling will become much easier and more accessible.

If you want, there is an opportunity to invest more, investing in real estate on the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. This is a very profitable process, because the state has a simplified taxation system. Therefore, even starting your own business will be a good idea for achieving financial independence.

Don’t hesitate and endure inappropriate living conditions. Contact our company, where the specialists are always happy to help you with advice and full participation in the process of gaining citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.