From Concept To Launch: 5 Tips For Creating Your Own Payment Gateway


The cardless economy is one of the best things technology has gifted us. No matter which part of the world you are in or which kind of shopping you are doing, the online payment gateways have covered you in all aspects.

Well, this is the benefit that online payment portals have for customers. But what about the businesses?

What do you think is their reason for including these options to accept payments? These options have an underlining benefit to the people in business as it helps them gain full control over their operations, including money flow. So, it is always recommended to opt for a reliable payment gateway like UniPay or get inspired and build one for your business.

Let’s focus on the latter and discuss tips to help you have a payment portal for your transactions and business.

1. Build The Infrastructure


These portals run through a structure. The structure should be strong and efficient as they decide whether any customer will use these portals again or not. Hence, you should set the right base for your payment gateway.

If you want to build your personal payment gateway or any other service or product, the first step for all these remains the same. You have to ensure that you have the right infrastructure for it, and if you don’t, what’s better than building a customized one?

It would be best if you had a server to host, and you can either arrange it yourself or seek any third party’s help. The auditing and maintenance requirements are higher when handling the server requirements yourself. Hence, a third party can be a better and easy option.

2. Decide About Your Processor

As a customer, you might have seen that scanning and paying is the easiest option. But, when you are at the implementation end, you should understand that the gateway works hand in hand with the processors so that they can complete online transactions easily. The processor can be anything from a financial institution to a card network. You can have an independent processor also.

API documentation is needed at this stage, and you should follow the implementation rules. Also, you can develop an external API that can play a major role in facilitating the transfer of client payment data.

3. Creating A CRM System


These were the basic steps, and now comes the turn of that step which will act as the face of your tool and ensure that everything runs perfectly. Before beginning this step, you should ensure that all the basics, as a part of the portal infrastructure, are in the right place.

After this, you must develop a way to craft a custom tool to help you manage transactions and clients’ data.

The features of a good CRM system are that the system works as an organized customer database which is a boon for customers and businesses. Also, it can help the clients choose quick options like their preferred payment, entering the contact details, preferences, and requirements, amongst others. All these things are available in a single place.

4. How Secure Is Your Payment Portal

You must ensure the same security when helping your customer enter their details. There is no use in building a volatile portal that can compromise its security, followed by leaking all information that can give rise to doing more harm than good for businesses and customers.

The cardholder data will be a part of your system, and your security system should be so strong that you are never in a position to compromise it. Hence, while ensuring this, it becomes extremely important to use tools that can help in bifurcating the information of the data available through these cards and the one that your server requires for running the stores.

Many tools can help you with the replacement of the card numbers of customers with tokens that cannot be used later on. Hence, it would help if you used them.

5. Documentation And Certifications


When everything about creation is done, you tend to think everything is in place and you need not do anything else. If you have this thought, you forget the documentation and certification requirements. You must obtain the PCI auditing certification on priority, followed by other certifications from portals like Europay, Visa, or Mastercard.

This step is because these are international certifications, and when you have them, they can help you process the customer’s bank cards by containing a chip.

Going cardless is the best way to reduce the hassles and confusion while doing payments anywhere outside your home. These self-created portals are user-friendly and can help you get anything, anytime, and anywhere, with only a few clicks.

With this, you are all set to launch it. Set the codes on your business tables and see how the customers react. However, you should assist them a few times. Also, don’t forget to do some promotions as it will benefit you!

Benefits Of Building Your Payment Gateway

After getting all the tips, as businessmen, your focus shifts to knowing the advantages these tips will serve you with. Hence, if you have created or are planning to create a payment gateway, you will uncover the following benefits:

  • There is no third party or vendor that will interfere or lock-in. You can enjoy supremacy and have control over your actions.
  • You can choose and implement all the features, designs, and other customizations you like. You will not get a ready thing that you have to sign up for and instead choose to include everything that you like and wish to provide your customers with it.
  • The user experience is seamless, and there are no hassles with servers and connections.
  • You get full control over the data and ensure transparent working.
  • It saves you costs and time, which can help you opt for long-term benefits.
  • There are extra savings and profits as you need not initiate payments to third parties for their services and assistance.



After learning the tips and benefits of having your personal payment gateway, you are all set to unleash a unique experience and render the same to your customers. However, such an experience should not have any security loopholes in all capacities. Otherwise, all the efforts will go down the drain. Hence, if you are developing it yourself or hiring someone, you should communicate and tell them about your expectations so that they can work accordingly and deliver the best.