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There are many different types of video games these days, and all of them are fun to play, but some games are just not for everyone. A few decades back when the video game industry first appeared, nobody thought that it will get as far as it is today. Some very simple titles were made, such as Tetris, and although they managed to become very popular quickly, they’re nothing compared to the titles that we see these days.

It’s 2024 already, and the eSport scene is larger than ever, continuing to grow as each new year passes by. People compete for prize pools of millions of dollars in a virtual world, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most entertaining things ever.

Titles such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Dota2, and League of Legends are currently on the top of the esports scene, and in some countries, you get to learn more about these games in elementary school. Everyone knows that as technology keeps evolving, the esports scene will just keep growing, so long gone are the times when video games were once considered a waste of time or something that you cannot make any profit from.
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Although there are many fun video games that we would like to talk about, our main subject for this article will be Call of Duty – Modern Warfare. We’re going to talk about the game in general, some things that you need to know of if you are a beginner, and a few more advanced things for the already experienced players.

This introduction is long enough already, so let’s end it right here and jump straight into the content, shall we?

What kind of a game is Call of Duty?

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CoD is a first-person shooter game that requires a lot of skill, especially for the multiplayer mode. The campaign mode isn’t very hard to beat, especially when you manually lower the difficulty according to your needs, but it’s tons of fun and we recommend you play it before hopping on Multiplayer.

Just like any other first-person-shooter video game, you’ll need to be quick with your reactions, precise with your aim, and most importantly, patient with your decisions. If you are completely new to online gaming, you probably think that these games are played for fun and there’s no big deal about it, but you’re very close to being schooled otherwise.

In online gaming, especially in games where there are ranking systems, people play to win, and unless you have that mindset as well, you shouldn’t be playing competitively.

How can I improve my skills?

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We’re not saying that it’s easy to become good at an online video game, quite the opposite actually, and it will take you a lot of time and practice to reach the levels where you want to be. Luckily, we are here to give you a few tips and tricks for improving.


  • Practice Daily


Do you know what’s more important than being “extreme”? Being consistent. Instead of playing one day for eight hours in a row, and losing all of your patience in the last few hours, you can play two to three hours every single day, and you will improve at a much faster rate.

It’s much better to play fewer hours daily than play the entire day and then take a break for five days. Believe it or not, for online gaming you need a lot of muscle memory, and muscles adapt when you give them time and the right stimulation without overworking them too much.

  • Remain Calm

Just like with many different things in life, online gaming requires you to be calm and patient, because if you are not, anger can easily cloud your decision-making abilities. When you are focused on yelling at your teammates for the mistakes that they make, you are not able to think right for yourself, so you will end up failing even more than they are.

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  • Find Adequate Teammates

Sometimes no matter what you do, your teammates will be horrible, and you will be losing all of your matches because of them. You can’t blame them for it, however, so feel free to find adequate teammates, preferably ones that are very serious about winning games. If you want to check out CoD Modern Warfare carry click here.

The people you play with make a huge difference, and if not everyone on your team has the mindset of a winner, you won’t see a lot of success. No matter how hard you think that you’re playing, there’s always an opponent out there that puts even more effort into winning the game, so be serious about it if you want to improve.

  • Give it Some Time

Did you know that pro gamers play for more than eight hours every single day, and they treat this as their job? It’s not easy at all to become exceptional at a video game. It’s one of the most demanding tasks, even though most people think that it’s not difficult at all.

You can’t become good in a day, a week, or even a month. Sometimes even a year is not quite enough time if you want to stand out with your skills. So, be patient, give it some time and you’ll get there eventually. Being negative about it is only counter-productive.

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  • Acquire Proper Gaming Gear

We’re not suggesting that you should go to your local PC shop and purchasing everything that has the “Gamer” tag on it. Instead, we like to point out that if you want to be great at a game, you’ll have to invest a bit in playing gear. A gaming mouse is not better than a regular one because it changes colors and has an RGB mode on it, but because it has a much more precise sensor that can track your hand movement ten times as good compared to the regular non-brand, non-gaming mouse.

In the world of video games, one mistake that you might make because of your mouse is more than enough to lose you an important game, or even a tournament.