How To Begin Collecting Coins And Learn More About Numismatics


When it comes to coin collecting, chances are, you probably already have a decent starting point in your pocket or your home. How come? Well, you can start your coin collection with any coin you want!

That is probably the best thing about numismatics. You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on a collection of coins – just work with what you got and familiarize yourself with the basics as you go along.

But, as we all know, that’s just the beginning. If you’re serious about this hobby, you’re going to have to learn a bit more, and if you don’t know where to start – it might just be here.

Ease Into The Hobby

As you’ll learn rather quickly, this hobby can quickly turn into a major expense, and unless you really don’t mind spending your hard-earned money right away – we suggest you ease into it.

Before you start paying big bucks for smaller collections and coin sets that are hard to come by, start by collecting those that are easy to assemble and don’t cost a fortune.

Most great coin collections have started with your everyday, regular coins you deal with on a daily basis, so don’t stress if you don’t end up with any rare gems right away.


Learn As You Go

No one says you have to sit down and learn everything there is about numismatics before you begin collecting.

First of all, you’re never going to learn all there is to it, so if that’s your approach, you might as well find a new hobby because you’re never going to get this one started. And secondly, there’s no need for you to do this. All you have to know in the beginning are some coin basics.

You’ll be able to find all the necessary information on coins, their history, how they’re graded and priced through various channels. From blog posts, over books, all the way to online communities of passionate collectors – information on numismatics is readily available everywhere you look. Just take it a step at a time and learn as you go.

Collect Whatever You Like And Want

The best piece of advice anyone could give you is to start your collection with something you like. Don’t stress about the rarest gems that you can find, and don’t try and copy someone else’s approach. This is your hobby and your collection, and if you only want to collect circulating, cheap coins from all over the world, in hopes of your ancestors one day having a very valuable collection – do it. There’s no perfect way to embark on this journey, so just listen to your heart. Collect whatever it is that you like and want.


Don’t Rush It

Building an imposing collection takes time, and unless you don’t want to waste your money in the long run – don’t rush it. There are many online stores like where you can find rare coins made from precious metals, all in brilliant conditions, and while we don’t mind purchasing some shiny gold coins – you don’t have to do that right away.

Most collectors learn the hard way that rushing to complete a collection only leads to stress, frustration, and inevitable financial losses. So, take your time. Do your research, look for good deals, and take your time. You will probably do this for the rest of your life, so don’t try and get them all at once. Coin collecting is a marathon – not a sprint.

Learn How To Handle And Store Coins Correctly

You probably already know that you won’t keep your coin collection in a plastic bag in your desk drawer, but nevertheless, you should take your time to learn how to handle coins with care and how to store them properly.

Sure, coins are made of metal, and they’re relatively tough, but if you want to keep them in mint condition, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with proper handling and storing techniques. You’ll learn about the basics as you go, but before you even begin getting into details, just get yourself a pair of cotton or latex gloves and handle your coins by the edges. And, oh – never clean your coin. That’s a sure way to turn yours into a “damaged coin”.


Never Underestimate A Power Of The Book

Whether you’re getting into numismatics because you like it or because you’d like to make some money in a few years – you have to start with the basics. And, as we’ve said in the beginning, the information about it is readily available pretty much everywhere you look, but the best source of information for an aspiring collector is the “Red Book”.

The “Red Book” is a nickname for a mighty tome of coin collecting called “The Guide Book of United States Coins“. This book was written by a seasoned collector and will take you through everything you need to know, and then some, before you even spend your first penny on a coin.

Join A Club

As one of the most popular hobbies in the world, coin collecting brings a lot of people together. And, when you bring a lot of people together – they form a club.

Coin clubs are a great way to learn more about numismatics, to meet various people from all over the country (even the world), and get to share in their experiences. Since you all have the same hobby, these clubs will always be an interesting place to be, so don’t shy away from them.


Don’t Shy Away From Coin Stores

We’ve already mentioned online coin-stores, but apart from them, there are also various traditional coins shops all over the country where you can come in, browse the shelves, and actually explore a coin you wish to buy.

When shopping online, you have to take the seller’s word for it. When shopping in person – you can trust your eyes and your expertise.

Another neat thing is that if you are a beginner, a trustworthy, reliable coin dealer will help you learn more about the coin(s) you’re interested in because chances are, they’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.


In the end, we can only say we hope these general tips were exactly what you were looking for.

As we’ve said earlier, there’s no perfect way to start collecting. You just start, learn as you go, and you hope for the best.

The only other piece of advice we could give you is to devise a plan and never miss a good opportunity if you stumble upon one. Not having a plan and missing on an opportunity is a sure way to live your life in regret, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that.