What’s Common Between Traffic Signs And Party Signs – Neon Signs!

There’s a reason why the traffic signs are colored neon. And there’s a reason why neon signs are still in business. The said reason happens to be simple. There’s nothing more attention-grabbing than neon signs.

Whether you want a sign that screams ‘PARTY’ or a sign that beckons people to your business or shop, neon has proven to be a viable solution for it.

Crimson light caught red-handed

Source: Electrical Simplified – blogger

The discovery of neon was an accident, just like the discovery of all things great and beautiful. Two Brit scientists Morris Travers and William Ramsay stumbled upon neon and decided to liquefy the gas and pass it into an ‘electric gas-discharge tube’ or, for all intents and purposes, a gas tube.

On passing electric charge through it, they were amazed to see the gas glow red. Travers said, “the blaze of crimson light from the tube told its own story and was a sight to dwell upon and never forget… for a moment, the spectrum of the gas did not matter in the least, for nothing in the world gave a glow such as we had seen.”

A fierce glow which eventually brightened too many shops, houses, bars, businesses, cities, and countries to count.

Artsy neon vs. same old LED

Source: Artsy

When you see neon, it’s next to nature to relate it to something novel, something fun, something which makes you feel as though paying attention to it will be worth your time.

Yes, today, LEDs are cheaper, and consume less energy, and are easier to create. Yes, LEDs are a one-time investment as the next time you feel like changing what’s getting displayed, you just have to change the uploads. For this very reason, LED boards now dominate every space in the vicinity. Every shop owner, hotel, restaurant, business firm, and ad now use a cost-efficient LED screen to gain people’s attention.

But, for this very reason, neon stands out in a sea dominated by LED screens. Neon screams fun, neon screams worth. Neon guarantees a second glance.

Nothing compares to artists shaping glass with their callused hands, creating a work of art emitting light from every pore in the process. The gentle hum accompanying the signs, faint flickering, and the harsh light of a neon sign aren’t its downside but rather its selling point.

It brings up a feeling of bubbling excitement, a feeling of nostalgia.

When in doubt, go neon!

Source: Talking Bread

With the glass being shaped by hand each time, no two neon signs can ever be the same. Every piece is unique in its own way. The versatility which shaping glass provides means that you can get any logo, design, or sign made just the way you want it.

Not to forget the fact that the possibilities of using neon signage are endless. With accomplished artists offering their talents up for sale, you can get just about anything crafted; your imagination is your limit.

Whether it be a quote to dominate your bedroom walls or a sign for a shop you newly opened, neon can do the job and do it well.

Looking to do something extra for your friend’s wedding? Get a neon sign. Does a wall in your office look pitifully barren? Get a neon sign. Feel like throwing a New Year’s Gala? Get a neon sign.

In a nutshell, when in doubt, get a neon sign.

For more info, visit Sculpt

There’s just something innately romantic about neon signs. No matter where you see it, it brings up memories, often memories which you wouldn’t mind living twice.

This makes neon signs a very powerful tool. Human beings are creatures of feeling. Capture those, and they are yours. If you can make a person feel just through the medium of lighting, imagine the far-reaching implications.

Find the right words and right place to brighten up, and you will have people streaming in through your doors, too curious, unable to turn back. Curiosity may have killed the rat, but curiosity sure did benefit the cat.

But beware; employing such a powerful tool can be a boon or a bane, like everything else in life. Neon signs have become the symbol of sleazy hotels and dingy bars over the ages. Make sure to install your neon signs in a place where it screams positive vibes. If you aren’t sure about your decision, you can always consult the artists who made the sign for you in the first place.

Neon for every occasion

Source: Culture Trip

Oh, and did I mention, neon signs can make the perfect photo booth. Set up 4-5 quirky neon designs around, and you’ll have people clambering to click pictures. They make perfect backgrounds. Next time you feel like garnering attention to your place, all you have to do is get those neon signs out and set them right. If you feel like going a step further, you can always get a professional photographer to click the photos for the people.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. There’s a reason why Las Vegas is dominated by neon signs and not buildings or billboards. There’s a reason why neon signs became so popular within a short period of time. And there’s a reason why neon sign still remains a trend despite years of use. The novelty hasn’t worn off and won’t wear off anytime soon. As long as this world descends into darkness every day, neon signs will remain afloat and keep attracting people no matter the time, day or year.

The glowing signs are just too good an opportunity to miss upon. If you are looking to decorate a wall or adorn your storefront, I urge you to consider neon signs.

On a personal note, when I looked up neon signs on Google, the first thought that entered my mind was, “I need to get one of those in my bedroom.” Neon signs are powerful. They are beautiful. And they are worth every penny.

I’d like to end with a joke.

Why is neon sad? Because of all his jokes Argon.

But I’m betting neon is going to find some new friends and patrons soon.

Wishing all of you an exciting, prosperous, and happy new year.