7 Ways to Control Your Body for Better Movement – 2024 Guide

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There are many reasons why you may want to take better control over your body.

Perhaps you’re a dancer preparing for a career-defining performance. Or an athlete who wants to crush it on the field. You may also know that better movement means better overall health, a goal for most of us.

No matter the reasons, one thing is certain: you gain better movement through technique.

And we just happen to have a list of those techniques right here! These are the seven ways to control your body for better movement.

1. Correct Your Posture

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When your posture is on point, your movements will be as well. You already know to keep your shoulders back and your head held high when you walk.

But did you know it’s crucial to do the same when you engage in a sport? Maintaining correct posture means you will have good form, no matter what you’re doing.

This is crucial in ensuring better movement and is a great first step in controlling your body more effectively.

2. Take Up a Yoga Routine

Yoga is all about utilizing your muscles effectively. It’s another great way to ensure better form for better movement.

When you practice yoga, you understand the connection between movement and breath. Your balance will improve, and you’ll be able to control how your body flows from one movement to another.

It can also help you create the habit of stretching before other exercises, which is crucial to protect and power your body,

3. Lose Weight and Keep it Off

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We are *not* suggesting that the way to achieve anything is through weight loss.

What we are saying is that maintaining a weight that’s healthy for you and you alone can make it easier to control your body for better movement.

And there are plenty of clever ways to reach and maintain your goal weight, like being more mindful as you eat, trying Veriheal’s suggested cannabis strains for weight loss, and sleeping in total darkness every night.

When you’re comfortable with your weight, having more control over your movements will be easier and feel more natural.

4. Book a Personal Trainer

If you’re serious about controlling your body and moving more efficiently, working with a trainer is a surefire solution.

These pros can explain to you how your body works. This may sound silly, but really, most of us do not understand the mechanics of how we move. By understanding that, you can learn to move more with more precision and more intention.

A professional trainer can also:

  • Analyze your natural movements
  • Teach you ways to gain control over your body that actually work for you
  • Help you learn physical patterns for better movement

A personal trainer can be pricey, but they’re an essential partner for professional sports players, dancers, and even actors due to being so effective.

5. Focus

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One of the benefits of exercising is that it lets you shut your mind off and zone out. But this is precisely the wrong thing to do if you want to gain better control over your body’s movements.

If you allow your mind to wander when you exercise, you’re missing out on the crucial mental component of better body movement. You must think about every movement, every breath, and how your body flows with every step.

For enhanced control over your body, you have to focus and be mindful of every move. It may not be easy at first, but like with the other tips on this list, it becomes more natural with practice.

6. Get to Know Your Body Better

This is especially crucial if you’re an athlete or a dancer.

As you train and exercise, you’ll need to pick up new ways to increase your flexibility and nail specific movements. But how do you accomplish this?

By getting to know your body and how it works.

Sure, you probably took biology 101 in high school. And, you no doubt have taken lessons with trainers and teachers who explain muscle groups and how they function.

But your body is unique to you, and you really need to get in tune with it to control your body for better movement. To do so, think about exercise routines and movements you utilize.

And ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the starting and endpoints of each move?
  • How does your body flow to make this happen?
  • What muscle groups do you engage in the process?

Gaining a deeper understanding of your body and the muscle movements it makes to complete routines will help you learn useful patterns for better, sustained movements.

7. Distribute Your Weight Effectively

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Whether you’re walking down the road or engaging in a high-energy aerobics routine, proper weight distribution can make a difference.

Practice your balance, excellent posture, and a few necessary steps, and think about how your weight feels on each foot.

It may take time and practice before you realize how your weight should feel when you move with purpose and intention. But once you do, you’ll be better equipped to take on more physically challenging movements with precision.

Your mind will have the control it needs to make your body do exactly what you want. And that’s what it’s all about — harmony and synchronicity between the mental and the physical.


By utilizing these seven ways to control your body for better movement, you will gain mastery over the physical and mental aspects of movement.

It may be essential in your professional life or maybe you just want to be more mindful of your body for better health. Either way, better movement and body control come from a combination of physical activity and mental focus.

It allows you to quite literally strike the perfect balance between your mind and body.

Try these seven tips and keep practicing them until they are a natural part of your daily life. Before you know it, you will likely be able to move in ways you never thought possible, and look and feel incredible in the process.