3 Best Full Body Dumbbell Workout for Strength and Conditioning

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Fitness has reached a new level with the widespread of the internet today you can find many great workouts on the web, and enjoy a good session of training at your home or anywhere else. People all over the world are working on their bodies, and it is no longer only a trend. Looking good and feeling good s a priority for many individuals. Living in today’s world, which is full of stress is not easy. Having a healthy distraction is vital for the well-being of all of us.

The best part, as we already suggested, is that you can work out at home or a local gym or a sports center. Looking at the fact that we’re going to talk about dumbbell workouts, it’s easy to choose a location. Dumbbells are equipment anyone of us can afford, and it is possible to store them at home without having them take out too much space. It is the favorite equipment of many gym-goers, and we hope you are no different. If your idea is to work on your physique by using dumbbells, you have come to the right place. This article is going to focus on the three best full-body dumbbell workouts for strength and conditioning.

As we said, looking good, feeling well, and having a nice workout session from time to time are essential for our well-being. But, it is also vital to take the game to another level. This is why we’re going to focus on strength and conditioning more. Feeling your muscles grow, and get stronger is a great sensation.

Add to it that you’re going to increase your ability to move and do things, and you’ll have yourself in the best shape of your life in no time, while also feeling great about yourself and your newly found ability. Add to it that we’re going to be selfless and direct you to one of the best dumbbells on the market which comes from smrtft.com and the recipe for success in this field is lying right ahead of you. Now, let’s start working out like a pro.

1. Floor Press

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Let’s start from the ground, both literally and figuratively. This is a basic workout and one of the best to start your training. It won’t make you appear like Dwayne The Rock Johnson in a few sessions, but it is a great place to start. Maybe in a few months of working out, you’ll be looking closer to his Baywatch partner Zac Efron.

This one is done, as we said from the ground up, with your back pushed to the floor, with a dumbbell in both of your arms. The workout is done by pushing your arms straight up directly above your head with eyes focused on the dumbbells after the push. It’s best done by quick pushes up and down, with preferably four sets and ten reps in each session before rest. The beginners love this one as it is one of the safest ways to start working out considering that your back is in a stable position and the chances of injuries are low.

At the same time, you can push yourself from the start due to this fact. Those who went to the gym compare it to the weaker version of the classic bench press. A good comparison indeed.

2. Goblet Squat

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A fitting name for an exercise that will make you appear like you’re holding a goblet. In fact, you’ll be working with a dumbbell in what’s one of the best workouts out there created to focus on your leg strength while using only one dumbbell. To avoid being focused only on your upper part of the body, it is vital to include this workout in your dumbbell routine. By holding the equipment in your hands like a goblet you’ll be also giving your shoulders and back quite a workout in addition to your legs.

The goal of the dumbbell here is to give your legs more resistance and to add focus to the positioning of your shoulders and back. Some people do this one with two dumbbells but for starters that might be going overboard. To do this one the right way the form is vital. That’s why hold the weights close to your body as much as you can and look to hold your back straight at all times. If you start losing your form the time is right for a break, or to lower the weight you’re using. To get the most out of this one you need to lower your body all the way back to your heels, focusing on having your feet and knees in line before pushing back up.

This is leg magic at its best, just like in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, for a truly magical reference.

3. Lateral Raise

If you want that V-shaped torso, like Superman, which Dwight Howard brought to perfection this is the dumbbell workout for you. It is an upper-body workout many people tend to enjoy. It’s straightforward with direct and easily visible results. The starting position for this one is being on your feet, your body straightens up, with dumbbells in both of your hands, lying on the side of your body. To get the most out of this exercise, the dumbbells need to lie low in your palms with a slight separation from your body.

It is best not to have the dumbbells touching the side of your body to maximize the impact of this workout. This is where you start the workout. The motions start when you raise your hands to the sides creating the T shape with your body. You must reach the height of your shoulders with both hands. If you want to have the focus on the side delts, it is vital that your elbows reach the height of your shoulders, but also to avoid your wrists going over the elbow height.

Once you’re in the T position the need to stop for a second is vital before you start lowering your hands slowly back. Once your hands are in the starting position, continue the movement. When you no longer can stop the motion before the dumbbells reach the side of your body it’s time for rest.