13 Creative Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Finding enough spots in your kitchen to store everything can seem impossible. With a little creativity and vision, you can increase your kitchen’s storage capacity in no time. Whether you use and modify existing pieces, buy new cabinets from a company like this, or manually craft solutions throughout, you can likely extend your kitchen. Here are some wily ideas to create additional storage space, no matter the size or layout of your room.

1. Backsplash Storage

Many people think of a backsplash as one-dimensional, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By hanging rails or shelves on it, you can add a spot to hold cutlery and cooking utensils. Some designers apply magnetic hanging strips on the backsplash, which can easily be removed at a later time. Depending on the backsplash style and pattern, you can play with different combinations to create a unique mix of shelving. For example, a solid white backsplash can contrast well with black or dark brown open shelves.

Source: Dwell

2. Modify Cabinet Shelves into Drawers

By converting shelves into drawers, you can create a more accessible and efficient system in your cabinets. Installing glides to transform those shelves into drawers can improve your cabinets, especially in small, tight spaces. Often, it is difficult to see what is hiding in the back of narrow cabinets, and the ability to pull out the compartment can be a game-changer.

3. Utilize Window Space

People often overlook unused window mantles and ledges as storage options. Instead of leaving them empty or flaunting art, you can transfer items that are overflowing the cabinetry onto window spaces. In this way, you can display items that you are proud of as well as free up storage in other areas of the kitchen.

4. Mount a Knife Rack

Frequently, knives end up floating in a sea of utensils in a drawer, or in a rack taking up valuable counter space. Hanging a magnetic knife rack on the wall not only opens up drawers for other uses, but it can also add an intriguing feature to your area. If you have a nice set of cutlery, a rack displaying the pieces can be an appealing addition to your kitchen wall.

5. Hang Many Items

You can hang many items all around the kitchen, and when they are organized effectively, it can add to the attractiveness of the room. Whether you hang pots, pans, or mugs, you are clearing out valuable drawer and cabinet space. There are endless options as far as suspending items. Some kitchen updates include hanging pieces from the ceiling or wall racks.

Source: ForRent.com

6. Use the Whole Cabinet

By installing hanging racks, hooks, or magnetizing the insides or undersides of your kitchen cabinet, you can practically double your storage instantly. You can add hooks or magnetic strips to transform those cabinets quickly. One idea is to hang those loose items that do not seem to fit well into cabinets or drawers, without sacrificing any storage outside of the kitchen cabinet.

7. Incorporate Shelf Risers

Every little bit of shelf space helps. By adding shelf risers to existing storage locations, you can effectively expand your capacity. With a wide selection of risers on the market, you can add stylistic touches to your countertops and other spots while increasing the number of items you can store.

Source: PopSugar

8. Get Creative with Burner Covers

Some creative consumers install cutting boards as burner covers. Others purchase or craft cutting boards that double as sink covers. With either approach, not only does this look aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds functionality immediately. It improves counter space while providing a place to help you prepare food. Win, win.

9. Don’t Forget the Cabinet Tops

Some people shy away from using cabinet tops as storage. One concern is that the tops devolve into chaotic, disorganized spots for storing loose items. However, if you keep them neat and tidy, they can be essential and appealing storage solutions. Using baskets or containers that match your style, you can keep it all organized and a welcome storage solution for your kitchen.

Source: Contemporist

10. Use a Pegboard

Pegboards can incorporate into many rooms throughout the house, including the kitchen. They are relatively easy to install and come in different shapes and sizes, so they can work with many different rooms and themes. You can hang many different implements -such as pots, pans, and various utensils – with the flexibility of changing items as you need.

11. Install a Pull-out Trash Bin

If you are still using a standalone trash bin, it may be time to install a pull-out version. This addition can save you a lot of space as traditional trash containers can take up comparatively large portions of the available space. You can even incorporate these pull-out versions into islands or other non-traditional spots in the kitchen.

Source: Ikea

12. Install a Fold-Down Table

If you are handy, you can complete this project yourself. However, even if you hire a professional to install a fold-down table, it should be worth the expense. Tables can use much of the kitchen’s floor space, and by hiding away that furniture, you can open up the room substantially.

13. Modify Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

By altering the internal layout of your kitchen cabinets, you can change their functionality. If you have a set of cutting boards taking up a lot of space in a cabinet, you can install cutting board dividers. By integrating these vertical slots into your cabinetry, individual pieces can file into space neatly and efficiently. Instead of opening the cabinet door to see a cluster of cookware and implements, you can now reach into the slot you want for the tool you need.


Every kitchen is different, and every homeowner has varying storage needs for this busy room. Some of these projects are full-fledged DIY activities, while others may only take a short time to finish. By getting creative, you can generate additional storage in no time, resulting in an appealing, well-organized kitchen. No matter which style of kitchen is in your home, you can work with what you have to find storage solutions.