Daily Fantasy Leagues Heat Up as New NFL Season Continues

Nearly half of the 2024 NFL Season is done. The Seahawks and the Steelers are performing pretty well. The Texans and Cowboys—not so much. Young quarterbacks are all the rage while many famous Running Backs are either injured or underachieving.

So, what’s the secret for Daily Fantasy Football Success this year? It’s the same as last year. There’s no secret. You have to research extensively, draft teams wisely and hope luck is on your side. That said, DFS leagues are getting more popular and no one is surprised.

With some leagues paying out up to $1 million, nearly every NFL DFS sports player want to be in a league. In this article, we’ll share some of the most renowned leagues and what they do. Then we’ll also share some tips on how to win in these DFS leagues.

Sounds good? Let’s begin.

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Qualifier Leagues

Qualifier leagues are shortcuts for getting into paid DFS tournaments. They’re mainly free to join but some cost a small fee, especially those geared at helping you get into high-paying contests.

To expound more, free qualifiers award winners with entry tickets for decent-paying contests. On the flip side, a paid-for qualifier league might cost $5 but rewards winners into leagues that cost up to $1000.

Qualifiers come in many types. Some of them invite a small group of players. Others welcome millions of people. Additionally, they also vary on the number of people they reward. The best leagues are those with a limited number of contestants and payouts for several people.

The best daily fantasy sport sites in 2024, and you can find some at online-gambling.com, have numerous qualifier mini-leagues and contests. Most of them are free, which makes them ideal for new players. But for the best qualifiers, expect a small fee.

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50/50 Contests

DFS 50/50 contests are simple to understand. You participate in a competition. And if you’re in the top half, you receive a payout. The leagues welcome hundreds or thousands of people. And that means the payouts aren’t great for the most part.

However, the benefit is that you can easily fall into the top category. All you need is some decent knowledge of NFL football and how to draft players like a Pro.  In fact, you don’t need to be a pro-level punter to win money in 50/50 contests.

Because these tournaments are cheap and popular, they attract nearly everyone with a DFS account. And most people aren’t good in DFS. As a result, your chances of falling into the first half are pretty high.

Source: FantasyPros

Head-to-Head Matchups

How competitive are you? Because if you’re spectacular at one-on-one competitions, you should join a head-head DFS matchup. You receive a competitor randomly and there’s little information about these players.

So, the best way to win a head-head competition is to focus on drafting the best team you possibly can. You can always check the players drafted by your competitors. But due to limitations in weekly draft picks, you can’t replicate their team.

How well do head- matchups pay? If it’s a paid competition, you receive up to 80% of money you and your competitor paid as entry fees. So, in a $100 entry-fee game, you could walk away with up to $180. The money varies by DFS sites, though.

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NFL DFS Success Tips

Let’s face it. Playing Fantasy Football isn’t a matter of life and death. It’s not something you have to do. But you enjoy it and love spending pocket change to get into a few contests once in a while.

Guess what? You deserve to win. These tips will help you turn from the pits of DFS mediocrity and elevate and win consistently.

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#1: Always Catch up with NFL News

If you’re an NFL fan, you know players get injured constantly. Lineups change and coaches can get fired at any point of the season. Following the news is the best way to manage your salary cap because you’ll know players to trade off and which ones to acquire ahead of deadlines.

Another crucial point is that news help you acquire underpriced players before their values shoot. And as you know, every DFS players’ wish is to have a top-performing side and money to spare in your account.

#2: Don’t Avoid Low-value Players

Many DFS players fill their rosters with high-value players. It’s what makes the most sense, after all. But an interesting report about NFL Millionaire Competitors show that successful DFS punters don’t just rely on star athletes.

They might have a handful of the most well-known NFL players in every position. And they could also feature some players with low-ownership rates. The explanation is that for your team to be balanced, you must pick a few players others tend to avoid.

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#3: Lean the Scoring System

Every DFS website has a unique scoring system. Understand how it works at your favorite site and you could improve your weekly performance immensely. At some sites, interceptions earn 2-3 points. At other platforms, an interception equals one point.

Of course, passing and receiving touchdowns attract decent points on many websites. But they’re other game outcomes with equally attractive points. Know the scoring system and you’ll know how to draft a winning side fast.

#4: Listen to the Fans

If you aren’t a member of a football DFS social group, join one today. Not only is talking about DFS with like-minded players exciting; but it can also help you become a better player. Listening to the opinions of different players can change your perspective about how you draft picks.

Or it can give you tips on which players to draft every week. DFS fans won’t always be correct. But there are many times you’ll find ideas on how to improve your team from fellow competitors.

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#5 Take Risks Often

Sometimes DFS contest winners consists of feature players with pretty low ownerships. They fill their teams with players others avoid. That’s a new perspective to have. Don’t always follow the public. Take risks often and you could be rewarded heavily.