Best Design Tips for a Dark Bedroom 2024

There is no doubt about the muted decoration of the spacious apartments – the dark design of the large bedroom gives it an atmosphere of privacy. No matter how spectacular the photos of bedrooms in dark colors may be, their owners only after the lapse of time can fully realize its charm and notice some flaws. If you analyze these impressions, you can make the choice more carefully and prepare in advance for change.

What is the impression of viewing a bedroom photo in dark color?

  • Original. The chamber interior of the bedroom in dark colors is so unusual that with any furnishings and any decor it looks defiantly bold. The dramatic color of the room makes a deep impression, it seems that the life of its inhabitants should be unusually informative, eventful.
  • Fresh and stylish. You shouldn’t be like everyone else, chasing after the light, which taught us minimalism in the interior isn’t a necessity. Why not add classic design elements, which value style and nobility higher than the size of the apartment?
  • Not as revolutionary as one might think. Dark tones are so convincing and cozy that they “cause quick addiction.” Just look at the photos of the interiors in dark colors to catch the idea of changing the color scheme of your own apartment.
  • Warm and friendly. It is necessary to exclude the white color from the room as the main one, and it will envelop you with warmth, comfort, and calm you down. Nowhere to rush, you want to stay here longer.
  • Spectacularly. Dark walls, unlike snow-white Scandinavian interiors, are luxuriously set off by accessories and elegant outlines of furniture. Even laconic posters and photographs in the framework against the backdrop of a dark wall look catchy, not to mention designer objects and works of art!
  • Contrast. In the design of the bedroom with a dark color of wallpaper and floor, yellow works well. Against the background of dark blue, black or dark green, it begins to glow from the inside. Brass and gilded accessories get a sonorous sound.
  • Masking. Many details that I would like to remove from my eyes become invisible against the background of a dark floor, walls, furniture – for example, wires coming from a lamp, fastening shelves, cables, heating radiators. Muted colors hide blemishes, roughness, tint marks, scratches, damage.
  • Practical. Spots on a dark background are less noticeable than on a light background. Pollution is not only easier to wipe, but often they are simply not visible.
  • Furniture. When it comes to furniture it is important for it to create a harmonized ensemble and balanced composition. The dark bedroom doesn’t necessarily need dark furniture, or dark-colored furniture a muted color of the walls, ceiling or floor. But the best way to choose furniture to create this kind of ambiance is to search it online relying on the photo references you like. And you can check this site to find some interesting and affordable variants.

A spacious or small bedroom in dark color and with dark furniture is saturated with a sense of comfort and chamberlains. Simple accessories look luxurious, and minor errors in the decoration are completely invisible.

The flip side of a dark bedroom interior. After turning a light bedroom into a dark one, a mixed feeling of shock and delight usually arises. What can upset in a new bedroom interior with dark wallpaper and furniture, what should you be prepared for?

  • The light will be dim. To get good lighting of a desk or a dressing table late in the evening, one table lamp will not be enough – you will need to turn on the ceiling lamp.
  • In other cases, a relaxing semi-darkness can only please – it has to rest.
  • The room will suddenly become smaller. You will quickly get used to it and find special charm in their chambers, but at the time of acquaintance with the new interior, this must be taken into account.
  • Shading white with dark will probably require a third coat.
  • Returning to light painted walls will not be easy. You will have to apply two layers of a white primer before repainting. Of course, when replacing the wallpaper, such problems do not arise.
  • If you intend to resell the apartment, then the interior of the bedroom with dark wallpaper may not be the best option. Buyers usually look for the most spacious housing at their own expense.

Light and dark tones of the bedroom interior

An important question is what should remain light in the bedroom in order to “balance” the design. Looking ahead, we can say right away: very bright – nothing. Except for some accessories. In fact, it is difficult to decide on global changes, and often customers ask to leave several walls or ceiling light and even white.

Dark design of the bedroom, in which white is given up to half the space. White color is active and leaves a small chance to call the room dark. Tonal highlighted shades are less aggressive.


Dark bedroom: the art of contrasts. The coolest designs of bedrooms are designed in totally dark shades. Contrast colors in a lighter tone play the role of accent. And now, for comparison, we offer you the interiors of bedrooms with dark furniture, flooring, walls.

They can enliven wallpapers, be present in curtains and bedspreads, in furniture, accessories. The contrast is warm, cold. For example, a thick orange-terracotta against a deep blue or dark green background looks dazzlingly bright.

There are some tips that can help you in designing dark bedroom:

  • Light gray does not destroy a calm muted palette and works as a soft version of white.
  • White on stylish tables and chairs, photo frames, sculptures, and lamps definitely will not destroy the peace of the bedroom in dark colors.
  • Large furniture in the bedroom and a bed with a massive headboard are preferable. But the white color in the design of the dark bedroom does not exactly apply to the favorites of designers. Rather, it is a compromise that leads away from the concept of a private cozy room.
  • Light furniture will soften the interior of a dark bedroom.
  • Black details emphasize the depth of the color scheme and contrast the soft tonal interior.
  • The contrast of matte and shiny surfaces enlivens the interior.
  • As already mentioned, the loudest accent in the design of the bedroom with a dark bed is created by yellow metal fittings and yellow decor.

If you need more inspiration you can look at this site for more sophisticated examples of the dark bedrooms.