Canvas Wall Art Ideas for Your Living Room – 2024 Guide

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For art connoisseurs and collectors, choosing a wall painting is probably not a problem. Many of them customize their entire interiors with their paintings or sculptures. This is not surprising considering how expensive artworks can be.

But what about 99% of those who simply want their artistic paintings to serve as the final details for interior design? How do we choose the right picture when we don’t want to spend a fortune on it?

Canvas art is extremely popular in 2024, and you can choose some exquisite paintings that will make your space look even more beautiful and modern. Here are some ideas on how to choose the right one.

How To Choose A Wall Canvas For Your Living Room?


For starters, we choose paintings for the living room, which are two things. First, it is a room that almost every visitor will see. So this image must reflect at least some of the features of the host, either by the color that prevails or by motives.

Secondly, since it is the room of all your visitors, it is not just you who matters. So you need a picture that will capture the attention of those who are in the room and evoke certain, preferably positive, emotions. And maybe they will be slightly jealous of your choice – why not? If you need more help check out this fantastic post on The Canvas Prints for more ideas.

Color Is Important

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Consider starting with what is already in your living room. If your walls are painted in a color of your choice – we assume that color is already matched with the color of the furniture. So, the shades in a wall canvas should also match. However, if you didn’t choose the colors of the walls yourself, or furniture was chosen by its comfort and not aesthetics – then choosing a painting is a great way to make them look more beautiful.

How to Choose Colors?


Of course, the colors must match, as you like. Remember we said this room is a reflection of your character. Most designers will advise complementary colors. This means that we can combine one basic color with the derived one. For example, combine yellow and purple, blue and orange, or red and green.

That way, you’ll also have the ideal cool-to-warm ratio. But of course, you can combine differently, your taste is crucial. The only advice is not to overdo the number of colors, especially if you are uncertain. If you are dealing with white walls and neutral furniture, you should be lighter about the color as you do not have to combine. In that case, you can devote yourself too much more than the colors themselves.

In any case, when choosing colors to decide which one to dominate – it is not outrageous to know what color symbolizes and what feelings it evokes. Depending on whether the colors are cooler and more prevalent in your room or warmer colors, the advice on their impact on you can be assessed by yourself.

Canvas Pictures Motives


As for the motives and themes in the pictures, as well as the techniques they were used for – we would say that there is no general rule, except that every direction and every technique should be given a chance by looking and not assuming what it is.

This means that if you are offered, for example, abstract paintings on canvas, you will not be able to refuse it immediately. You may be very surprised about what lies behind such images and how much they can brighten your space.

Printed Canvases

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You must research well what is on offer. However, the choice for wall decor is much wider today, and it is necessary to investigate here what lies behind a term. Say, printed pictures for the wall.

If you have never heard of it before, then be sure to look at the choice offered by online stores like Piqtura. These paintings are printed in high resolution but on canvas, which gives them depth and note of the artwork. We think they are a great solution if you are not yet ready to fully immerse yourself in serious and expensive artistic waters.

Oil Paintings: Canvas In The Frame

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One of the latest tendencies in wall decorating is canvas oil paintings in special frames. To put it more simply,  this is a painting that has no frame. It may sound unfinished to you, but on the contrary, such paintings on the canvas seem liberating because all attention is to the motive and colors.

If we speak about frames – you can choose one you like the best. Certainly, this is a way to make the true decoration of your walls. The internet can certainly offer you a lot of things. It is only important that you do a good job of exploring exactly what is on offer, and then evaluate what suits you best.

More Helpful Tips

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It is fashionable to post pictures all over the apartment, you just have to pay attention to the composition.

Size And Arrangement Of Images On The Wall

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For larger spacious walls, choose larger images or a group of images and place smaller images on smaller walls. If you want to place a smaller painting on a large spacious wall, choose a thicker frame.

Paintings can also be arranged geometrically or symmetrically. For example as a triangle, rectangle, in a row, etc. Maybe you’d rather arrange them non-symmetrical? You can do that as well. However, the composition must be compact. An asymmetrical arrangement may be more interesting to some because it is suggesting a warmer atmosphere.

Grouping Pictures On The Wall

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Grouping of images does not necessarily have to be in style, motives or technique. They don’t even have to be of the same dimensions and in the same frames. It is important to choose one main image around which every other painting will concentrate.

Position the main image from the composition, which is the largest image in dimensions, so that its central part is at eye level. You can also expose a picture without a frame, especially when it comes to abstract painting. Unframed prints of different themes and motifs can complement the white wall in your apartment and create a special atmosphere.