What is the Difference Between a Coffee Pod and a Coffee Capsule?

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Today, an increasing number of people use various coffee machines, both because of the simplicity of preparation – and because of the pleasure of perfectly prepared beverages. Those who follow this wide market know that there are coffee machines that support coffee pods but also those that accept special coffee capsules. However, the most important question that resolves all doubts is: What is the difference between those two?

Coffee: Everybody’s Favorite Drink

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. During its centuries-long history, it has come a long way from a ritual drink to which magical powers have been attributed – to today’s, somewhat faster variants of coffee from vending machines and supermarkets. Coffee lovers have changed the way they drink by changing their habits and pace of life. Today, it is present everywhere – and except in cafes, we are buying it on the street, at coffee machines, as well as in stores. Also, we make it at home by using small home appliances such as the coffee machine. The coffee we make today is significantly different than the one we used to drink in the past. Which one do you prefer? Do you choose coffee pods or coffee capsules? And do you even know what is the difference between those two?

The Main Difference Between Coffee Pods And Coffee Capsules

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The first and obvious difference between a coffee capsule and a filter bag is that of shape and material. The coffee capsules are made of plastic and aluminum housing – and are very rigid and hard. They come in different forms depending on the coffee maker. We can say that the most common are those with a cylindrical shape in white plastic. When it comes to coffee pods – they are made of two filter sheets of paper (cellulose), with an additional three-layer aluminum. In this way, the organoleptic properties of coffee are protected from harmful external influences. Flattened in shape and very soft to the touch – they are ready for quick preparation of a drink.

What Is A Coffee Pod?

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The coffee pod is primarily utilized for one use, that is – dosage. These are round bags made of a paper material similar to a filter – in which coffee is placed. These bags are round in shape and fit into coffee machines that have large filters – even though they already have their separate filter. When it comes to the amount for one coffee dose, the pod contains seven grams of roasted ground coffee. This coffee is housed inside a two-ply filter paper, made in the shape of a disc. As we have indicated – they are used for one coffee preparation and are packaged in individual doses. Given the material from which they are made, they can be very easily disposed of in the trash without risk to the environment. Coffee pods are compatible with almost all coffee machines that use a filter, and the beans themselves are available for almost all coffee brands.

What Is A Coffee Capsule?

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The coffee capsule is nothing but a vacuum capsule in a cylindrical shape. According to WooPacking, it has no paper filter – but the coffee is packed in plastic or aluminum packaging using a coffee capsule filling machine. The capsule itself has a lid on the upper side, that is, a foil top. Otherwise, these coffee capsules are vacuumed to avoid the influence of external substances – such as oxygen and heat. Another difference, if we compare them to coffee pods – is that these capsules are not so universal to use. Namely, these capsules are most often designed for use with a single brand or coffee system. Therefore, the capsules do not fit all machines – but must have the intended use: Which coffee machine do you use – you will use these coffee capsules. For example, Nespresso capsules are only compatible with Nespresso machines. Here is some more info about Nespresso capsules, in case you want to learn more about how they work.

Price Differences

The difference that does not go unnoticed by some is in the price gap between capsules and filter bags. Coffee in filter bags and coffee pods have a lower price than coffee in capsules. The reason for this is the use of simpler materials in the manufacture. In small quantities, this difference seems insignificant – but in large quantities, the price comes to the fore significantly.

Environmental Impact

The materials from which these two coffee packaging formats are made really create a big gap when it comes to recycling. Coffee filter bags, made up of porous paper, can decompose naturally – just like tea bag filters. In contrast, plastic or aluminum capsules with foil lid are actually two-component – and cannot be recycled. This factor is often crucial when choosing a coffee packaging format, so many coffee lovers opt for filter bags because they want to participate in environmental protection.

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Appreciate Good Coffee

The coffee business is a craft, in every segment. It takes great commitment on the part of everyone in this caffeine chain. It takes a long way from the farmer, through the supplier, the roaster, etc. – so that you can drink the best possible coffee. There is nothing better than when you find a place where you feel comfortable – and you can drink a good espresso, filter, cappuccino, or whatever you like. So learn to appreciate good coffee and enjoy it every day.

Coffee Is More Than Enjoyment

Drinking the first-morning coffee for many early risers is the most important ritual at the beginning of the day. What you may not have known is the fact that this aromatic drink, which for many is a real small energy stimulant, has many health benefits. With its tempting aroma and original taste, coffee has managed to conquer the whole world. According to Vivarin, aside from having a stimulant effect, you probably didn’t know that moderate coffee consumption, which is about three cups a day or about 300 mg of caffeine, is good for your health.

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In the 21st century, with the changes in the way of life – there has been a change in the way of drinking coffee. However, it is still an indispensable part of the modern way of life. Thanks to the wide choices – people enjoy a cup of this miraculous drink much more often today than they did before.