Different Swimming Pool Design for your Home

That scorching hot time of the year is near again. We believe that the summer of 2024 will be very hot and dry, so you should either plan a very long vacation near the sea or you could bring the sea to your doorstep. How do you do this? Well, it is quite simple, although not exactly cheap. You will need to build a swimming pool in your backyard. While the idea seems simple, the process is too, but the whole preparation phase can be quite complicated, especially if you have never researched this subject.

You will need to analyze how much space available you have in your backyard, how big the body of water should be, the design of it and the type. To speed up the planning you could also hire an architect or a contractor who could help you pick the right materials for the building process and with the overall design.

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Do you need a swimming pool?

Before you decide on spending thousands of dollars on such a luxury, you should first decide whether you should get one. The reasons why you should get one might also influence the final design you come up with. For example, if you want a place where you can swim to keep yourself fit then you probably will not need a lot of width. A long body of water where you can swim back and forth is perfect for someone who needs it for fitness benefits, but it is not ideal for entertainment purposes.

If you want to build one for your kids where they can have endless fun, you will definitely need a wider one or maybe even lengthier. A big part of the fun of having a pool is when multiple people are jumping in, swimming and splashing water everywhere, so it wouldn’t make sense to cut costs on space.

Some people build smaller hot tub-like pools where they can relax, train their children to swim or maybe even do hydrotherapy.

You will have to make sure that you tell all of your ideas to your contractor or your architect, so they can properly understand your needs and wants.

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Location, location, location

It is very important that you decide on the location of the pool in your backyard. You will have to make sure whether construction will not break any rules or regulations. You will have to work with your contractor to ensure that there aren’t any important gas, water or electricity pipelines going under your land. You could either reconsider the location of the construction or you could pay for those pipelines to be relocated somewhere else, but that could prove much more complicated or expensive.

You will also need to consider the entrance and the exit of the pool, you can’t place it right next to your fence because the people who will want to use it won’t be able to exit from it. So, make sure that you place it at a location where there will be enough space around it for free movement.

We advise you that you take note of the trees in your backyard and the shade they throw through the day. You do not want your water to be cold even in the summer days because it is constantly under shade from the trees or your house.

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Types of pool

Now that we got through all the technical stuff, laws, regulations and precautions, it is time to get into the different types and styles available on the market. These styles can vary in size, shape, design, and budget. If you need inspiration for pool design, check out compasspools for all kinds of shapes and sizes.

· Above-ground

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If you are looking for a budget and a temporary solution then you should definitely consider the above-ground style. Even if money is not a problem for you, it simply is a much simpler process and can be installed basically anywhere. You will not have to worry about digging giant holes, bringing in huge excavators in your own backyard or about any pipes underground. You can easily mount or dismount an above-ground pool and they are also quite portable.

Of course, these are not as luxurious and spacious as other in-ground ones, but they are certainly a great alternative.

· Concrete

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When you think about building a swimming pool right next to your hose, you probably imagine a huge price. That kind of price is especially true with the concrete type. It is the most common, most popular but it definitely requires a hefty sum. Once the dimensions of the hole have been reached, the workers will start spraying wet concrete with a hose on the walls of the ground. Once it has dried, it will be plastered and smoother and then painted with the color you picked.

The great thing about the concrete style is that you can create any kind of design you want. You can shape it in anything you want. In other words, it is the most customizable one. The average construction process for this type takes anywhere from four to thirteen weeks.

· Fiberglass

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These are made quite differently than the other types because they are factory-made. They first help you design the shape and size of it and then a giant shell is molded which is then slowly set down into the hole that is dug in your backyard. The great thing about these is that they can be molded in two or three days and installed in under 24 hours.

They are also quite durable and if they get too damaged over time, you can simply replace the shell with a brand new one.

· Vinyl

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This is the second most popular type of pool and the second cheapest. After the excavated hole has been finished and the steel walls are set, a flexible vinyl liner is then stretched and fit into the whole while also attached to the walls. They can be easily installed, but they are very prone to damage if around sharp objects. So, you will need to be careful not to break any glass around the pool or letting pets in it as they may also damage it with their claws.