Different Types of Logos. Which is Best Logo Design Agency in Los Angeles To Go For?

A logo design is a symbol made up of text and images. It mainly consists of the name of the organization and showcases its purpose.

However, an iconic logo design is more than just an image of letters and symbols. Iconic logos showcase brand identity. They are attractive and establish an emotional connection with the target audience.

Types of Logos

Logos are not just made of one type only. There are many ways in which designers create them. Some types of logos are:

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Monogram logos or Letter marks

Monogram logos or Letter marks are typography-based logo designs. They comprise of few letters or brand initials, for instance, IBM, HBO, NASA, etc. The companies that create such logo designs are mostly well-known, so when people look at their logo design, they immediately connect the brand’s initials.

Logotypes or Wordmarks

Like letter marks, wordmarks are also typography based. However, instead of initials, we have the whole company name in the logo design. Some common examples of wordmarks are Coca-Cola, Google, etc.

If you are new to a business, and you want to get a typography-based logo, then it’s best to choose wordmarks.

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Logo symbols or pictorial marks

Logo symbols or pictorial marks are based on images and symbols that come to our mind when we think about the brand. For instance, as soon as someone says Apple, the image of tech giant Apple’s logo appears in our mind. Similarly, when we say twitter, a blue bird, which is the logo of a social media platform, appears in front of our eyes. Images that represent the brand and do not contain any fonts are known as pictorial marks.

It is best to use pictorial logos when you do not plan to change the unique selling point of your business. How would you feel if a company having a logo design of burger starts selling stationery products too? Do you think the symbol will match with brand’s unique selling theme?

The combination marks

Another type of iconic logo design is the combination mark. According to the logo design company in Los Angeles, these logo designs consist of both image and font. The combination marks are easier to trademark, so no other brand copies your emblem. Also, the new brands in the market use this logotype to ensure customers truly understand brand identity.

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Some examples of combination marks are; Starbucks, Burger Kind, Doritos, etc.

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You must have learned much about the type of logos. Now there are two essential questions that we will focus on.

First, why do we need iconic logo designs?

Second, which is the best place to get the iconic logo design services in Los Angeles?

Let’s start with addressing the first concern,

Why need iconic logo designs?

Here are some excellent points explaining why a brand needs an iconic logo design.


It builds brand identity

The first thing any logo design company in Los Angeles does when it establishes is that it gets an iconic logo design. The primary task of an iconic logo is to ensure building the brand identity. A logo needs to build a brand identity to tell the targeted audience why it exists. It showcases to customers what you are selling and how your services and products can help them.

It makes your brand memorable

A logo design is useless if the audience looks at it and they are not intrigued by it. An expert designer in any logo design company in los Angeles ensures that the design he or she is creating is attractive and memorable. Memorable logos not just stay in customers’ minds instead, they take place in consumers’ hearts making them a potential customer.

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Customers expect it

Last but not least. Another main reason why you must get a logo design is that your customers expect it. Have you ever seen a renowned brand without a logo? Because a brand cannot exist with a logo. As soon as people hear your brand name, they will automatically expect it to have a logo design. And nobody wants to disappoint customers, isn’t it?

Now let’s address the second most important question. Where to get the best iconic logo design services in los Angeles from?

You will find several agencies claiming to provide iconic logo design services in Los Angeles. Each agency has something or the other that makes them a unique choice for every client.


Then there is always that one agency that stands out from the clutter.

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Uptown Logo Design

One of the leading and most affordable logos designing agency in Los Angeles is UptownLogoDesign. The company is US-based and has delivered more than 5 thousand projects. Moreover, they are in the market for over a decade. Hence, they possess a team of experienced and expert logo designers.

The philosophy of this company is simple, “to deliver nothing but the best.” Their work and customer service are appreciated not only in the Los Angeles or USA, but around the world. Their goal is to enhance brand recognition and provide customers with the finest.

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Tell us in the comments below, what are the best features of a logo designing agency according to you?