4 Digital Currencies like Bitcoin that Could GO Mainstream in 2024

Digital currencies managed to divide people into two different groups for a short period. Some people still do not want to accept that cryptocurrencies are the future. They believe it is nothing more than a scam. However, the lack of relevant information is the reason why they have that type of opinion. On the other hand, people around the world have a bit different opinion. They realized how attractive digital currencies are for investing. Because of that, they look for various ways to improve their knowledge and skills.

It is not a secret that Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world. Of course, we need to be honest and say it had a turbulent past with many ups and downs. Yet, in the end, it managed to “survive” the crisis and became the digital currencies with the strongest value and reputation.

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Still, Bitcoin is not the only digital currency that exists in the world. Indeed, many insights tell us that Bitcoin will remain strong in 2024. However, we would like to tell people that some other digital currencies also deserve their attention. That is the reason why we want to talk about digital currencies like Bitcoin that could go mainstream in 2024. Let’s find them out together!

1. Ethereum

Source: Decrypt

People that are familiar with cryptocurrencies know that Ethereum is also popular crypto. However, it still hasn’t managed to reach the same success as Bitcoin so far. It may happen that things are going to change in the next year.

There is something unique when we talk about this crypto. It is the first project that managed to develop so-called smart contracts. More precisely, all the developers got the chance to improve and launch the desktop and mobile decentralized applications. These apps function on the back of the well-known blockchain technology. However, when it appeared for the first time, it was some sort of revolution for all the investors and developers.

Despite that, liquidity is another reason why Ethereum deserves your attention. It is the second most liquid digital currency, and you can probably guess which one is in the first place. In other words, you won’t have an issue selling or buying Ethereum.

Finally, the loyal community is the main reason why Ethereum can go mainstream next year. It will probably remain strong (or become even stronger) in the years to come.

2. Basic Attention Token

Source: Medium

The development of BAT started in 2018. Some people will say it has a short history in the world of digital currencies. Yet, for only two years, its popularity succeeded to explode. Fortunately, it seems that things are going to go in the same direction in 2024.

Basic attention token is a bit different from others because of one simple reason. First of all, we need to say it is a token that is utilized by the Brave Browser. People usually use it to tip content creators and other people that can provide you with virtual assistance. As you probably know, the web browser industry is perspective and profitable. That is the main reason why we believe BAT will remain popular in the future.

3. Binance Coin

Source: Cointral.com

People that already possess Ethereum and Bitcoin should put Binance Coin into consideration. It will allow them to diversify their portfolio. The name itself tells the full story. The coin is developed by a Binance company that has a successful business history. Their experienced team is good proof that the coin’s value can jump in the future.

A big number of investors slowly started to invest in Binance Coin. When the demand for crypto goes up, the value increases as well. That is the reason why it deserves to be on this list. You will also manage to see that volume of BNB goes up as well. For only one year, its value managed to jump around three times. It is a success that many digital currencies did not manage to achieve.

4. Cardano

Source: Currency.com

Cardano managed to remain one of the strongest “players” in the last five years. There is one good reason why believe it will remain strong in 2024 as well. The entire Cardano system functions together with the Ouroboros blockchain. More precisely, the system is made of two different blockchains that work together.

Each blockchain technology has a different task. The first one controls and deals with ordinary transactions. On the other hand, the second one is there to ensure the functionality of smart contracts. Because of that, scalability and speed are two things you can expect to get when investing in ADA. Both systems function almost perfectly, and they do not slow down each other.

Despite that, you should know that Cardano is a third-generation cryptocurrency. When you look closer, it offers things that Ethereum has been offering for a while with one small exception. This digital currency is using the Proof of Stake algorithm. It is something that Ethereum plans to do for many years.

In the end, we should say a few more words about the numbers. Believe it or not, Cardano managed to reach a $4 billion market cap three months ago. The value of one coin is only 15 cents which is affordable for many people. That may be a good opportunity that plan to participate in the crypto world for the first time.

Final Thought

These four digital currencies are perspective, and they deserve your attention. However, you should know one essential thing. Their perspective won’t mean anything to you if you are not willing to improve your investing skills. Without them, you won’t manage to profit even if you can afford to invest millions of dollars. Because of that, use all the necessary tools to improve your chances of reaching your goal. Be patient, work hard, and the success you expect will sooner or later come.