4 Points to Consider When Purchasing a Dining Table in 2024

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The dining table is one of the important pieces of furniture in a home. Even though it’s an important piece of furniture still the easiest piece to select. Below are some points to consider making the best selection.

1. Size of the Table and Room

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How big should the dining table be to accommodate the family members who will be using it regularly? A dining table too big will take up too much space and too small will not be able to seat extra guests if suddenly come over. Firstly consider the number of heads that will be sitting at once and add an extra 2 seats for guests. A general rule to follow is that a 4-seater would be the best for a small apartment and for a bigger family one should go up to 8-seaters.

The next thing to consider is the size of the room as the table has to fit properly with enough room to move around and get easy access to the chairs. An approximate space of 80cm should be spared around the table and around 50cm behind for people to be able to get in and get out of the chair and also walk around. Measuring the room or area where the table will be set is the best way to be sure of your final purchase. The measurement can be taken by placing a measuring tape on the floor and then calculating the amount of space available for the table by deducting enough space for moving around.

2. For what all the table will be used

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Every family is different. How the dining table will be used by a family will determine the type of table you plan to purchase. Some will use it for dining only and some will use it for other purposes too, like making children do their studies on it, or use it as a meeting take for those who work from home and many other such combinations. If the table is used most of the time, then having a tabletop of hard poly or glass is advisable, as wood can easily get intended when used as a writing table. If the dishes served have the quality to stain easily, then a dark-colored material will be a good choice to hide the stain.

3. Choice of Style and Look

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The style of the dining room where the table has to be placed will play a vital role in the selection of the table. It should match or complement the room and not look out of place. There is a large range of styles available and what you buy is totally your choice and preference. From traditional to modern, solid wooden to wrought iron, polished to painted and more, the range is huge enough for anyone to definitely get something of their choice. A simple dining table made with glass can go well with almost all décor.

This will make the space more open and big. Whereas solid timber tables will have a fuller and heavier look and are most suited to a huge area. Apart from the dining table, the style of chairs should also be considered. You can also go reverse by selecting the chairs first and then looking for a matching table to compliment it. Generally, people select chair style first and then go looking for the dining table.

4. Getting it in your Budget

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Deciding a budget for a dining table and chair set can be a daunting task. There will be times when no budget is enough for the choice of dining table and chairs made by you. The best place to shop for any furniture is online these days. You can even use coupons to get a discount on the purchase of all furniture. You might just be lucky to get what you want within your budget using a discount coupon. We recommend shopping at Overstock.com for furniture; visit here for overstock coupons and more info.

Chairs are the more expensive part and should be first selected as this will take up the majority of your budget. Once you select the style of chair you want to purchase, then you can choose the table as this is not as expensive as chairs. But if you have already decided or liked a dining table, then do have a fair idea of how much the matching chairs might cost you. The mix and match of table and chairs and getting these in your budget is the trickiest part.

The above 4 points will help you select the best dining table. You will be assured that the table you are purchasing is of the right size, quality, style and above all in your budget.