Distribute Your Content Through Bulk Disc Duplication

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Media duplication is no longer a tedious, long and monotonous process as it was years back, thanks to automation. Technology has benefited the duplication process making it possible to produce thousands of copies within a short period.

Tools of Disc Duplication

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There is a wide variety of tools involved in copying and sharing data, digital media, and content in general. CDs are the most traditional ones among the methods used in the market today. Marketing content such as video games, interactive presentations, and software are effectively distributed via CDs. However, many people prefer DVDs as they store about six times more data due to their big storage space.

USB flash drives serve the same role but have more benefits like the option to remove and rewrite content, their compact size, and a flash memory. These work well for people who are keen on visual data and images.


When considering your content duplication media, speed is a crucial factor. The turnaround time of the project, amount of data, or the discs needed for publication is another essential factor when considering duplication tools. Always think of speed, as you may need to increase duplication to meet the deadline.

Duplication Device

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Reasons Why Discs are still being duplicated

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Discs are duplicated for projects where many people may need to see the content and act on the same. Disc duplication in such cases is the best option to obtain many copies when you need to distribute a portable, tangible copy that everyone can take with them.

Another reason that warrants discs duplication is when you need to present content to a group of people in the original form. Discs cannot be edited, which makes them ideal to use when pitching for business or jobs, to share events like a memorial service or similar intimate or sensitive events.

Three disc formats for duplication: CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays

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CDs Duplication: This process involves copying content to blank CD-R media. CD duplication favors projects with fast turn around and short runs.

Blu-ray Disc duplication: These are the latest generation of discs and come with a massive capacity of about 25GB single layer, and 50 GB dual-layer. It allows two times the video resolution of DVD videos.

DVD duplication: is similar to CD. DVDs are either DVD-5, which is a single layer disc with a capacity of 4.7 GB, or DVD-9 format that is a dual-layer disc with a capacity of 8.5 GB capacity.

Occasions for Disc Duplication

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Graduation events: While students and their loved ones make a point top to attend graduation events, many wish to relive this day over and over again. Most schools and colleges capture this milestone as video and share with their Graduates and family members. These events are among those that require content distribution through bulk disc duplication.

Theater performances: You will never get enough of watching theater performances that you or your loved ones participated. Whether you are viewing it to improve on the next performance, or to simply remember the events, it is always best for everyone to have a copy. To get the many copies for distribution among all participants, duplication of the content is crucial.

Public Service Announcements for corporations on discs: When announcements concerning public service are made, it is wise for stakeholders to keep copies of the declaration for future reference. This also helps to have preserve the statement in its original state, without distortion that can mislead people in the future. Depending on the number of corporations, and people concerned, bulk disc duplication is needed for such events.

DJs music demo on discs: To demonstrate their outstanding skills, DJs produce disc duplicates of their work to give to potential clients as demos when pitching for business.

Original movie projects on discs (Not commercial): Many people create their own videos for the purpose of submitting to film festival competitions, or for viewing in local movie theaters. Bulk disc duplication is needed in these cases so the content can quickly be distributed.

Why You Need a Professional to Handle the Job

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Though duplicating your own discs is tempting, using a professional for bulk disc duplication is the best approach towards the task. Here are some of the reasons to engage an expert:


If you are in the music industry and trying to establish yourself, marketing and meeting with people consumes considerable time. Find a company that boasts of vast experience, which enables them to handle time-consuming things like bulk disc duplication as you focus on your business growth and bonding with loved ones.

Save Money

Most DIY solutions suggest that you always save money. This, however, does not apply to disc duplication. Hiring a professional to handle the job will save you money you may have spent on acquiring commercial equipment needed to duplicate the content. Since service providers in the field buy Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and disc cases in bulk, you may be able to get a bulk discount for your duplication needs.

Less mistakes and high-quality output

Since you are an amateur, you have high chances to make mistakes like damaging the Blu-ray/DVD/CD content. These errors may occur as a result of the wrong program choice that forces you to start again. Professionals, on the other hand, are aware of the possible errors, and are keen on every detail. Experts also invest in sophisticated equipment like the latest printers that print high-quality disc labels.

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Find experts in duplication of optical media like Blu-rays, DVDs, and CD discs. All you need to do is fill your duplication request of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs for birthday parties, reunions, mitzvahs, or weddings and sit back and wait for your high quality finished product to be returned to you. It couldn’t be any easier!