Here’s Why You Should Be Doing HIIT Workouts

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Are you looking to optimize your workout by spending less time on your workouts, but still wanting to burn more calories? This is one of the many reasons HIIT is so popular right now. This new and innovative way of getting a workout in has been a success in so many people’s fitness routines.

What is HIIT?

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High Intensity-Interval training. This means you will be moving at a highly-intense speed, pushing your cardio to a new level for a period of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, taking a break, and then repeating that process. With that being said, you also have ample time to recover before you go for another highly intense period. HIIT workouts can be done in a short time, which is great if you don’t have 1 or 2 hours to go to the gym. Not only that, but this is a workout that can be done anywhere.

Typical Exercises

Some of the most basic HIIT exercises can be done anywhere you go. This is great for people who travel often or like to work out at home. High-intensity training should only be done about 3-4 times a week to give your muscles adequate time to Pushups, sit-ups, planks, jumping rope, lunges, and so many more things can be done to have a great HIIT workout and can be incorporated every day! For example, you would:

  • Do pushups for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Do sit-ups for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • And so forth…


Many great benefits make this workout method stand out from others. Not only can you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, but your metabolism actually gets a boost and burns calories even hours after your workout. HIIT can also be a great way to lose fat and even gain muscle if you’re eating the right foods while burning these calories.

Why Should You Do It?

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Besides the countless benefits including the ones already stated, there are many reasons why you should be doing HIIT workouts instead of your normal method. Working your body can increase your general happiness and overall confidence and it can make you feel great when you’re finished. There are also long-term benefits to doing HIIT, like increasing your metabolic rate and improving your oxygen consumption.

Long-Term Benefits

As stated above, there are many long-term benefits to HIIT training. Some of these include burning fat hours after you are finished with your workout. This is referred to as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or, EPOC, which just means that your body had an increase in metabolic rate which changes the rate at which calories burn. Another reason is that it can help improve your blood circulation. Studies have shown that intense training methods, such as HIIT help improve blood flow and blood vessel dilation, which is great for your body, overall wellness, and long term health. There is a multitude of health benefits to HIIT training, as well as some mental benefits as well. A HIIT workout can leave you feeling amazing and confident.

Happiness and Confidence

While it may seem a bit daunting, working out can actually make you feel happy and accomplished! Of course, a lot of people are not motivated to work out every day, but building a habit and routine can make this task much easier and even something to look forward to. Plus, everyone feels great while working towards their goal and seeing results throughout the process. Working out can stimulate parts of your brain that trigger happiness and confidence. Once you see what you are capable of, you have a whole new appreciation for your body.

What Equipment Is Needed?

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Technically, for an extremely efficient HIIT workout, no equipment is necessary. However, equipment is often used and can be helpful if you are looking to build more muscle and take your workout up a notch. There are specific and extremely basic pieces of equipment that you can utilize during a HIIT training session.

Helpful Equipment

Many different workout blogs and sites such as Lafitness.Reviews recommend different products for different workouts. Some of the most common equipment pieces used are dumbbells or kettlebells, treadmills or elliptical, jump ropes, resistance bands, and more. Most commonly, you would want to start with the basics: dumbbells, a jump rope, and resistance bands.


Dumbbells are among one of the best fitness basics. They can be used in multiple different workouts for multiple different things and can be used at home. Not only are they very diverse, but they are also helpful when it comes to gaining muscle and burning more calories during your workout.

Jump Rope

It seems like this old-school method might not be as proactive as newer fitness methods, but it is still used daily and is actually a great way to get your heart pumping. Jumping rope for a HIIT training session can increase your heart rate by a great amount, resulting in an extremely high-intense workout, which is the goal.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, if anything, might be the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to do a HIIT workout. These stretchy bands can be brought and used literally anywhere, and are great for on-the-go fitness people. With resistance bands, you can get a workout just as efficient as using dumbbells or any other weights, which is another reason they are an excellent option. They are also much, much safer than dumbbells and you do not face the risk of dropping any heavyweights on yourself.

How To Get Started And Stay Motivated

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It’s never easy to start something new, especially a fitness journey. If you find it hard to start something and stay motivated, you are definitely not alone. A good mindset is very important while working on improving your mental or physical state. If you can believe you can and work towards your goals, your motivation to workout is going to increase when you start seeing results.

Tips to Getting Started

Planning your workout each day and creating a schedule for yourself can really help you get started. They say it takes two weeks to build a habit, so if you can create a daily schedule for yourself to adhere by, eventually it has the potential to become a habit. Getting started can be most efficient if you have a goal in mind and if you plan your workout into your day. Staying motivated can also be tough, but these tips can help:

  • Get a workout planner or journal
  • Track your workouts
  • Acquire equipment over time
  • Don’t give up on yourself
  • Use your time wisely

Eating Healthy

What some people don’t realize, is that you need to incorporate a healthy diet to see major results from their workouts, no matter what it is. To lose weight efficiently, it’s important to eat in a calorie deficit daily and stay active at least 3-4 days a week. It’s also important to eat the right nutrition for your body, including whole foods and fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Importance of HIIT Training

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If you enjoy working out or want to start working out, then HIIT is always an amazing option. This efficient method can optimize your workout and cut it from 1-2 hours to just 10-30 minutes, with the same amount of calories burned. Of course, you are working hard and sweating a ton, but this is arguably the best method to work out efficiently and can be used by everyone, anywhere.