Dress Comfy Yet Chic With Those 8 Easy Tips

A fact of life is that most of us are pretty busy, active and don’t have hours to spend putting out the perfect outfit. Not to mention that we all want to feel comfy yet stylish, which sometimes looks like mission impossible. However, with those 8 simple steps you can look amazing and still feel as comfy as possible.

It’s true, we all have days where we just want to wear our PJs, and nothing else looks appealing. And sometimes, we throw the most uncomfortable (but gorgeously looking) pencil skirt and sacrifice our comfort for style. Sounds familiar?

We had a conversation with the Founder of Revir – Rebecca Grewal. She believes that fashion should feel and look great, and no woman should sacrifice comfort for trend. That’s why we have decided to share 8 easy tips on how to look chic yet comfy with ease. Yes, it’s possible. Keep reading.

Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive.

With our dynamic lifestyles, it’s no surprise that comfortable fashion pieces feel so relevant and in such high demand. After all, you should never sacrifice comfort for trends because you can look fabulously amazing and comfortable at the same time. Here is how:

Source: anthropologie.com

1) Say big yes to the dress

We all need a break from that tight jeans or trousers. Next time you catch yourself asking “what to wear,” try with some gorgeous and comfy dress. Seriously, what’s not to love about dresses?

Shirtdress, midi dress, knit dress, you have such a variety of options that can make you feel outstanding, look impressive, and are comfy at the same time. Oh, and you have a completed outfit (no more with what to combine that trousers nightmare).

(Hint: if you are looking for (another) dress to add to your wardrobe, we would highly suggest taking a look at our Erika Peña dresses – fabulous, soft, those are the dresses that will make you look like a queen).

2) Be playful – dress up, dress down…or a mixture of both

Clothes have the only purpose of making us feel happy and show our confidence, beauty, and uniqueness. That means that you should be playful with your clothes and find what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

For some, this is a combination of a loose fit and tight fit; you can play with colors, textures, accessories, jewelry, the sky’s the limit, and only you know what makes you shine.

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3) Invest in high-quality materials

The basics are the building blocks of any wardrobe. Invest wisely in high-quality materials that can last for more than a season, feel good on your body, and make you feel outstanding.

Clothes made from high-quality materials are the ones that become more beautiful with time. That’s why you should choose wisely. And remember – it’s better to have a few high-quality fashion pieces in your wardrobe rather than having a wardrobe full of garments that are uncomfortable, chip, and not worthy of your style. If you are in search of some high-quality basics:

4) Accessories can make all of the difference

Sometimes all that is missing from your gorgeous outfit is the right accessories. The right scarf, earrings, and bag can go a long way in giving that chic look.

Source: crfashionbook.com

5) Use stretchy, soft materials

Material such as cotton, jersey and corduroy are your best friends because they prevent chafing and rubbing during sports activities, which can cause discomfort and irritation on the skin. Even more important is that they will help minimise sound and very often excess movement during sports or any other type of activity, so nobody has to listen to the rustling of fabric while you’re walking up a massive hill on a run!

6) If you want to wear heels go for wedge ones

Heels make our legs look longer and thus more stylish (it’s all about proportions!), however, they don’t make your life easier during sports activities, especially high ones. This is why it’s best to wear wedge heels if you like the height without the discomfort. They provide some extra cushioning for your feet which makes them way more comfy than regular high heels (which are not recommended at all).

Source: kookai.com.au

7) Layer Up

When you put on layers of clothing it will be much easier to move around freely and still look stylish. The perfect outfit could be a pair of leggings or tracksuit pants with a loose top tucked in, a comfy hoodie over that, a jacket and a scarf around your neck – not too many people can pull this off but if you happen to be one of them then go for it!

8) Choose a wide headband

Headbands look great and add a pop of colour to any outfit, however, they can also be very annoying when worn during sports activities. It’s best to go for wider ones because they will keep the sweat from your hair off your face without squeezing too tightly or causing any discomfort. If you’re not a fan of headbands then another type of accessory that would do just as good a job at keeping the sweat out of your eyes is slack around your forehead – if you have long hair then put it into a ponytail before tying the slack around the crown of your head.

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As you see, comfort and style can go hand in hand. By following the above 4 easy tips, we are sure you will be able to find the right garments that will make you look chic and feel comfy at the same time. And remember, you are a gorgeous, confident woman, and your clothes should always reflect that (never for the sake of comfort).