Where Can I Dump My Old Carpet

Once your carpet has served its role, you’ll have to find a way to dispose of it. Unfortunately, no matter the care and cleaning you give to your carpet, it won’t last forever. There’s a point you’ll have to get the right carpet removal technique and take it away.

If you’re stuck on where to dump your old rug, you’re at the right place. We will show you how you can do it in easy steps. There are several proven methods of carpet disposal. Once you’re done with the carpet removal project, use the following means to dump your old rug:

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Ask Retailers to Pick Up the Old Carpet When Bringing the New One

If you’re replacing your carpet, there’s the option to request the retailer to haul away your old carpet. After all, you’re buying a new one from them and will need somewhere to place it. Most retailers won’t have a challenge accepting this, as part of their customer service.

Some retailers also offer carpet removal as an add-on service once you purchase a new carpet from them. They’ll go further and install it for you after getting rid of the old one. Be sure to ask about the pricing beforehand, if any. You don’t want to get the shock of your life after they’re done with the carpet removal.

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Carpet Removal Company

This is an ideal place to dump your old carpet. After all, this is what they do best. The best part about hiring a carpet removal company is that you save yourself from the entire hustle. The reality is that carpet removal is a tall order, and you can’t easily do it on your own. At least, you will need help from friends and family.

The other advantage of hiring a carpet removal company is that you erase any worries about disposal. Otherwise, if you remove the carpet with family and friends, you’ll have to find a way of disposing of it.

Visit the website of the company you’ve decided to work with and fill in your zip code for quick assistance. You can equally call them directly and inquire about pricing. They’ll give you a quote based on how detailed you are.

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The Curb

For towns and cities where waste management accepts carpets as trash, you could dump your old rug on the curb. Just be sure that it doesn’t inhibit movement or block any essential item.

You’ll need to contact your local council and ask them about this beforehand. Then plan the carpet removal project as you await their disposal schedule. It isn’t great, either, if the carpet stays on the curb for too long without them picking it up. Therefore, only place it outside in the morning or at night for the pickup.

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Using a Dumpster

Dumpster rentals are great for carpet removal. All you need to do is call your carpet removal or junk disposal company and rent one. They’ll give you a suitable size, based on how large the carpet is. In some cases, you might have to let them do the estimates for you, as they’re pros in the field. Keep in mind that exact rates varies based on a number of factors, including location, dumpster size and debris type. For a specific rate click here and look for quote request

With a dumpster, you can carry out the carpet removal with ease, as there’ll be no pressure to finish the job in a day or two. Well, this also depends on how long you have rented the dumpster anyway. If you have it for the entire week, then you may not need plenty of labor due to the time allowance.

According to JiffyJunk.com, after you’re done with your carpet removal project, you can dump the debris inside the dumpster. Ensure you don’t fill it to the brim, as this may invite extra fees and penalties. Once completed, call the carpet removal company that rented the dumpster to you so that they can haul it away.

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For the Landfill

This is an option you can use after the carpet removal. However, this should only come as a last resort. Most landfills don’t take carpets, but you can confirm with the one closest to you. And even if they do take them in, you’ll need to arrange a way of getting the carpet remains there. In which case you might still have to contact the carpet removal company if you own no truck.

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At a Recycling Plant

A recycling plant is ideal for a carpet removal project. Carpets go through recycling to come up with either new items or new carpets. Take your old rug to the nearest recycling facility and have them turn it into something new. They can even recycle the carpets to form door mats and car mats.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of places you can take your carpet after its lifespan is complete. As you can see above, those are just some of the ideal places to dump old carpet. If you feel stuck and confused on how to go through the process, contact your nearest carpet removal company.