How to Earn Bitcoins in Your Spare Time – 2024 Guide

Trend, hype, digital money, these are some of the terms we hear, read or use on a daily basis, and living in an era where social networks and various other platforms represent a huge part of our life means that we can also make some profits from it all. Namely, what these terms mentioned above have in common is that one can earn money by performing tasks that are highly popular, like watching videos, completing surveys, or simply browsing the net. By doing so, you will keep up with the latest trend, be part of the global hype over cryptocurrencies and get some quick cash along the way.

There are many ways to get or earn Bitcoins, and the sum someone will get, depends on the task they want to perform, but there is no need to worry, as none of these tasks are difficult, far from it, but they can take time for you to complete them. That is why choosing the best and most profitable options should be your goal, as no one wants to find themselves spending an hour watching ads just to end up getting a few Satoshis. On the other hand, this is not only about the hype as it is also about earning some actual money, and with the current value of BTC, even getting Satoshies is profitable. But how to determine which tasks are worth the trouble and which ones to avoid? Well, just continue reading as we will present the best ones, so let’s start.

Affiliate programs


This one is quite an obvious one, as an affiliate program is a common thing these days, but it also represents one of the most profitable ways of earning BTC in your spare time. Namely, the system itself is simple yet complicated at the same time, since all one needs to do, is to find someone (most often a friend) and refer them to a certain product or service. Then, by going to some website via your referral link, they get a discount, and you get rewarded. Now, for this to work cryptocurrency-wise, all you need to do is choose to get that bonus or reward in BTC. It is as simple a system as it can be these days, and the only problem is about drawing people to use your referral, which for most is done by writing a blog about some popular topic.

Play games


It may sound impossible that earning some BTC is that easy, but it is true that you can win them by playing certain games. You should be aware that you will not win some huge amount of BTC for playing games, but the persistent ones can make a profit for sure. The principle is simple, and all you need is to play the game that you like and watch some ads, and the prize will be yours. It is not good for impatient people because ads will show every few minutes, and it is not easy to dedicate to the game.

Use the advantage of faucets


First of all, we need to explain what a faucet is and how it works, and the explanation is not complicated. It is some kind of ad or feature that should keep us longer on the website we visited. It is great for the website owner because of the website traffic and reputation and great for us because we will earn a small amount of BTC every minute. The more time we spend on a certain website, the more Bitcoins we will get, and the website owner will have better traffic, so it is a win-win situation for both sides.

Use the powerful PC for mining


Whoever heard about Bitcoins surely knows about mining as one of the best ways to get them, but things changed a little. It was one of the easiest ways in the beginning because there were a lot of BTC available, but many people were skeptical about it and thought it won’t ever be valuable enough. People who tried their luck when the BTC showed up have a lot of profit now, and, on the other side, those people who want to start with mining now need to be prepared. It is necessary to buy a powerful PC if you want to make a profit since there are not a lot of Bitcoins available for mining anymore, and you should know that buying it is not a cheap investment.

Install the cashback apps


Many of us are familiar with cashback applications, but we will explain it better for those who are not. By using those apps, you will get back some amount of money after every purchase, so you will pay it less than it cost. The Bitcoin cashback apps are working on the same principle, but instead of cash, you will get a small amount of the BTC after every shopping. It is perfect for those who love to shop online, and these loyalty apps are free of charge, so it is enough to install them and start buying.

Learning and earning


We are used that we need to pay if we want to learn something new. But there is a possibility of learning more about the BTC and earn it at the same time. Some websites offer us numerous courses on this subject, and after finishing each of them, we are getting a prize, which is a small amount of Bitcoin. Sometimes we need to watch videos, sometimes to read, and at the end of each of them, we need to answer some questions to check our knowledge. If we do it correctly, the prize will be ours.

Final thoughts

As you can clearly see, spending time online doesn’t have to be just a useless time-consuming activity as there are plenty of ways to earn money while doing so, but you already know that, and what’s new is that after reading everything mentioned above, you are well aware of what things can actually bring the most money, or, in this case, digital money. Everything left to do now is to keep up with the latest info on cryptos by visiting websites like to expand your knowledge even further and completing at least some of the tasks mentioned above.