How to Speed Up Your PC 2024

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Are you tired of your slow running PC? Don’t worry because you can stop this problem without sacrificing much of your hard-earned budget. Meanwhile, the following are some of the simple solutions you can try to overcome the slow speed of your computer.

Close the Programs in System Tray

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One reason why your PC is running slow because there are lots of applications in the notification area or system tray. These apps may run but can be hidden, so you must close it on the system tray.

Reduce Animations

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If your PC uses some animations, it can be a little bit slower. The best thing to do is to reduce the animations. You can do this by clicking Windows Key + X or right-click the Start button and choose System.

Scan Adware and Malware

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Another cause of slow PC is malicious software. So, you must scan malware and adware that can slow down the speed of your computer. You can use a reliable antivirus program.

Uninstall the Programs That You Don’t Use

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Go to the Control Panel and find the list of programs installed on your PC. You can uninstall the programs that you don’t use to improve the speed of your PC.

Now that you have learned about some possible solutions, it is time to know more to enhance the performance of your PC. You can use a device to boost up your computer’s running speed. The Xtra-PC is among the best devices you can avail of in the market.

Use Xtra-PC

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Xtra-PC is fast and easy to setup. It is a practical solution to improve the running speed of your PC. If you’re conscious to budget and quality of performance, opting for this solution will not disappoint you. It is powered by Linux, which is considered one of the top operating systems in the market. It offers reliable performance and virus-proof for your peace of mind.

It is affordable at a cost of $35. Instead of buying a new PC or computer, Xtra-PC can help you to save more when it comes to solving its slow speed.  You don’t have to worry because it has free software that enhances the running speed of your PC. With that, you can continue your computer use without hassle. It is essential if you’re working with something important, like school or work projects.

What is this Gadget

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As you consider using Xtra-PC, you can choose from three different versions. Each version comes with different technical specifications and price ranges.

  • Xtra-PC Turbo 16

Despite being the basic model of Xtra-PC, Turbo 16 still gives you a great job in increasing the speed of your PC. If you visit the official site, then you can purchase it for only $34.99

  • Xtra-PC Turbo 32

Compared to Turbo 16, this one tends to be 1.5 faster. You can purchase this Xtra-PC option for just $49.99 from the official site.

  • Xtra-PC Pro

Just like any other product, you want to ensure that you will get incredible benefits. If you are curious about the advantages you can get from Xtra-PC, then take a look at the following ideas:

  • Total Compatibility

It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers from 2004 onwards. So, you do not have to worry about the age of your PC as you can use this device for boosting the speed and make it as if it newly purchased.

  • Easy to Install

You do not need to be a computer geek just to use Xtra-PC. That is because it is among the simplest speed-up devices for computers. In fact, all you need to do is to plug it into the computer’s USB port. After that, you can enjoy the boosted speed benefits.

  • Compatibility with Operating Systems

Whether your current operating system has been damaged due to viruses for years or in a bad state, you can still improve the speed and experience smooth performance. That’s because it works with all operating systems.

  • Free Software

Interestingly, this little gadget comes with free software. This means that you can make your PC run just like it did the first time you used it.

  • Quick Set-Up

You can run software like this in a matter of minutes. This will let you perform anything you want on your PC immediately.

  • Linux

As you probably know, Linux is considered as among the strongest operating systems you can ever use. Apart from being very reliable, it is also virtually virus-proof. With this solution, you can use Linux in it’s all glory.

  • Files Remain Safe

When using Xtra-PC, all your photos, videos, audios, documents, and other files are unaffected and well-preserved. So, you will never hesitate to use this device.

  • File Rescue Software

If you take advantage of the Pro version, then you can get the File Rescue Software feature. This feature enables you to save deleted or lost files from the old, slow running computer.

Final Thoughts

You can simply plug the Xtra-PC on the USB port of your PC. You don’t have to suffer from a slow PC anymore. You have nothing to doubt in using the device because it will not affect your files, such as images, documents, and other files. If you have damaged operating systems, this solution can work to give you excellent speed boosts. So, you can continue working on your projects without experiencing a slow running PC. Do you want a low-cost solution to your PC running slow problem? So think about getting a gadget like this.