What Kind of Earrings Are Safe for Babies

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Are you thinking about piercing your baby’s ears? It is an important milestone in their life, which is why every parent wants it to go smoothly. Not only do you have to find the right professional to do, but you also have to find a perfect pair of earrings. The most important requirement when it comes to these is that they are safe.

Naturally, when getting ready for this milestone, parents have numerous questions. It is crucial to stay informed, so we will answer some of these in the following article.

What is the right age?

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This is without a doubt the most common question new parents have. Should they get their child’s ear pierced when they are babies, or should they wait for a few years? Now, there is no specific answer to this question, meaning that this decision is entirely up to you.

However, it is recommended to consider this moment carefully. Nowadays, most people go through with this while their kids are babies or wait until they turn 9 or 10. Why? Well, it is a matter of convenience and safety, in a way. Babies cannot really pull the earrings off and injure themselves, and older kids act responsibly around it. As you may know, this is not the case with toddlers since they will pull on those earrings until they get them off.

What kind of earrings should you purchase?

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When your kid first gets their ears pierced, a professional will use medical ones made of titanium. These are the safest option for the first few days because they minimize the chances of allergy and infection. However, soon the time comes for you to go out and look for a perfect pair your child will adore.

When it comes to this, once again, most parents are worried about the materials used. Generally speaking, most professionals advise parents to go with earrings made of sterling silver or 14k gold. No, no one can guarantee that your child won’t have a reaction to these, but according to studies, these are the safest materials. Still, you need to monitor the baby carefully for the first few days. The 14k ones are quite expensive, but they can be an excellent investment in the long run. Again, this is another decision that ultimately depends on your personal preference, so make sure to research the matter and make a well-informed decision.

What about the design?

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Upon choosing the material, you need to think about the design. Yes, this is another instance when you need to consider your child’s age. If we are talking about the earring for babies, check this to find some practical tips. However, the bottom line is that you should probably go with studs, and there are several reasons for this. First of all, if your baby has a tendency to scratch their ears or you believe it will touch the earrings often, these are the safest choice since they cannot pull them and injure themselves.

What’s more, even though you can choose between multiple types, you should go with screw backs. Without a doubt, these are the safest option on the market since your child won’t be able to take them off, no matter how hard they try.

How to choose a professional?

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No, you should not just decide one day to have your baby’s ears pierced and do it. Instead, you need to spend some time researching and looking for the best professional in your area. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but don’t forget that baby’s skin is more sensitive, and therefore, it is prone to infections and allergies.

Naturally, this is something you want to avoid, so you should start by asking your pediatrician or dermatologist whether they do piercings. The truth is that most of them don’t, but there is no harm in asking since the doctor’s office is by far the safest place.

Next, you should ask for recommendations. Start with your doctor, since you probably aren’t the first person to come to them with this question. Then, turn to your friends or family members who have gone through this process recently.

Once you pick a professional, you need to make sure that they follow the safety protocol down to the last detail. This includes washing hands, cleaning your child’s ears with alcohol, using sterilized needles they opened in front of you.

What happens after?

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Getting your kid’s ears pierced is not all. As you surely know, the recovery process can take some time, and you need to monitor the healing process. Generally speaking, it may take anywhere between four and six weeks for the ears to heal. Obviously, during this time, you should not take the earrings out under any circumstances. What you should do is clean the area regularly. It is recommended to do this two or three times a day with disinfectant and a cotton swab. In addition, don’t forget to rotate the earrings every time you clean the area. Naturally, if you notice any signs of an infection or allergy symptoms, you should make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. If there are no symptoms after this period expires, it is time to go shopping for the perfect pair of earrings. Keep in mind that they should wear them for at least six months for the holes not to close. This is the last thing you want to happen since you will have to go through the entire process one more time.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the most common questions parents have when they are thinking about this procedure. As you see, as long as you follow certain guidelines, there is no need to stress about it. Also, don’t forget to speak with your child, if they are a bit older, and explain everything to them. Even though it may be painful for a second, this should be an overall memorable experience. If you notice your kid is pretty nervous about this, you can use a numbing cream to decrease their discomfort or look for other tricks online.