Here’s Why Ebikes Can Pull Family Together

Biking is a great exercise turning typical outings into benefits and the very rare opportunity to bond your time. Seriously, we don’t like to spend too much on working out while riding with beloved ones. For most of us, biking itself is far more than trying to pedal like a hamster.

Do research into ebikes and know what your families prefer

Once you decide to have an electric bicycle, you are going to fall in love with it. That’s what ebike owners tell us. Ebikes are defined as an alternative means of transportation, being divided into categories. Wagon electric bike, electric fat tire bike, and folding ebike are the known top3 if you’ve been curious about the ebike trend for some time. Before riding, families should gather around to discuss what kind of bike you want to try on. Your decisions would possibly bring you various experiences after all.

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Wagon Electric bike

Wagon ebikes sometimes are called cargo ebike for their surprisingly large capacity. Commonly, wagons are equipped with a low frame for stability and convenience, which origins from the features of the wagon cars. In order to support the cargo on the rack, the center of gravity needs to be as low as possible.

Anyway, if you are adding a casual riding with equipment and gears, aiming to have a preparable riding with your family, wagons are definitely much better.

Electric Fat Tire Bike

The big difference between traditional ebikes and fat ebikes is quite simply, their tire size. With fat tires, the bike could obviously grab the ground much harder, the tiny protrusions on the surfaces provide stronger propulsion and immediate braking power no matter on gravel roads or smooth ride. Consider this, the advantage given to electric fat tire bikes over other models is their added off-roading capabilities. If you are interested in it, you could try Himiway Electric fat bikes.

Jack of all trades must be the most appropriate name for these versatile electric fat tire bicycles.

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Folding Electric Bikes

As we lived in cities, especially metropolitans like NYC, most of us feel stressed out because of peer pressure and traffic pressure. Folding bikes showed up as the solution for those who are stuck in busy places. But imagine it, do you ever want to pedal back home after the whole day working?

So here we found electric bikes. At 9:00 am, you easily carried the folding rocket downstairs from your old apartment. You would be in your office before 9:30 while others were still stuck in the traffic jam.  After work, you carried it back and started to work out at home. You’ll never feel cramped because it’s too compact to care about it.

Step Through Electric Bikes

This is the model opposite of Step Over Bikes. As the name suggests, your legs can go through the frame when you ride. Compared to mountain bike frames, it is much more elegant. It is also easier to control for people of shorter height, especially when you need to stop at a traffic light, you can stand on the sides of the frame effortlessly.

On the other hand, it was originally a mama bike, designed for the city, and therefore relatively comfortable to ride in a relaxing position other than sport. However, it can be equipped with fat tires as well like the Himiway Step Thru for its off-road needs.

For women, and those who are not tall enough, this model is an excellent choice. For more different models, check out C3STROM.

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Plan an ebike road route and let families know how much you care about this trip

When we are talking about riding, California and Florida are always the best choice. Many factors should be taken into account including the temperature, the wind velocity, and road conditions.

Efficient route planning should always be the basis for scheduling and organizing that need to be conducted through vehicle operations in any logistical activity. Occasionally, you need to take some special gears with you for some specific routes or special groups of people. For example, remember to assemble a child seat for your kid.

Basically, electric bikes are running based on the battery and have very limited time with each charge. Planning everything well in advance makes you comfortably and calmly riding and stopping. A great route could save unnecessary efforts for more quality time to communicate with your families.

Except for the ordinary route, you can prepare some surprises for your families. Bring your wife to ride along the sea if she loves it. While having a rest on the beach, prepare her a small gift and tell her how much you care about her. It’s extremely romantic, isn’t it?

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Bike like a family

The most enjoyable thing about riding with your family must be enjoying and communicating with the scenery along the way together. We always say that we have to find a partner that fits our rhythm. At this level, a well-organized riding can make you feel like you’re in it together with your family, moving forward together.

On the other hand, the health benefits of biking are worth revisiting. For example, if you have gained extra weight over the years, hitting the roads with your bike will help you shed them fast. Interestingly, when cycling along with your family members, you won’t even notice you are working out so that you won’t be tired. In addition, cycling helps your families to be more fitness conscious and prevents them from becoming unhealthy.

Remember, the family is to be together. You could bike together, get healthier together and even you can wear the same family uniform together.

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Share with each other after riding

At the end of the ride, return home together with a smile to your warm home. At dinner time, the ride of the day will be your most interesting topic of conversation. If you have taken some photos, whether beautiful or funny, they will become extremely valuable.

Since now, you and your family have the same beautiful memory and you may proceed with the next ride then. The good memories will be one of the best things you can talk about together later. And, with one shared experience, there’s a reason to plan the next one, isn’t there?