10 Effective Tips for an Affordable Home Renovation – 2024 Guide

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When you decide to renovate your home, you expect that it will be an expensive project, but if you plan your budget and the whole process carefully, it doesn’t have to be. Many renovation professionals will advise you to ask yourself what is the biggest change you can make, but that will cost less, and still be attractive? The answer will solve many problems and will help you to set your renovating priorities when on budget.

Next, you need to decide what you need to change immediately, and what project can wait until you have more time and money. Sometimes the small changes can make a big transformation at your home.

Here are a few tips and ideas for affordable home renovation:

1. Don’t buy a new closet or wardrobe, change the doors only

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You don’t need to invest in a new closet if the old one can be fixed and polished, to look better. Consider changing the doors only, or change their color and make them look more elegant and stylish. You can add mirrors, change the knobs or paint them with different colors and patterns.

2. DIY projects for the whole family

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Some things can’t be fixed and you need to replace them with new ones, especially when it comes to the furniture. But, you can use old furniture for DIY projects or repurpose it. If you have a comfortable sofa that doesn’t fit in the new concept, you can put it in your garden or at the balcony and make a comfortable place for you. You can also refresh the tables and chairs, paint the cabinets, change their doors or highlight the important parts in the room.

3. Paint the walls

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You can do this task by yourself, or you can hire a professional. Many people know how to paint their walls, but that job is messy. But, according to malerkanonen.dk, you shouldn’t save money on painting, because the professional teams will finish that job without having to experiment. They use the right technique according to your wishes and preferences, and they do it professionally and effectively.

4. Removable wallpapers

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The wallpapers were very popular in the past, and they come back with the new trends, helping people to change the whole look of their home, without spending too much money. Many companies offer you an affordable service that will refresh the rooms. You can cover all the walls with the same design, or you can experiment with the forms and patterns and get the look you want. The wallpapers are more economic option than the painting, and the people who apply it won’t leave a lot of mess behind them.

5. Bathroom renovation

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You don’t need to replace the old cabinets in your bathroom. You can only add a few more and put some shelves. A new mirror will do a lot for the new look of your bathroom. A few fixtures are less expensive than a whole remodeling. You just need to determine the priorities and see what you need to fix or replace urgently, so you can save on unnecessary spending.

6. Old floors rejuvenation

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You don’t need to replace the floor in the whole house or apartment. Sometimes just a little sanding and a few coats of wood paint will change the whole look and will make your home fresh and new. Fixing is cheaper than replacing, because it doesn’t take much time and effort, but it’s still effective.

7. How to choose a supplier?

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Find a lot of brochures and look for the suppliers near you online. Compare the prices. Ask your friends for a recommendation. Fancy stores and stylish websites often mean they will charge more and you will pay for the name. Many independent suppliers will finish the job equally for the real price.

8. Shop by yourself

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You can shop a great part of the materials you’ll need for the renovation by yourself, and you won’t need to pay extra money for the delivery. Look for the best deals in different stores and brands. You don’t need to buy appliances from the same company. Find the products that you need and compare the prices, so you can find the best deal for your money. Ask for a recommendation from people you trust. But keep in mind that the cheapest product is not always worth the money if you need to take it to service a few times in the year, and to replace it with another in the end. You need to be aware that some utilities are expensive because they need to be and the cheaper versions will cause you headaches in the future.

9. Plan the project ahead

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If you want to save money, you need to be a project manager for your renovation activities. That will help you decide what projects to do by yourself, together with your family, and what to leave to the professionals. For example, you can’t do the plumbing and fix the electricity, if you are not a plumber or an electrician. But the less complicated tasks, like painting, brushing, and sanding, or moving the furniture, you can absolutely do it by yourself or with help from family and friends.

10. Do you need an architect?

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Not necessarily. For some projects, you will need help from a professional but ask for it if you are ready to pay them properly. Sometimes, you can draw your plans by yourself, because you know the space better than anyone, and you know exactly what you need.

Renovating on a budget is not an impossible mission. You only need to be careful if you really save money on some project or you’re just spending less now so you can pay for fixtures in the future. Plan the project smartly, step by step. Sometimes you will have to give up on something you want and take what you need instead. If you think you don’t have enough money, you may need to wait a few months or years and save more money, so you can make your home the most beautiful place in the world for you and your family.