Top 7 Trending Bathroom Styles

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When you go for refurbishing your bathroom or building a new one from scratch, you will find it pretty difficult to find out the ongoing trends for bathroom designs. Since you do not regularly go for bathroom building or renovation, you will not find many experts advising on the trending information. But that does not mean you do not need to know the latest happenings in the world of bathroom designs.

In this article, we will look at some of the trends of this and the previous year to see where the bathroom trends are heading and what you should go for looking in the market while building or renovating a bathroom. People also think that spending so much on something which is not seen by others in your home and only used for personal hygiene and stuff is useless. But, when you will step into a shining and sleek bathroom for a hot shower after having a tiring day, the cleanliness of the bathroom would be an accelerating factor in decreasing your weariness.

On Average, we spend almost 416 days of our life in the bathroom. So a place which we use so much for our hygiene should itself be pleasing to our eyes that we feel good just by stepping in it. For this purpose, we are here to tell you what will be good and the latest at the same time, while not forgetting the budget limitations of course. So you will be able to afford a nice looking bathroom in a reasonable budget.

Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

As the year 2024 has just started, many bathroom trends of 2019 would be followed for some time till 2024 comes into its full swing. So let’s see what was most sought features and trends for bathroom design in the previous year.

1. Pastel colors

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The color trend, originating from the Miami bathroom style of the thirties, was comprised of painting the bathroom with pastel colors, and specially sherbet shades. These shades were a big part of luxurious residences of Miami in the thirties and fifties and reflected glamour. The major part of their fame was that these colors blend beautifully with almost any style of furniture.

For bathrooms, these shades go well with metallic brassware fittings and thermostatic bath taps, especially taps of gold or matt gold color. These colors will also give you feel of being on the beach with their Miami vibes, hence serving as the refreshing add on to ward off your exhaustion of the day.

2. Wallpapers

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The wallpaper on the walls of our rooms is a well-established trend that is being followed for years now, but these glorious ornamentations have found their way into the most private regions of our homes. Now we are observing many wallpapers being installed on the walls of the washroom with designs that represent nature and robust patterns.

If you are thinking that these wallpapers would soon get damaged because of the constant humidity, then you should not worry anymore. The advent of new techniques in the printing world has made it possible for the wallpaper to survive a good amount of time in the wettest regions of the bathroom.

3. Natural & Raw Finishes

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The previous year experienced a respite from the common cold and hard outlook of the bathroom with new trends of keeping the surrounding raw and natural. This design consisted of blending the modern styled floor with the natural-looking interior. To achieve this raw look of the bathroom vanity would have a wood finish. The design would also include porcelain tiles of wood look.

4. Highly Classic


Though not so common, this trend also came on the surface in 2019. The design included the introduction of items that are classic and elegant. For this purpose, the flooring would typically consist of a dramatic mosaic while one wall of the bathroom would be dedicated to a huge mirror. These patterns take inspirations from renaissance time therefore everything about this style is luxury and balanced.

5. Deep Tubs

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Again, what can be more refreshing than diving into the bathtub for a relaxing shower session? Nothing. This is the reason why deep soaking tubs were in growing demand the previous year, and even before that. They let you sink into a comfortable feeling with their depth and make you feel refresh instantly. With the amount of comfort they provide, the trend does not seem to be going away any time soon.

6. Stylish mirrors

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Let’s admit that when designing bathrooms, we tend to focus less on the mirrors and more on the tubs and sinks. A stylish mirror can lift the overall appeal of the bathroom subtly. The previous year, the styling of the mirror mainly consisted of the framed edges. Add a framed mirror to your bathroom and see the difference.

7. Different shapes of tiles

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There was also a drastic change in the shapes of tiles that have been majorly rectangular during the past years. The last year saw a big change in the shapes of tiles and rectangular shapes got replaced by more funky shapes. Hexagons or semi curve-shaped tiles were most commonly used in the flooring of the bathroom the previous year. If you decided to place tiles yourself, you will need specific tools. Our advice is to visit this site for more info: Tools Adventure

Mode Design in 2024

As we entered into the new year and the end of the decade, some of the aspects of bathroom styling are slowly getting replaced with new trends that are the projection of the 2019 trends. Since with each passing year, trends get simpler and sophisticated, same is the case with bathroom style this year. Mode design, an emerging bathroom design, is not just about one or a few bathroom item trends, it is rather a bathroom lifestyle.

The design consists of the interior, taps, and showers that scream of exquisiteness and grace. Everything in this style is super sophisticated and gives off highly clean vibes. This design is for all bathroom sizes, whether big or small as mode design provide an effective solution when there is a space issue.

The style has an eclectic approach that minimizes the showiness of some styles and brings them to a decent level. If you want your bathroom to look decent and elegant then go for Mode Bathrooms.