7 Emerging Technology Trends in The Offshore Industry

Source: blog.optilift.no

As you already know, technology is evolving every day, which is why most industries – such as the retail and energy sectors – choose to implement new changes that improve their overall efficiency and performance. However, one of the sectors that just recently started implementing and using innovative and new tech is the offshore industry.

Currently, more and more companies are buying innovative software and tech that can help them with all their process, which is why you might be wondering which tech trends you need to watch out for. Luckily, this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today, so, without losing any more time, here is our list of the top seven emerging technology trends in the offshore industry:

1. Programs For Managing Expenses

Source: blog.optilift.no

Technology, more specifically, different programs designed for the offshore industry can help with reducing unnecessary expenses. But, since companies will learn where they’re losing money, they’ll also learn how they can allocate their budget, thus, making it more effective. By using such programs, your organization can learn whether or not different strategies, contracts, programs, applications, as well as data gathering apps actually work for them!

For example, by eliminating programs that are outdated and that cannot provide the same benefits as new ones, you can make sure that you aren’t losing some resources. By implementing and using new software, you can easily evaluate your planning and operating processes, thus, cutting costs and making your entire business more efficient. Also, when evaluating the programs you use, you could discover that you have some security issues, which leads us to the next point in this article…

2. Protecting Your Data From External Threats

From the day the Internet became available to the masses, the number one concern most organizations had was external threats to their IT infrastructure. Since most firms now operate online, it’s important that you learn how protected your company is from cybersecurity threats, which basically means that you must learn whether or not you’ve implemented the right strategies that can protect all of the data you gather.

Of course, you could evaluate and assess everything by yourself, however, working with a cybersecurity company might be better, mostly because they’ll know exactly what you’ll need to change to protect your business. For instance, they might tell you that you’ll need to use encryption services or switch to cloud computing, hence, you should seriously consider finding an experienced cybersecurity company that’ll help you protect your business.

3. Cloud Computing Platforms Are Here to Stay

Source: tmcnet.com

While on the topic of cloud computing, you should know that it’s extremely important. For starters, most offshore companies cannot keep and maintain physical copies of all the data they generate and gather. And, by using a cloud computing platform, they won’t only be able to store a lot of data, but, they’ll also be capable of accessing it from any place and at any time, making everything more efficient and easier. Cloud computing will also reduce costs and protect the data, so, you should seriously consider it.

4. 5G Will Provide a Strong And Reliable Network

Offshore companies often have to send signals from various devices and to ensure reliability, security, and low latency, one of the best things that they could implement is a 5G network. By opting for it, they can ensure that the latency is low, meaning that there will be no delay between making, sending, as well as receiving data. If you want to learn more about why 5G is suitable for these processes, click here.

5. Robots Can Make Inspections Safe

Source: blog.bostondynamics.com

Offshore companies had major issues with inspecting their facilities, which means that they often had to stop operating, build scaffolds, and then inspect the areas that were hard to reach. Since they had to stop their operations, such inspections often cost the company a lot of money, however, with the emerging trend of robots, they no longer have to go through this tiring and costly process, instead, they can use robots!

Devices and gadgets such as drones and robots are now being used for inspections across offshore industries. This doesn’t only save a lot of money for the organization, but it also ensures that there is no need for a human to inspect such areas, thus, making it safer for everyone involved. Also, by using robots and drones, the inspections can now be completed quickly and without any delays, thus, making it more budget-friendly.

6. Automation is The Key

Another problem that offshore companies are facing is the lack of manpower that need to complete a wide array of manual tasks are processes. However, technology can save the day once again by enabling automated processes, meaning that companies won’t have to worry about not having enough workers. For instance, automated drilling is now a possibility, thus, there will be a reduction in human labor.

7. Devices For Detecting Methane

Source: jpt.spe.org

Did you know that methane is responsible for over 1/5 of the whole manmade global emissions? Yup, it’s responsible for pollution, which is why a lot of offshore companies now strive to reduce the methane emissions they cause due to their processes. This can be achieved by implementing methane management programs into the IT infrastructure, and by doing so, they’ll be capable of detecting leaks, thus, they could also prevent them!

For instance, there are some programs that consist of a solar-powered sensor combined with a drone system for monitoring data through the air, and these systems can easily and quickly collect data. Hence, a company will be able to efficiently monitor the methane emissions, which also means that they can prevent leaks from happening – and by doing so, they can ensure that their company is more Eco-friendly!


In the past, offshore companies seldom implemented new technology that could have helped them with all the processes. However, nowadays, an increasing number of them choose to use new tech that doesn’t only help them with things such as data computing but also helps them with increasing the security of their business.

Since you’re now well aware of all the changes happening in this particular industry, you shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to open up your browser and see how the technology we mentioned in our article above works, as well as how various companies benefit from using it.