How to Enhance Agent Performance with a Contact Center Wallboard

In the olden days, customers rarely had high expectations when they called contact centers. They expected long wait times, multiple transfers, and the same (annoying) questions from many different people, if anything. At the end of the interaction, if their issue was resolved to their satisfaction, they considered themselves lucky.

But times have changed – and how!

Today’s customers are impatient. They expect quick issue resolution and connected digital experiences. They are also unforgiving of delays, transfers, and low-performing agents who don’t “know” them. More and more of them are quick to write off a contact center as sub-par. Worse, they don’t think twice before severing the relationship – often forever.

Leaders and managers of modern omnichannel contact centers are aware of these (harsh) realities. That’s why they do customer research, set clear performance standards, and invest in training to ensure that their agents perform well and make customers happy. To this end, they use numerous technologies and tools. And one of the most effective performance-enhancing tools is a contact center wallboard such as the iVision Plus from NovelVox.

This brief guide explains how contact centers can improve their agents’ performance and great CSAT, CX and FCR results – with well-designed, user-friendly wallboard from NovelVox.

But first things first…

What is a Contact Center Wallboard?

Wallboard is a visual communication tool that displays up-to-date time information about contact center and agent performance at any point in time. It seamlessly collects data from multiple sources and provides supervisors with a comprehensive view of activities in an easy-to-digest format. The tool is also useful for agents since they can quickly view performance data to understand how they’re doing and gaps in their performance that need to be filled, and on what priority.

Wallboards effectively share relevant and timely data related to ERP or CRM systems, ticketing platforms, customer satisfaction, FCR rates, etc., with the workforce to see what’s what and what needs to be clear. And to motivate their agents, particularly during stressful or busy periods, contact centers can also display encouraging messages on their wallboards.

How Wallboards Boost Agent Performance and Productivity

It’s impossible to improve what is not measured or visible, and this is particularly true in contact center settings. Thus, wallboard provides contact centers and agents a clear view into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and relevant metrics. It thus offers greater visibility and transparency, both of which go a long way towards boosting agent performance, productivity, efficiency and customer focus.

Here are 5 more benefits of contact center wallboards:

1. Goal-setting and goal achievement

Wallboard displays relevant real-time data in an easy-to-read summary format. For example, supervisors can see how many calls were handled or dropped or how many sales a particular agent achieved. This enables them to set achievable goals and targets at team or individual agent level. They can also communicate these goals to agents through SMS or email alerts so both supervisor and agent are on the same page at all times.

2. Improved business decision-making

With wallboard, teams and supervisors can monitor and track key business metrics at any time. They can review whether their performance is matching these metrics or if there are gaps that need to be closed. Then they can make decisions that are data-driven and results-focused, rather than ad-hoc and based on unreliable intuitions or assumptions.

3. View thresholds and breaches to make better training decisions

Supervisors can set KPI thresholds and monitor agent performance. If there are breaches, they can take necessary actions, such as sending the agent for re-training to enhance customer satisfaction and drive contact center success.

4. Create a “culture of collaboration”

A wallboard can help create a culture of collaboration and shared goals, where the entire team works together to achieve the org’s KPIs. Plus, the sharing of targets and progress reports can boost productivity in what can otherwise be a very stressful environment.

5. Improve morale and team spirit

Both data and motivational messages can go a long way towards keeping agents engaged with their job and focused on delivering great results for customers. Clear, unambiguous data shows agents exactly where they stand, performance-wise. If they are doing well, it motivates them to maintain their high standards. But if they are falling behind, they know exactly where they need to improve, so they can work with their supervisors to address those gaps and raise the entire team’s performance.

The iVision Plus: A Next-generation Wallboard for Customer-focused Contact Centers

The iVision Plus wallboard from NovelVox is an innovative and interactive visual communication tool for Cisco UCCX/UCCE/PCCE/CUCM, Genesys and Avaya contact centers. It displays real-time performance information at both individual and team levels.

Intuitive and impactful

No more boxy, awfully-designed wallboards. The iVision is super intuitive and displays all data in an easy to read format so teams can glean key insights in just a glance. Fast insights mean they can take fast actions to address issues as soon as they happen, not the next day, week or month.

Set clear thresholds

With iVision, supervisors can set KPI thresholds to control and boost agent performance. They can also track breaches and take necessary actions quickly and transparently.

Address problem areas

Supervisors can quickly see agent statuses (offline/waiting/on call), view seat plans, and spot problem areas that require immediate intervention. They can visually compare KPI-agent or agent-agent performance and make more informed decisions to benefit both the org and customers.

On-the-go monitoring and control

The iVision Touch mobile dashboard enables supervisors to easily monitor real-time statistics, no matter where they or their agents are. This is especially useful in a remote work setup.

Gamification and continuous learning to enhance customer outcomes

The iVision Plus can be easily gamified to motivate agents and drive on-the-job learning. Better-trained agents are more likely to make customers happy and drive important results, like lower AHT, higher FCR, and enhanced CSAT and CX.

Easy to customize without coding

With its simple drag-and-drop Designer Studio and a library of 50+ design templates, the iVision Plus can be easily customized. No coding knowledge is required.

Integration with 3rd party applications drives org-wide synergies

The wallboard supports numerous third-party integrations including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Zoho, NICE, MS Excel, and more. This allows the contact center to leverage powerful synergies that drive tangible and enduring results.

Hundreds of contact centers worldwide have implemented the iVision Plus wallboard and have seen powerful results with respect to agent performance and productivity. You, too, can improve your workforce’s performance, proactively meet customers’ expectations, and zoom ahead of the competition.