Very Simple Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

It is always frustrating when computers start to run slow. We live in a world that is fast-paced and high-tech. Simply put, whenever we have to wait for too many seconds for something to happen, we become frustrated. We believe we waste our time.

According to Business Wire, 66% of US citizens say that a huge frustration for them is to wait on systems that should be faster. This is even more important when we think about businesses. Slow computers can lead to losing time and lower productivity.

Fortunately, there are different things we can do in order to speed up our computers. You can always use advanced software like Solve IQ for this, which is a preferred option. However, if you prefer to do things yourself, you can also use the advice presented in the following paragraphs.

Stop Unnecessary Programs From Automatically Starting When The Computer Is Started

One of the main reasons why computers end up running very slowly is that way too many programs run in the background. This ends up using too much of the computer’s memory, with the end result being a very slow computer. There are some programs like firewall and antivirus software that have to be allowed to automatically run. But, others should be closed until they are actually needed, like Microsoft Office or iTunes.

Source: Small Business Sense

Uninstall All Programs You Do Not Use

When you buy a new computer, it is often filled with pre-installed programs. These are automatically running background processes or take up too much space. They should be removed if you do not need them.

In order to uninstall unused programs, you just need to go into your control panel. Then, you uninstall software that is not needed. Just be extremely careful so that you keep programs that you will actually need. This does sound complicated but you can find information online about all the software you have on your computer and why it might or might not be useful.

Clean Up HDD Space

Go into My Computer to see how much space is free on your hard disk. When you have under 15% free, the computer can end up running slower than it could. The speed goes down even more when less space is free.

Fix this by deleting all the old files that you do not need anymore or older programs. Also, you can easily consider compressing some really large files or folders. When the computer runs slowly and storage is not full, the problem is most likely in the operating system though. Freeing up hard disk space will not help much.


Use External Drives Or The Cloud To Save Old Videos Or Pictures

By doing this, you save so much computer memory space. This will end up speeding up the computer. As your pictures and videos are kept on external drives or on the cloud, you also get the extra advantage that you have a backup. You no longer need to worry about family photos as they will not be lost. If you want to be particularly careful, you can store your most important files on both an external hard drive and the cloud.

Run Disk Repair Or Cleanup Utilities

As time passes, the computer generates countless temporary files. This happens every single time you use applications or you boot up. The temporary files, including internet history, caches, and cookies, end up occupying a large part of the hard disk. This only slows down the system.

A thorough disk repair and cleanup will clean up thousands of megabytes as temporary files are deleted, together with unneeded system files. Actually, even by emptying the recycling bin you can save space.

Since you repair your disk and you clean it up, you should also consider running a disk defragmentation utility. This can easily optimize the efficiency of the hard drive. If data is fragmented, the PC needs to look for file fragments that would be spread all throughout the drive. With defragmenting, data will be organized and you will free up extra space. Basically, the CPU will access your data faster.

Source: websolutionsinc

Change The Computer’s Power Plan To High Performance

You might be aware of the fact that computers have some power plans. They are usually High Performance, Power Saver, and Balance. You use these to control the power used by the computer.

When you use some settings, battery life is optimized as performance is lowered. With High Performance mode, the computer performance and speed increase. Just keep in mind that this is something that will just work on desktops because the High Performance setting is going to drain the battery on laptops.

Install Antivirus, Spyware, And Antimalware Software

The computer is going to run much faster when it does not have to deal with viruses and bugs. Also, this is an extra protection layer that is going to keep the computer safe in the long run. You should be aware of the fact that when a virus or malware appears on the PC, it is going to make everything slower.

Source: Avira

Add Some More RAM

Computer RAM helps you to temporarily store the memory that the PC uses to run programs. When you use more programs, you need more RAM. If you do not have as much as you need, the computer slows down.

The good news is that it is very easy to buy and install some extra RAM. However, if you use old RAM, the best thing you can do is to replace it completely.

Update The Computer Software You Use

The last thing we should highlight is that software updates are very important if you want to have a fast PC. This will fix glitches and bugs.

In order to check the software that you use and make sure it is up-to-date, just go to Windows Update and then to Check for Updates. Alternatively, download software that was designed to help you quickly update software. There are numerous options available on the market and you will easily find something that is very good for you.