5 Must-Have Tools and Equipment for Boat Restoration

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Proper and regular maintenance is the key, regardless of the topic at hand, as it is the only way to be sure nothing unforeseen will happen. Besides that, maintenance can save us money too, because many things regarding boats are far less expensive if they are dealt with on time. Yes, boat maintenance and restoration can be time-consuming, but doing so can also be relaxing as you can ease the mind from all that stress, which is, for most people, the no 1 reason why they bought a boat in the first place.

Of course, in order to do anything, you need to have the right tools. Now, the type of tools needed varies, as there are essentials and those you might not need that often. That is why learning more about the essentials is the first step, as only then can you start working on your boat. A great thing about boat restoration is that most of the things you can do on your own, especially if you want to have a boat but don’t want to spend big, as you can go with a tired boat and save a few bucks.

On the other hand, restoration is not recommended for those not that fond of everything that freedom while sailing brings, as that usually leads to overseeing some pretty important things in the restoration process.

Now, when we have settled that, let’s focus more on boat restoration supplies and the tools you simply must have for boat restoration. Of course, if you want to take a shortcut, you can find all the info on this topic at absoluteclassics.com.

The importance of having the right tools

One of the first things to do when you start doing any work on a boat is to remove everything you don’t need, as you want to get space to check for any cracks. On the other hand, checking the battery is of vast importance, and for that, you need to have the right tools because otherwise, the terminal might strip if you are not careful enough. The best tool for such work is the battery terminal puller, as it grants precision and safety. Another great fact that makes it a must-have tool is that it’s not that pricey, and one can easily afford it.

Moisture reader

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The name of this one says it all, and as for its importance, the fact that it can show the exact level of moisture on your boat says it all. Keep in mind that possible leaks or areas where the water is accumulating can be a huge hazard, and this meter can show you whether there is something to worry about or not. Besides that, using it is not that difficult as you’ll get a digital reading of the moisture level in a matter of seconds.


Having a multitool with you always turns out handy because of the many different tools it contains that can be used in various situations. Because of that, it is not a surprise that many people carry this great item with them wherever they go, as they can use it for various tasks. Multitools made especially for sailors differ a little from the regular ones, but the point is the same. They are compact and contain many tools that can be used in various situations, and the main difference is that when we buy a sailor’s one, these tools will be much more useful on the boat than those that regular multitools contain. Their price is not too high, and our recommendation for you is to buy a high-quality product, as it will last much longer and probably has more tools.


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People are usually not aware of how useful a pair of scissors can be and how important it is to have them for boat restoration. They can be used in countless situations, and there is always something that we need to cut, and because of that, it is crucial to buy one made of resistant materials. Using the regular scissors that we use at home to cut paper is not a good idea, as they can easily break since they are not strong enough and can easily break. When it comes to this type of restoration, the materials we need to cut are much harder than paper, so make sure to choose the right product, or you will only waste money.

Moisture meter

Boats are indeed specially designed to float and be on the water all the time, but even one small crack can cause a disaster if we do not notice it in time. Cracks cause leaks that can be dangerous, and if there are too many of them, they can even sink the boat and leave us without it. And the main problem is that sometimes they are too small to be noticed in time. So, what can we do to prevent it, and how to spot them in time when they are too small? Luckily, there is a simple and not too expensive solution, and all we need is one small tool that can do a lot for us – a moisture meter. It can show us the level of moisture on the boat, and by checking it in different areas, we will be able to see if there are any cracks that should be fixed before it is too late.

Booster cables

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Just like any other battery, our boat’s battery can drain, and it will be impossible to start the engine and go sailing if we do not have a pair of good booster cables. It is almost impossible to find a driver who does not have them in their vehicle, so why would it be different among sailors? Keep in mind that it is necessary to set aside more money for this investment because these cables are not cheap, so if you find a pair of cheap ones, avoid them because they are probably not powerful enough to start the battery.