5 Tips and Useful Tools for LinkedIn Prospecting

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Searching for future members of your company, employees, and even the right customers is never easy, especially today when there are various ways to do so, which can often be confusing. Luckily, platforms like LinkedIn make it much more efficient and easier, as it is a great place where you can categorize, search and expand your companies reach. The tech has advanced so much lately, which also means that there are also many new terms we use, and today, prospecting is one of the most commonly used ones. Using a platform like LinkedIn has many benefits, but it is not just about searching for professionals and experts, as it’s also used for identifying and connecting with LinkedIn members to convert them into customers.

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What is LinkedIn Prospecting

The word itself means a thorough and detailed analysis of the targeted audience. As for the purpose of that process, it all starts from there, as prospecting is used to, as we have already mentioned, identify potential customers, or to put it more plainly, prospects. Once you have a good group of potential customers, the next step is to provide them an engaging content which is possible only via systematically communicating. These two steps are the basics of the modern sales process.

Now, as for prospecting via LinkedIn and why it’s so great, well, just think of it as a process halfway done, as LinkedIn automation can really save you time writing each outreach and specified message that you will otherwise have to do manually. It’s also about LinkedIn being a great source of information, and knowing this and knowing how crucial it is today to be present, keep up with the latest news, discussions, and even rumors, what better place to get all that than here, at the core of such things. The thing that can make your job even easier is using one of the renowned LinkedIn automation platforms for marketers and sales teams like Dripify.io, as it can do wonders for your prospecting and make it more effective.

Testing the market and listening to the customers’ opinions and needs is also of vast importance, and here, you can get all that in one place, but here you can also find and share engaging industry publications with customers/prospects. So now, in order to make LinkedIn prospecting even more practical, let’s check out some tips and tricks.

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1. The brand is a must

We cannot expect prospecting on LinkedIn without having a strong, unique, and professional brand. Our brand represents us, who we are, what makes us stand out from all the rest, what our goals are, and as such, it needs to be well developed. It needs to remain noticed at all times and show others that we are serious participants and actively partake in the industry we have chosen. Because of that, we need to constantly invest in our brand and make it always be the best version of itself since it is the only way to stay in the competition and expect some results. Creating a brand is not easy, but it is a must in today’s way of running a modern business.

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2. Email marketing is still one of the best things

It all starts and ends with an exceptional digital marketing campaign, and the fact that there are many ways to get desired goals and reach a targeted audience only proves its relevance. As for what type of digital marketing works the best, well, it all depends on the strategy itself and even personal preferences, but unrightfully, email marketing was disregarded as something not useful anymore. Now, even though many people are convinced that email marketing is a thing of the past, and they avoid using it, in reality, things are much different.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach people and introduce your brand to them without too much effort. All you need is to compose an email message informatively and engaging enough, so the people would read it and send it to as many addresses as it is possible. Many of these messages indeed end up in the spam folder, which is the main reason why it is necessary to be creative and compose the good one. Also, learn a trick or two to make it more personalized even though it will be sent to thousands of users/prospects.

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3. Using Quora is a good option

If you searched for some questions online, it is most likely that you saw Quora because it is one of the most popular forums for questions and answers to them. The great thing is that Quora accepts only proven answers, and it can be a reliable source of information. You can use Quora for LinkedIn prospecting by simply providing them with the right answers related to the questions from your industry. In that way, you will highlight the expertise of the brand and have the option to find potential prospects. Quora also allows us to reach the people we want by using their internal messaging, which makes it a powerful marketing tool for people who know how to use it.

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4. Be nice to the customers

No matter what we are selling and why we want to make our LinkedIn profile more popular, it is crucial to be kind to other people. If we are selling some items or our services, we depend on other people who should buy them, and if we do not be pleasant in conversation with them, they will probably decide to search further. Because of that, we need to find a way to be available and accessible, which will make people want to buy something again from us.

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5. Use the advantage of referrals

Starting a business is never easy, and everything can be much better if you have a little help from people who have already been at the beginning and have succeeded in their job. They can help you with referrals, which is a simple recommendation they write on their profile. In that way, people will see you are reliable, although the new company and they will easily decide to use your services. Referrals might be written by business partners, clients, and every other person willing to help.