All You Need to Know About Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is currently in beta. Features are added and removed. The current status does not reflect the end product. Battlestate Games, the developers of Escape from Tarkov, often delete the complete progress before major updates. Larger content is published every 4-6 months, but can also come sooner. (You lose all items, weapons, equipment, skills, and have to do all tasks again after a ‘wipe’. This can change when the game is released.)

Many aspects have not yet been implemented or are only placeholders. Therefore, they may not work at all, partially or not as intended.

Escape from Tarkov aims to simulate a modern combat experience. It has a profound ballistic model and health system, as well as extensive weapon modification options, which you rarely find anywhere else. Escape from Tarkov’s complete body awareness and movement model is similar to that of ARMA, which features things like leaning, adjustable posture, and movement speed, as well as much slower fights, which are carried out with the “shoot and scoot mindset”.

The weapon modification system is a cornerstone in Escape from Tarkov and allows almost complete personalization of almost every weapon you find. You can check check them at ifcarry.

The economy is also unique and is mainly dependent on the objects that can be found in the world. In order to keep all items, you have to successfully escape from the raid. It takes a good eye and a sharp mind to know when to go or if you’d rather risk death to find more loot.

Attention is the key to being prepared in every situation. May it be the recognition of rare items, or the recognition of players. Since there is no interface with which you can distinguish friend from foe, you should always pay attention to where you stand. You should also listen to every little thing so that you are not surprised by others. Anything you can hear can be heard by anyone else who is within range.

Source: Dexerto


Movement in Escape from Tarkov is more than just walking or sprinting. It is handled differently than in other shooters by simulating how a soldier loading equipment would move. It allows you to move so slowly that you can hardly be heard, right up to normal walking or sprinting.

The way you move across the field is as important as aiming and shooting. Depending on the surface on which you are moving, different sounds are generated which the opponent can use to determine your position. Pay attention to smooth, slow, and planned movements. Depending on the situation or location, you should always consider where, when, how quickly, and in what posture you should move.

Movement speed can be divided into 3 types: sprinting, running, and walking.

Running is the standard pace. It only depends on the equipment you wear.

Sprinting is Shift Linksactivated by pressing and consumes your stamina. Knowing how far you can get with an endurance bar can make the difference between life and death. You also have to remember that you also use endurance when aiming. Therefore, you should always take some breath so that you can change the position or to attack another player. Sprinting is also very loud.

Walking can by pressing Caps Locker by scrolling with the MausradEnable the minimum. Walking is very important. It generates hardly any noise, prevents noise when walking through bushes and other plants, and reduces noise on surfaces such as metal and glass. Walking should never be underestimated.

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Just as important as the movement in Escape From Tarkov is the attitude to survive. Knowing when to lie down or squat is as important as knowing when to move. The way you move gives you a lot of options on how to approach or bypass your opponent.

There are three standard postures: standing, squatting and crawling, each with different areas of application and maximum speed.

Standing is the fastest, but it is also the easiest to see and the loudest.

Squatting combines a low profile with medium speed and good use of cover while making very little noise.

Creep makes you very slow. But you get increased accuracy and minimize your profile. However, reducing the speed does not reduce the noise you make. This makes crouching a better choice in most situations.

Source: PC Gamer

Weapons and Equipment

The armament in Escape From Tarkov is the basic structure. Be it a simple pistol or a silenced M4 with extended magazines. Which weapon you use is entirely up to you, with the exception of playing as a scav . The performance of weapons mainly depends on the modifications and their use. Unlike other games, weapon values ​​play a subordinate role.

Learning how weapons behave, with or without modifications, is far more important to survive against other players and scavs.

When modifying a weapon, there are many things to consider, such as the distance you plan to fight, who you will encounter, and whether the target is armored.

Which visor/scope you use is entirely up to you, but the time to aim and the distance at which opponents are expected is important. In contrast to other games, targeted shooting from the hip is a proven method of effectively fighting opponents at short to medium distances. Knowing where the shots will land without aiming can save your life.

Which ammunition you should use does not only depend on the values. Availability whether the ammunition has been activated or it is sold out also plays a role. If you think you’re not going to compete against groups of players who are armed to the teeth, ammunition that is more designed to cause damage rather than penetrating armor may be enough. What type and how many magazines you take with you is also important. As soon as you run out of full magazines, this can mean certain death. You can also load different types of ammunition into the same magazine.

Just like the choice of the sight and the ammunition, the choice of the weapon is a matter of taste. But you should never go into a raid unarmed because otherwise you are almost harmless to others and can also be subject to ridicule and mockery.

When picking up a weapon in a raid it is always advisable to check the magazine with Alt Links+ T. Then you can check the chamber with Shift Links+ T.

Equipment in Escape From Tarkov includes a number of different items, such as armor and backpacks. Knowing what to bring can dramatically increase your chances of survival. But you should always make sure that you don’t play poorly.