10 Essential Elements Every Good Website Should Have

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Good website design can enable your company to connect as well as engage with prospective customers. Your website is a brilliant marketing platform, and it should speak high about the brand image. So how can we make this fantastic marketing platform perform well all the time? How can we make sure that our website becomes the primary source of the company’s growth? We have listed down ten elements that every good website should have.

1. The website should be user-friendly

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Take a look at popular website designs. What is the most common thing in all of them? All of these websites are easy to navigate, and they have a user-friendly website design. No matter how good your company is, and how good the products are, they will be of no use, unless the visitors of your website fail to locate them. So, how to be 100% sure that the customers are able to quickly and smoothly navigate the site? This is when you need the assistance of a good web design company in Singapore. A website should always look clean and have a simple layout. On top of that, navigation tabs and a prominent search bar should be placed right on top of every web page.

2. Correct web design and layout

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Just like attractive merchandising is vital for any retail outlets, for a website, it is imperative to have an eye-catching website design. Once a visitor visits a website, it only takes 50 milliseconds to decide whether he or she wants to do business with your company or not, which means that your website has the ability to create the first right impression in front of the visitors. The thumb rule is to have a good website design and layout, which is understandable by the customers who visit.

The next important thing to look after is whether the website is user-friendly or not. When you allow your visitors to navigate through the site easily, it creates fantastic user-experience. You can definitely experiment with your website design, but keep your doors open for changes if you receive any feedback. This is the way you will be able to build an excellent website.

3. Responsive design

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Digitally we have advanced a lot, and some people prefer to browse through different websites on their mobile phones. That’s why sites are now becoming mobile-responsive, meaning your website will fit into any mobile phone’s screen easily. They will not have to zoom in or out from time to time to read the content of your website. Also, customers prefer to use their mobile phones more because it is handy. That’s why you should ensure that your website design is mobile responsive. A good web design company in Singapore can help you understand the importance of responsive design. It is better to connect with a good company that can create a responsive design for your website.

4. Good content

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Apart from the bright and HD pictures that you will upload on your website, the content is actually the sole of your website. Through the content that you have provided online, your customers will get to know about your company and the services you offer better. Hence if you want to have an impactful website, make sure that the web content is on par and in line with the company’s objectives. Try to identify and figure out words and terminologies which you can use to target the right audience searching for specific products or services. With the help of useful content, your customers will be able to relate to your website, and products, or services that you have to offer.

5. Call to Action

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Your website needs to prompt visitors to buy products or hire your company for your services. This is why you need to equip your website with Call to Action statements, otherwise known as CTA. Guide your customers to take necessary action after they learn about your company, brand, services, and products. Especially when you do promotion on your website about a flash sale, discounts, newsletters, and more, a CTA becomes very helpful.

6. Testimonials

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Because you already have competitors in the market, you need to impress your audience through your website. Ensure that your website is able to create the right image of your brand. Have a testimonial section with genuine testimonials of your customers. If you don’t have any testimonials, contact your previous customers and request for one. Happy and satisfied customers will never say no to this. Testimonials are a brilliant way to increase your brand image. Reviews build trust among new customers; they feel more confident to do business with your company—the best place to put those testimonials is right on the homepage.

7. Blog section

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Regular customers will need more reasons to spend more time on your website. Plus, everyone likes to read informative blogs. A blog section is a must if you would like your customers to know about a recent product launch, benefits of certain products that you have listed on your site, and more. With regular blogs, your customers will feel encouraged to keep coming back for more, and this will also prompt them to subscribe to your website. Highlight the blog section on the homepage. Let your audience know that apart from selling products and services, you would like your customers to be well-informed about the purpose of all these products too.

8. Good and high-quality images

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Just like content, another important thing that your website must have is good-quality and high-quality images. Indeed, stock images are available all over the internet. Still, if you’re serious about having a robust website, then you need to re-think about the pictures that you have recently downloaded. Take a look at the image quality; if they are too small in sizes and low in resolution, they will fail to create the right impact.

It is better to have real photos of your office and your team rather than downloading ordinary photos, which might already be there on your competitor’s website. When you upload high-quality images, you show professionalism, which is indeed necessary, especially when you have so much competition all around you.

9. FAQ section

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You know that your customers will have some questions, and in fact, most of them are rather common. When you have a dedicated FAQ page on your homepage, you answer all the commonly asked questions. Think about the most common questions that you generally come across and mention them there.

10. Contact us page

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One last thing, but the most critical thing that your website must have is a contact us page. Mention your company’s address, phone number, fax number, and email ID. If you have more than two phone numbers, mention both of them. The more detailed the customer page will be, the more trust your customers will have on you.

Make sure that the contact us section is easily locatable. Your customers should be able to find the details easily on your homepage.

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