7 Essential Kitchen Items No Home Cook Should Be Without 

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Kitchen work can be tedious, time consuming and require some upper body strength best left for the gym. If you are looking to fine tune your kitchen experience you are going to need some support. If you are serious about mastering your skills as a home cook, click here for the best cookware items you will need to be a cut above the rest.  

1. 10-inch Stainless-Steel Skillet 

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A good stainless-steel skillet is essential for cooking a wide variety of dishes. Due to its perfect capacity to conduct heat, you can create that perfectly seared meat every time. Whether you will be cooking steaks, searing whole chickens or oven baking the stainless-steel skillet is your ally.

Make sure you have purchased an item with an oven proof handle. When it comes to selecting a stainless-steel pan, pot or any steel item for that matter, choosing German or Japanese Steel will ensure the best quality, longevity and performance.

2. Professional Blender 

If you are going to be doing more than making your morning smoothie, a professional blender is a must. From sauces and purees to making your own oat flour and fresh ground coffee, the right blender can do it all. Forget the plastic variety that absorbs flavors and scratches easily. A large 2-liter glass blender is essential here. Professional grade blenders will also have a powerful motor and wide selection of velocities to match every need.   

3. Food Processor

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Unless you have the time and strength to slice, dice, cube, mix and mash by hand a food processor can help you out with some of the more mundane cooking tasks. A food processor will cut down your cooking time considerably and allow you to achieve uniform results in larger cooking projects. Of course, this is not an essential cooking item, but if you plan on hosting dinner parties or inviting the family around for Thanksgiving Dinner, you will be happy you purchased a top-quality 12-cup food processor.  

4. Roasting Pan 

You may not have begun your forays into the wild world of roasting yet, but if you have a love for the kitchen, it is only a matter of time before you do. From special holiday meals, to cutting down on cooking time with a long-lasting slab of roast beef that can fill sandwiches for a couple weeks, a roasting pan will soon take a place of prominence in your own kitchen cuisine.

Do yourself a favor and purchase quality and beauty here. The right copper roasting pan will not only perfectly conduct heat, it will also look gorgeous as the centerpiece of your grand Christmas Dinner.

5. Wood Cutting Board 

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Cutting boards are one of the most often overlooked elements of the kitchen utensil list, but they should be a high priority. There is hardly a recipe in existence that will not include at least some slicing and dicing. If you are hoping to keep your costly knife in good condition and keep your ingredients from swapping flavors before they enter the pot, a good set of wooden cutting boards is an important part of your kitchen. Remember, it’s one for meats and poultry, one for veggies, one for garlic, onions and spices and the last for fruits and breads — they can be sized accordingly.  

6. 8-inch Chef’s Knife 

Your kitchen knife will ultimately make or break you as a home chef and it is well worth the investment to get a hold of a top-quality item. Unless you have extensive experience in sharpening and caring for kitchen knives, it is highly recommended to purchase a mid-tier option at first until you have mastered the fine art of sharpening and caring for a blade. After you have mastered the basic techniques you can feel free to upgrade to that beautiful Damascus steel wonder you have been eyeballing.  

7. Stand Mixer

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Not a necessity, but if you have ever spent a solid ten minutes furiously beating cream till it stands in soft pretty peaks all on its own, you will understand why a home mixer is a good idea. Unless you are planning on developing a massive set of forearm muscles, the home mixer can save you time, energy and make many tough recipes a cinch. Plus, they look really cute sitting on your kitchen counter.