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What Is Evander Holyfield’s Net Worth?

Evander Holyfield Net Worth: Evander Holyfield іѕ а former well-known вохеr from Аmеrіса. The boxer has been nісknаmеd ‘Тhе Rеаl Dеаl,’ because of his great knocking skills, and the only рrоfеѕѕіоnаl fіghtеr to have won four World Heavyweight Chаmрionships.

Today, Evander Holyfield’s net worth is estimated to be close to $500 Thousand dollars.

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Evander Holyfield Net Worth:


Net Worth: $500,000
Real Name: Evander Holyfield
Date of Birth: 19 October 1962
Age, How Old: 58 Years Old
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Atmore, Alabama, United States
How Tall, Height: 6ft 2in (1.89 m)
Occupation(s): Professional Boxer, Actor
Last Updated: 2020

How Much Is Evander Holyfield Worth?

The unfortunate champion, who once was worth over $500 million, has been crippled by bankruptcy.

If you remember the famous Bite Fight against Mike Tyson, Holyfield was known to have earned $34 million at that point in time. In his entire long boxing career, he has achieved worth more than half a Billion.

Yet, one of Holyfield’s monetary misfortunes is because of all that child support overdue he had to pay for the various spouses that he had.

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Unfit to make contract installments, he sadly lost all that epic 54,000-square-foot Atlanta manor with 109 rooms, 17 restrooms, three kitchens and a bowling alley on foreclosure.

His high maintenance mansion was publicly auctioned after the foreclose, as per sources the Georgia mansion sold for an estimated $7.5 million.

For several debts and obligations, the boxer owns several hundred thousand dollars to the IRS, he had to give up all his treasure, alongside Olympic bronze medal, gloves, belts, championship rings, and jewelry as well.

The dominating fighter has let go of all his prized possessions that once was his pride. As of 2024, Evander Holyfield’s net worth is left with an estimated sum of around $500,000 dollars, which is kind of shocking for fans.

Who Is Evander Holyfield?

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Evander Holyfield was born (b. October 19, 1962, Atmore, Alabama) the youngest of the other nine siblings from a different father. The 6 feet 2 inches tall was honored with four heavyweight titles on separate occasions.

He became the only expert contender to outperform the record of Muhammad Ali, who won the world heavyweight three times.

In 1984, Holyfield assembled a record of 160– 14 and was announced the winner of National Golden Gloves Champion, as well as winning a bronze medal for the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California.

Like a lightweight boxer, Holyfield knocked the New Zealander Kevin Barry in the game, the controversial fight led to his disqualification.

The 21-year-old turned boxer, went on becoming lightweight in 1985. He won the junior heavyweight title in 1986, by defeating Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

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He won his first world championship at the World Boxing Association (WBA), in a 15 round split decision.

In April 1988, Holyfield turned into boxing’s first undisputed lightweight champion by defeating Ricky Parkey and Carlos de León in an eighth-round knockout play.

The 218 pounds, Holyfield regularly confronted larger than size opponent boxers in his career. Yet as a heavyweight, his excellent solidness and continues training habits made him a tough fighter in the ring of his size.

He soon moved up as a heavyweight champion claiming the unified WBA, World Boxing Council (WBC) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight titles, by defeating Buster Douglas in a third-round knockout on October 25, 1990.

Holyfield lost the title on November 13, 1992, against Riddick Bowe, dropping a 12-round choice. This was is defeat after effective defenses against previous boxing bosses George Foreman and Larry Holmes.

Riddick Bowe vs Evander Holyfield – Highlights (FIGHT of the Year 1992)

One year later, he played a rematch with Bowe and recovered the WBA and IBF titles in another decision.

Subsequent to recapturing the titles, Holyfield lost against Michael Moorer in a 12-round decision on April 22, 1994, at the World Boxing Organization (WBO). Later he was determined to have a heart deformity, which led him to declared his retirement.

Yet the announcement was reversed when Holyfield continued boxing… Be that as it may, he prevailed upon a 10-round decision win over Ray Mercer on May 20, 1995.

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In his third battle with Bowe, Holyfield scored a knockdown in the 6th round however lost by a knockout in the eighth on November 4, 1995.

In his next match, Holyfield defeated former world champion Bobby Czyz, beating him down in a 6th knockout.

For the eagerly awaited WBA session on November 9, 1996, he met the heavyweight champion Mike Tyson (net worth $3 million), Holyfield scored a shocking with a TKO in the eleventh round, defeating the heavily favored Tyson, and turning into the heavyweight champion for the third time.

In a rematch, Holyfield was bitten by Tyson on his ears, which led Tyson to be disqualified after the third round, this incident helped Holyfield to safeguard his title on June 28, 1997.

The Epic “Ear Bite” Fight (Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield) Must Watch!!!

In a rematch on November 8, 1997, Holyfield was seen knocking out Moorer in the eighth round to recaptured the IBF title.

On March 13, 1999, he confronted against the WBC champion and Britisher Lennox Lewis, for the next significant title defense.

The group of onlookers felt the match had a place with Lewis after being decided the session as a draw by the judges. Still, Holyfield continued to retain his WBA and IBF titles.

All things considered, Holyfield lost a 12-round decision to Lewis, the rematch which took place on November 13, 1999, empowered Lewis to guarantee the WBA and IBF belts and consequently bind together the heavyweight title.

On April 12, 2000, in view of an obligatory barrier debate, Lewis was deprived of the WBA title.

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Holyfield vanquished John Ruiz to win the vacant WBA heavyweight title again on August 12, 2000, and became the primary holder of the heavyweight title four times. Yet, he was crushed again by Ruiz in a rematch in 2001.

Ruiz and Holyfield faced each other the 3rd time in a December battle, but the session finished with a draw, permitting Ruiz to keep the title.

On December 14, 2002, Holyfield dreamed of becoming the first-ever man to hold the fifth Heavyweight Championship but was crushed by Byrd by winning a 12-round unanimous decision.

In the wake of losing a decision to Larry Donald on November 13, 2004, the 42 aged Holyfield had his New York boxing permit revoked due to losing a third consecutive match in a twelve-round unanimous decision. He evidently realized his deteriorating skills.

In August 2006, following a 21-month nonattendance period, Holyfield came back to prevail upon four sequential sessions the next year. Yet on October 13, 2007, he did not prove to be successful by losing the match against Sultan Ibragimov.

On December 20, 2008, Holyfield battled WBA Heavyweight Champion Nikolai Valuev and subsequently lost the WBO and WBA titles, respectively, the battle paid him the lowest fee of $600,000, that he ever received for a championship fight.

Mike Tyson Inducts Evander Holyfield into Hall of Fame (Must Watch)

After those two misfortunes, Holyfield kept on battling, however, the title he won from the World Boxing Federation in 2010 was not broadly perceived.

As unfit to verify a title, his career doomed for more than three years. In any case, he finally resigned in June 2014, with a lifelong record of 44 wins over 29 knockout,10 misfortunes, and 2 draws.

He was drafted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017. And currently serves as a boxing guide to heavyweight prospect Zhang Zhilei.

Personal Life

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Gone over numerous women throughout his life, Holyfield locked his relationship with Paulette Bowen. He first turned into dad with Paulette’s child Evander Jr., Paulette yet applied for a separation in 1990 which was approved in 1991.

Alongside having many ladies in his life, he has children from various spouses; Son’s — Ewin Ezekiel, Elijah Esaias, Eleazar Evan, Eli Ethan and his only daughter Evette Ashley.

As his life progressed after retirement, the series of various periodicals and the glory of his eminent boxing has been marked. You can read his life in special enumerated books such as ‘Holyfield: The Humble Warrior’ and ‘Champions of the Rings.’

Finally, to conclude, Holyfield could be worth more than what he’s now, but due to unfortunate life’s situation, his net worth has been doomed. Evander Holyfield’s net worth is not more than $500 Thousand Dollars.

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Quotes from Evander Holyfield

“When at a young age you learn to face your fears, that makes the difference between people being champions and people not being champions.”

— Evander Holyfield

“It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.”

— Evander Holyfield

“We lived in a real rough place but my mother kept me straight.”

— Evander Holyfield

“Fighters find it hard to give up doing what they do best – fighting for a living.”

— Evander Holyfield