Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

The world of gaming has always been fascinating. It gives that adrenaline rush and an uncontrollable boost of dopamine. 2019 was a year to cherish and gaming wasn’t on the back foot. The global gaming industry saw a rise and it was commendable. It also paved the way for a bright 2024. In October 2019, the fourth expansion of Destiny 2 was launched by Bungle. And it was indeed something that all the game freaks eagerly awaiting for.

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was revealed on the 1st October 2019 and what came in the huge basket this time was much more enchanting storyline and guns to lose count on. This is the ultimate year for the insane season pass, arms and armaments, and exotics. Shadowkeep is an expansion to the earlier parts of Destiny 2 that is Destiny 2: Forsaken and Destiny 2: New Light. The developer Bungie launches one expansion a year and 2019 was something that gamers were looking forward to. Ever since Destiny 2 came into the limelight, it has been successful to be the showstopper and an absolute favorite in the global gaming community. The reason is the captivating story that keeps the players rooted in the game, multiple weapons and the absolute freedom to control your character thus maximizing a player’s involvement. And when the skill is combined with optimum power, it shows a spectacular picture. If you more details about the game you should check placetoboost.com.

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The game is priced at $34.99 and by paying the fees, players unlock all the extravagant benefits of exotic quests, raids and many more in the list. All the Shadowkeep players get access to unwrap the locked features like the moon location, finishing moves, strikes, and etcetera. But that’s not all, Shadowkeep has more to offer behind the expansion wall, numerous activities and locked weapons for the starters. The activities include a new campaign, nightmare hunts, a new dungeon, garden of salvation raid and etcetera. Xenophage and divinity come under the headline of exotics. And collecting an item opens up a new world for you. One of them is acquiring The garden of salvation raid that leads the character to The black garden of Destiny 2. Well, the black garden holds immense importance for the true fans of Destiny. After all who doesn’t want to take a  walk down the memory lane. The garden of salvation raid is the first fully vex raid since the original Destiny’s Vault of Glass. Thus it is not only appealing for the old players but also thrilling for the newer members of the clan.

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Skillset is definitely important to ace in anything. But the right knowledge of the tricks and tactics in also essential. To win any war, weapons are important and in a game like Destiny 2, there are a great many numbers of weapons. So a player must know to use all, but to win over, he must be a master in some. And if we are talking out some killer weapons then the list has a few names. Love and Death is a grenade launcher that won’t let you down. Similarly, Tranquility is a sniper to rot for. Exit Strategy is the best among all the SMGs. Randy throwing knife is a newer addition and its totally worth the try.  The new expansion of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is power-packed with 19 missions. A mysterious disturbance, followed by Catching up, In search of answers, The encroaching nightmare, Essence, Cleased, Ghosts of our Past, The keep looms, The Scarlet keep, Dread Purification, Another step closer, In the deep, Back from the Dark, Lectern of Enchantment, An important message, The nightmare cometh, The pyramid awaits, Beyond, On the other side, and finally the player breaks free to reach his destination: The Vanguard’s Take. Spoilers are a big no-no. However, a little hint always builds curiosity and doesn’t hurt at all. The storyline of Shadowkeep is simple yet very much engrossing. Shadowkeep is about the battle between light and dark, the good and the evil.

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The Guardian is the source of light but the darkness wants to absorb it. The sole motive of the traveler is not to give in and it is decided by him upon whom he talks. The game begins with the landing of the traveler on the lunar surface and soon he discovers the Scarlet Keep. This leads him to the fortress where he learns that the Scarlet Keep is discovering something and it is the Pyramid. As the game proceeds, it is unraveled that darkness is the greatest foe of the traveler and he has to overcome obstacles in order to save the light. He gets introduced to the Nightmare when he reaches the Moon’s pyramid. Further, the player completes missions and learns about the wrath of Cryptoglyph, a Hive Research artifact. He discovers that the hive is using the artifact to curb darkness’s energy and create a barrier against the Nightmare. The player’s task is to steal the hive artifact and once it’s done, he gets all the power to craft his weapons with the power of the nightmare’s darkness. As you enter inside the pyramid, the ghost controls your soul and signals you inside. After a few battles, you are led to the black garden-the birthplace of Vex. And the game comes to an end when the player finally defeats the sanctioned mind in the garden of salvation raid. But the simple outline is just the basic all players deserve to know. However, the real fun stays unwrapped in the mysterious land. Shadowkeep is the prologue of the bigger story.