Evolution of MP3 Format

Mp3 is a music format that developed more than 30 years ago, and it was nothing short of revolutionary. The reason why this one is so important is that it managed to convert large music files into much smaller ones and makes them much easy to be sent all across the internet. There is pretty much anything that should surprise you about this whole concept if you know that before Wi-Fi, people used dial-up connections, who were much slower.

Therefore, narrowing down the size of the music files in order to send them easier was one of the priorities, mainly for the music industry. We can see that it heavily depends on the internet and the quality of connection. Pretty much the whole situation we now have is the direct product of the needs that were crucial back in the day. We can see an echo of these times in the case of converting music videos into this format.

In case you are interested in how it works, be sure to take a look at mp3juice.best. According to the newest information we have in front of us, the companies who’ve developed mp3 as a compression format, Fraunhofer IIS, and Technicolor made the decision of ending the license for this format. Therefore, at the end of 2017, this format expired.

But, does this means that mp3 is now dead? We are not sure, to be honest. Nevertheless, we would like to talk about the evolution of this format and how it became one of the most important ones in the history of music. Let us talk about how the evolution of this format and why is it highly important, even today.

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What is MP3 Really?

As we’ve mentioned, mp3 is a musical format that managed to lower the size of music files, without any compromise when it comes to quality. We are talking about a term that stands for MPEG audio layer III. A couple of years before the introduction of this concept, some standards were established by a couple of crucial information in the musical industry.

The first standard that was created was MPEG-1, and it was based solely on changes made in the video formats. As you know, some updates led to the next version. Ultimately, we’ve got what we now know as mp3. But, different from previous versions, this one had its influence only on music formats.

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How it All Started?

The concept of this format was created and published by a German company, called Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The company we are talking about was the owner and the main face behind the whole concept until its recent expiry. The initial researches with the aim of coming up with low bit-rate audio that doesn’t make any kind of compromise with the quality of the sound itself started back in 1987.

Between 1987 and 1995, there were a lot of different significant inventions that we’ve mentioned above, like MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Both of these inventions led to the invention of mp3. On the 26th of November that year the patient was issued.  The company that invented this was directly the one that earned all the money from the paid licenses by other companies. At the end of the 20th century, in 1999, the world had the opportunity to take a look at the first portable mp3 player, which appeared on the market.

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Who is the Person Behind it All?

When you Google the term “the father of mp3”, you will receive an answer that the person responsible for it is Karlheinz Brandenburg. Even though we are talking about a person who doesn’t take any pleasure from being called the father of mp3, there is absolutely any doubt that he really is the father of this concept. When you google up some of his interviews, you can see that his initial intention was to have a small file music format that can transfer a significant quality of music in a matter of seconds.

As we can see, he succeeded in the end. Thankfully, there is a lot of different information that you can find about him and how he managed to create something so great, which lasted for almost 30 years. One interesting story is about how they managed to market their product after it was done. Naturally, the marketing started before the product was finally released. This happened back in 1995. This was the moment when they have made a decision about what the extension will look like.

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The Influence of MP3

It goes without saying that mp3 has a significant impact on the way how we listen to our music. We can have more songs on only one CD or device thanking solely to this concept. Before that, the amount of music that can be in only one place was strictly limited and was dependent on the size you have at your disposal. Moreover, we can see that the largest percentage of music wasn’t portable before its appearance, but now, we can see that pretty much all of the music in the world is portable. Therefore, we can thank for it only to mp3 and its investors.

Furthermore, we can see that this format influenced the creation of a lot of different formats that emerged in the future and kept some of the key elements from it. Furthermore, we can say that mp3 has become nothing short of a standard when it comes to digital music. Without any doubt, we cannot imagine today’s world without having this concept in it. But, with the recent demise, it’s uncertain if we are going to be able to have anything similar to it in the future. Maybe there will not be any changes at all, who knows?

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In Conclusion

Without any doubt, we are talking about one of the most influential inventions in the history of music. Mp3 made it possible for a lot of people to enjoy good music throughout the world. We’ve mentioned that it was nothing short of revolutionary. It really was that, due to the fact that there was a plethora of positive influences this concept had on the industry.