Want to Explore a City Travelling by Bus? Online Ticketing is the Way to Go!

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When it comes to planning a day out or a weekend getaway or even a full-fledged trip, the itinerary includes all the things you want to do and the places you want to visit. But how will you get around?

Travelling and exploring a city is so much fun. You know what makes the entire experience more special? When you choose to travel using public transportation. Your best choice is travelling by bus. Soak in the local atmosphere, be amazed as the wonderful views merge into each other and pass you by in a blur and just live in the moment!

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The Fun of Travelling by Public Transportation

Alexa and Sam decided to explore Kuala Lumpur but could not decide what mode of transport to use. Alexa preferred travelling by car while Sam insisted that travelling by bus would be more fun. They decided to travel by these personal choices of transportation and decide at the end of the day, what’s more fun. Alexa hired a car from a car service while Sam reserved a bus online ticket. On the day of exploring Kuala Lumpur, the car service that Alexa hired, arrived an hour late. In the meantime, Sam had reached the bus stop in time and boarded the bus on time. Since she had booked a bus online ticket, she only had to show her ticket on the mobile app which also mentioned her special requirements.

During the entire day, Alexa and Sam had contrasting experiences. Alexa spent most of her time planning her stops and relying on the Internet to find the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. She barely got the chance to really appreciate the city’s charm or even find out untapped corners. On the other hand, Sam thoroughly enjoyed interacting with locals on the bus, learning all about the hidden gems of Kuala Lumpur. Even the bus conductor chimed in and shared some interesting facts and anecdotes with the crowd. She even got to stretch her legs and grab a snack as the bus took its pre-decided pit stops and really enjoy the beauty of the incredible city without having to worry about anything – all because she chose to travel by bus and book online bus ticket tickets on sites like redbus.my!

When was the last time you travelled via public transportation? Can you remember when you travelled by bus? Agreed, travelling by car offers a certain level of comfort while travelling across a city or even travelling from one city to another, but nothing beats the thrill that comes from using public transportation. You get to travel with people from all walks of life, appreciate the smaller and more intricate wonders of travelling and explore a city from a very different perspective.

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Perks of Exploring the City by Bus

#1 Pocket-friendly

What a cost-efficient way to explore a city and discover its many wonders! In comparison to cars and planes, buses come as a more economic and pocket-friendly option. If you really want to explore the streets of a new city or rediscover your own town, travel by bus. You will come across such amazing and incredible gems in your city – some popular and some unique. If you use an app to buy bus online tickets, you are bound to come across some incredible discounts, offers and deals!

#2 Easy Cancellation Policy

If you were to book your ticket in the traditional way by visiting a ticket counter, there is a high possibility that you will not be allowed to cancel your ticket and get your money back. But if you choose a bus online ticketing platform, there is always a cancellation and refund policy that comes with booking the ticket. Generally, the cancellation is to be done in 48 hours or more from the departure date and with a full refund. But is this possible if you were to book a plane ticket? No! You would end by losing a major chunk of the money spent on the flight tickets.

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#3 M-tickets for Everything

You can do everything online so why not buy your bus online tickets too? M-tickets (or mobile tickets) are so much more convenient than carrying around a printed and physical copy of a ticket. Irrespective of where you are m, you can purchase a bus ticket from an e-ticketing platform while on the go. Also, due to the advancements in technology, the number of bus carriers who have turned to m-tickets is rising exponentially. Your phone is anyway a digital wallet and now it carries your bus online ticket too! You just show the QR code on your device upon entering the bus and that’s it.

#4 Frequent Breaks and Stops

When you are travelling by plane or train, you have to prepare yourself for long distance journeys which can be uncomfortable for many. But if you are travelling by bus, a fair number of breaks and stops are incorporated into the journey so that everyone gets the chance to stretch their legs and maybe grab a quick meal. Such pit-stops also give you the opportunity to step outside the bus and soak in the local = surroundings.

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#5 Impromptu Plans

Unlike plane tickets which need to be booked much in advance to avail cheaper prices, you don’t have to do that with bus tickets. The prices for bus tickets barely fluctuate so if you wake up one day and feel like hopping on a bus and going away somewhere, go ahead! Also, if you want to make any changes in your departure or return date, it can be done so easily and quickly from the bus online ticketing platform you used to book your trip in the first place.


Next time you wish to step out and go exploring, hop onto a bus and enjoy the ride! You can just buy a bus online ticket, add in any special requests that you may have and travel around the city with ease. It really is a great way to go exploring.