5 Things to Pay Attention to When Walking a Dog in the City

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There is a widespread belief that to have a dog it is necessary to have a lot of space and a garden at home. In this way, the dog will have the freedom and we will guarantee the quality of life that your pet deserves. This is only half true.

Although it is true that having a large garden gives us certain advantages such as being able to play with our dog in a controlled space or that the dog, if required, can do his needs without making a mess in the house, this space should never replace the time of the walk. Too many dogs live in large houses with land but can never go beyond the fences that surround them.

The daily walks are not something reserved exclusively for city pets that do not have a garden, but it is most important for ones living in the city. Those are the moments when they can discover new smells, meet other dogs, run after the ball and, of course, relieve themselves.  That is a great opportunity to have a good time working the bond with our dog, training obedience. The walk is a necessity even for dogs that have a huge house with a large garden, just as it would be a necessity for us to leave our home even if we lived in a large mansion with all the luxuries at our disposal.

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You are the most important thing on the walk with your dog

It is not just a matter of the dog changing its environment and becoming familiar with the world. That is the greatest sign of attention that our dog receives from us. It is a time that we dedicate entirely to him, and this is something that he perceives and appreciates. And this is how the special bond that those who have known the love of a dog talk about is created.

Therefore, it is not something to be taken lightly and we must commit ourselves to this daily task and make it a special moment.

Here are 5 things you need to pay attention to when you take your pet for a walk:

1. Set the stroll time, not the route

Many owners have established an itinerary that, for some unknown reason, they do not want to give up under any circumstances and the day they have less time to walk their dog they seem anxious and upset every time the animal stops to sniff. The walk should be calm and relaxed. It is time for the dog to discover the world around him, not to complete a circuit. Therefore, the most appropriate thing is not to set a goal but to control the time and turn around when necessary, even if we have not reached the park or wherever we planned to go. This way we make sure that the time our dog has spent walking has been of quality and has not generated stress that could possibly be taken back home and could cause conflicts.

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2. Find a place where you can release the leash

Any owner knows the emotion that a dog feels when hearing the “click” of the leash when unbuttoning it from the collar. Being able to run and sniff at will is one of the greatest pleasures for a dog. A specially fenced place in parks for dogs, that exists in many cities, wild areas such as a forest or open field, or some parks where dogs are allowed to go loose are a good place for our pet to enjoy in freedom. These are great times to play ball or run with it and make sure it releases enough energy to keep him calm afterwards at home. For this, before we have to teach the dog to always come to order when we call him, to avoid accidents.

3. Try to make up for lack of time

Since walks are for your dog the great moment of the day, take advantage of it to make up for “neglecting” him when you had to much work to do. If you haven’t had time to play with him, take the ball and throw it to him. If you have been busy for several days dedicating only short walks, as soon as you can take a great walk for an area where you do not get used to walking and thus discover new and exciting smells.

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4. Take advantage to reinforce obedience

The walks are also a great opportunity to practice some orders with our pet. For this, it will be important that you take prizes with which to congratulate you every time you do well. It is then a good time to ask him to sit down when we stop at a zebra crossing, for example. We can also practice calling in the park when it’s loose, or ask it to be still while we are going away. Even asking it to wait at the front door for us to enter so that it can pass.

5. Getting the appropriate leash

The leash is the most important thing to have when we go to stroll with our dog, especially in the city environment. Cars are all around us, so we have to monitor the safety of our dog. With the AutoBrake  Leash, you will never have to worry about your dog suddenly running off. We want our dog to have freedom, but also to be safe. One of the greatest features of this leash is the speed restraint system. It works like a seat belt in a car. According to FIDA Pet, the antilock brake system works like the car ABS, saving both our dog and our arm from spraining. This new and groundbreaking feature will make you enjoy your walk with dog much more.

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For many owners, walks are an obligation instead of a time to enjoy with our dog. It is something that is reflected in our attitude, that the dog perceives clearly and that damages our relationship with him. The walk must be considered as an opportunity to have fun. If this does not happen we must analyze the problem in order to solve it. If walking with the dog is stressful because it pulls or is aggressive, you should contact a professional. If the walk is something that bores, we can introduce variations such as looking for new parks to go to, take advantage of it to run or teach our dog a new trick. The walk can also be a moment of relaxation to disconnect from the routine of work or home.