Explore the Most Authentic Watches

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Watches are timeless and they will never be out of fashion. This is why buying yourself a new one is important, and it should not be approached lightly. Since there are many knock-off products everywhere, you should be careful not to buy a fake watch and pay the price you would for a genuine one. Buying designer watches is a tricky business because the fakes that exist on the market are better and better, and some truly look real.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent fraud. Follow these few easy steps and learn how to distinguish authentic watches from the real ones. If you want to buy a genuine watch right away, check out The Watch Company.

Spotting a Fake Watch

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  1. Listen for the ticking

First off, you must listen in order to know, since the ticking is one of the biggest indicators if you have a fake watch in your hands. All high-quality designer pieces contain dozens and hundreds of small perfectly crafted parts that constantly move while telling time, meaning they do not tick at all. Hold it to your ear and pay close attention.

  1. Look for mistakes

Authentic watches to not have obvious mistakes son them, as they are produced under strict quality standards. If you see peeling paint, any scratches, and especially misspelled words, leave the watch as it is faux. Moreover, if the clasp does not close properly or if it does not show the time well enough, it is definitely fake. Fake Rolexes tend to have awfully centered crowns, while Michael Kors sometime leave out the letter “S”.

  1. Examine the lettering quality

Master watchmakers are the ones who construct authentic designer watches, and they use special and precise engraving instruments to make those amazingly clear and legible lettering on each separate watch. If the lettering is uneven, faulty, or hard to read, it is probably a fake watch. This applies to any lettering on the watch, especially brand names and serial numbers.

  1. Feel the weight

Since genuine designer watches are crafted using precious metals and have many small moving parts housed inside, they should feel somewhat heavier than they look, and this is a great test of authenticity. Fake watches are surprisingly light and feel like toys on your hand. If you can, you should compare the weight between the watches you are considering to buy.

Identifying an Authentic Designer Watch

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  1. Do some research

Navigate through different online auctions and databases in order to learn as much as you can about the watch you wish to buy. You should have no trouble finding photos of authentic designer watches and their prices. In addition, learn something about the manufacturer and their history to become more familiar with their style of business, trademarks, bracelet details, and clasps. Nobody will be able to fool you if you know the facts.

  1. Look for the proper stamps on the watch

All designer watches have authenticity stamps in several places around their body. The locations vary from model to model so if you followed the previous step and have done some research prior to your buying, you will know what stamps to look for and where. The lettering on them must also be spelled correctly and easy to read.

  1. Examine the face of the watch

Authentic watch models use precious minerals like sapphire to cover the faces, while the cheaper knock-offs use mineral crystals to achieve this as best as they can. To be able to see what kind of a mineral your watch has, turn it sideways and examine the color filtering through the casing. If you are holding an authentic watch, there should be a violet tint. If you are looking at a green tint, sadly, you have come across a fake watch.

  1. Examine the bracelet of the watch

Designers like to put one or two stamps on the clasp of the bracelet as well, for extra protection and proof of authenticity. If you know the specifications of the model you want, you will easily be able to tell if it is missing this important detail. Furthermore, if the clasp mechanism looks too simple or if the bracelet links do not move smoothly, your watch of choice could be a fake one. Authentic watches have heavy and polished bracelets that should move smoothly.

  1. Compare the serial number

Serial numbers on the bracelet and the case of the watch should be the same, while some designer watches also have a serial number on that sticker on the back that you remove before use. Watches that do not come in a case are most definitely fakes.

Buying an Authentic Watch

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  1. The place where you are purchasing a new watch

Perhaps the best way to avoid buying a fake watch is by buying from authorized dealers only. Although this is absolutely the most expensive option, it is also the safest way to ensure your piece is genuine. When you buy a new watch, it always comes with proper paperwork and serial numbers that verifying the authenticity. Search online for the best watch dealers near your home and familiarize yourself with their work.

  1. Check serial numbers with the manufacturer

If however you want to buy a second-hand watch or have found a great one at an auction, you must make sure to check the serial numbers with the manufacturer before you buy it. Authentic designer manufacturers keep careful and clear records regarding all the different watches they make and sell. You should take advantage of this awesome option when buying a watch, to make sure it is genuine. If you cannot find any documentation on it, it will be a risky buy. You can always call customer service and ask about everything.

  1. Visit an appraiser to check the watch

If things seem too good to be true or if you want a second opinion from a professional, take the watch you want to buy, with the permission of the seller of course, to a professional appraiser. If the seller is honest about their product, they should have no problem with this request. Ask around and online about a trusty appraiser in your neighborhood. When you find one, ask them to determine if the watch is real. If they say yes, kindly ask them to slowly guide you through why they believe so. They can also give you an estimate of a fair price for the watch!